Reparations.  That’s right.  Reparations.

Not from the people of Victoria or the government of Victoria but from the individuals involved.  Premier Andrews, his Cabinet and his departmental heads.

And salary cuts are not sufficient.  They need to have their salaries clawed back.  And there needs to be a law passed that they will never received Orders of Australia and if they have received, including the Public Service Medals (as contemptible a notion of getting a medal for climbing the greasy pole is), they need to be stripped of them.  And no post employment perquisites.  No pensions.  No post parliamentary offices or drivers.  NUFFIN.

This cabal of clowns will cost this country billions.  That impacts TAFKAS directly and TAFKAS has no say in voting them out.

Governments and politicians like to call for accountability from others.  Well time’s up.

In the financial services sector, there is a thing called (with no irony) FEAR – the financial executives accountability regime.  It allows the regulators to vet appointments, remove  executives, review salaries and claw back salaries.  Not just for misconduct but for incompetence.

Well clearly there has been ample incompetence demonstrated.  Time to impose some FEAR to the Andrews gang.  Let them surrender their salaries and pay back every cent less what the value of Job Keeper.

What is the bet that the so called security firm has not been asked to pay back their fee?  What’s the bet that the same firm is still working elsewhere?

This incompetence, this reckless disregard for people cannot be left unchallenged.

What does TAFKAS want?  Reparations.

When does he want them?  Now.

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36 Responses to Reparations

  1. stackja

    Pyramid reparations?
    Cain didn’t pay.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    Spartacus never got reparations for being a slave. He either fell in battle with the oppressive state or he was crucified next to the Appian Way. Which, if you think about it, is more or less the usual approach of the ATO.

  3. H B Bear

    Don’t remember this one at election time. Unless you owned an unbuilt tunnel.

  4. Just Passing By

    If we were ‘all in this togther’ all public servants would be on jobkeeper. But we are a country divided. Divided into the protected and unprotected classes. Public servants enjoy job security and real wage growth while low and middle income earners haven’t had real wage increases in a decade. We’re turning into one of those third world countries where the ‘smart’ people all hope to be public servants. Another sign of our decline. Surely.

  5. Wallace

    And that same security company may still be on the payroll. Danistan did not rule it out on 7.30 report tonight.

  6. Perplexed of Brisbane

    Politicians = the Peter Principle in action

  7. iamok

    I was in Melb cbd today. A tram passed me with a big banner on the side – “We are rebuilding Australia -CFMEU”. I laughed out loud. Bystanders looked on in shock.

    This sick fucking joke of a scam is so obvious, but the masses are oblivious. And the worst of it is the stasi are so for ahead it is likely it will never be pegged back.

  8. nb

    Let Danny-boy take the same pay cut he is inflicting on thousands of small business owners and workers. How is it that socialists are so reliable in their capacity for wealth destruction?

  9. Snoopy

    What’s wrong with jail?

  10. min

    As much as I would like this to happen it never will . The word is though that small business is considering class actions . with this I wonder whether they would individually have to pay up or the usual taxpayers will. Do pollies have to have a professional indemnity insurance or something like corporate directors insurance? . That came into practice when my late husband was on boards.

  11. Professor Fred Lenin

    If a tradie contracts to do a job and stuffs up the tradie has to re do the job free of any cost why should these seventh raters have all power with absolutely no responsibility ,and their public service advisors.
    They lied their way into the job promising to do it then stuffing it up , so they should be held responsible with financial penalties in proportion to the mess they made .

  12. nb

    Here is what adults do:
    Peak Prosperity: Covid-19: Vindication! HCQ+ & Ivermectin Work!
    Our months’ long position that hydroxcholorquine+azithromycin+zinc and ivermectin showed strong promise as cheap, effective treatments vs covid-19 now appears to be proven correct.

  13. NoFixedAddress


    Just as in America they will keep pushing to hopefully, in their twisted evil Zombie minds, push a physical reaction.

    ASIO have already warned that the danger comes from the ‘right’.

    I wonder how folk along the Northern border of the Communist State of Victoria will fare.

    As Mori’s son said, we are all Victorians now.

    Welcome to the Communist Commonwealth of Australia

  14. egg_

    Is CHO Sutton in hiding, these days?

