‘Will no-one rid me of this turbulent successor?’

 That’s what so much of the past several months’ chaos has really been about                                 

I know. Comparing Donald Trump to St Thomas Becket might be a stretch comparable to that asked of one of the portly President’s Mar-a-Lago polos but the parallel that interests me is Henry II’s quartet of assassins and Barack Obama’s equally say-no-more-savvy knights. “Make sure you look over things and have the right people on it.” They knew what he meant. It was remarkable enough that a pandemic came along to cover up the biggest political scandal in US history. The Russia Hoax is now even more hazy following a nationwide race war incited by the media on behalf of the Democrats. Will the swordsmen get away with it? Ignore the distractions – riots and virus – because that is still the real test of whether the United States goes on as originally constituted.

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7 Responses to ‘Will no-one rid me of this turbulent successor?’

  1. stackja

    And Democrats Chicago gang violence deaths is not newsworthy.

  2. stackja

    Stalin canceled many people too.

  3. Astatine Jones

    I look forward to the day when I don’t have to read about him, but I doubt he’ll be forgotten quickly.

  4. Crossie

    The shutdown was an attempt to punish the uncompromising Trump voters. Why else would BLM rioters be exempt? The Victorian lockdown on the other hand is Andrews’ test run for handing it over to China. The more the people of Victoria comply the easier it becomes to deny them any freedom or rights.

  5. Hay Stockard

    Never underestimate the depths the left are willing to plumb. Power means everything to them.

  6. PSlave

    Drat … how could I have missed that … Flynn (has Judge Enema dismissed the case yet?), unmasking, FBI interview notes, Logan Act, FISA abuse … long forgotten?

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