  15. egg_

    The Chief Human Biosecurity Officer for Victoria had no knowledge of the day to day operations at the Quarantine hotels?

    Pull the other one!

  16. egg_

    Politicians = the Peter Principle in action

    Politicians + Bureaucrats = Untold damage!

  17. Rob MW

    What is the bet that the so called security firm has not been asked to pay back their fee? What’s the bet that the same firm is still working elsewhere?

    Is cluster-fucking a thing in Vic ? – A dry land Ruby of some sort.

    Source (from the post below):

    We also have 3000 residents of nine public housing estates under house arrest and the rest of our suburbs and an adjoining shire back to stage-three lockdown because Andrews decided to use bouncers who fraternised with returned travellers in quarantine and spread the virus into the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne. The government proposes replacing private security with a mixture of prison officers and laid-off staff from Qantas and Jetstar to manage the mess. You couldn’t make this up.

  18. HT

    OMG. In another thread I asked (srsly) if Andrews had a sunset clause on these insane Health Orders. I looked up the legislation

    S18(7) allows them to keep make orders as long as they want, no sunset clause! FFS, who were the arse-clowns that passed this legislation!

  19. HT

    Sorry, s118(7)

    I’ll do an Andrews, “stupid iPhone got complacent).

    Note also the requirement to choose the least invasive measures? Seems to matter not a jot to those pricks >:(

  20. Helen

    Yep, costing us. We can’t get our South African farmer in, yet hundreds of others have got exemptions. Our son is loosing tens of k per week in lost contracts to scummy Victorian disease ridden prick who had to go visit relies in hot spot. Now engineer is in quarantine because same plane, engineer is loosing money on lost jobs all those clients are loosing money because machines out of hours. This is NOT the way forward, this sick merry go round no-one can get off.

  21. nb

    Zinc with hydroxychloroquine can assist in treatment of Wuhan virus. Efficacy for this kind of virus has been understood for ten years.
    Here is a paper:
    Here is the database:
    Here is a discussion:
    Peak Prosperity: Covid-19: Vindication! HCQ+ & Ivermectin Work!
    The name Ralph Baric comes up at approx. 28:15 (referred to as Robert Baric)

  22. JohnL

    Politicians = the Peter Principle in action

    In “Peter’s Principle” employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs.
    Please note – success!

  23. On Tilt

    I have been saying for years that there has to be a regime applying to senior public servants similar to the directors penalty regime which operates under the Corporations Law. Sadly I have never seen this idea put forward for debate in the public space.

    The idea that a senior public servant could be personally sued for the dire consequences arising from appalling decisions and their requisite outcomes that affects entire sectors of the economy, (ie Tax office destruction of the Gold refining sector, closure of the live cattle trade, unreasonable litigation by the Commonwealth against private citizens); such a regime would I believe curtail the worst excesses of bad decision making by public servants.

    Imagine if some of the chief health officers around the states were made personally liable for decisions affecting the economy for not taking into account economic factors in advising lock down decisions, the head of BOM being personally accountable for fiddling with temperature records; at the minor level even some petty bureaucrat in council not approving the removal of a tree on council property that falls on your house in a storm. Needless to say the potential list is endless.

  24. Marc

    If there were more skin in the game from public servants, academics and politicians, it would be a very different world.

  25. Struth

    This is not an incompetency crisis.
    It’s an invented crisis.
    The difference in understanding this is key to the population’s response.
    How did you think ultimate commo control was going to come about?

  26. Struth

    This has been coming for a long time.
    Since the 1960s especially.
    And some frogs are still denying they are in a pot but are in a pool.

  27. Roger

    But we are a country divided. Divided into the protected and unprotected classes. Public servants enjoy job security and real wage growth while low and middle income earners haven’t had real wage increases in a decade.

    They play, we pay.

    Welcome to the new serfdom.

  28. Fair Shake

    Vic. parliament does not sit again til August. Opposition is calling for heads but only the Australian and Sky are carrying these messages. Andrews Government is Unaccountable.
    Reminds me of the Cain, Kirner days. No review of debt , media were their cheer leaders, mean while it was one cluster fk after another Pyramid, National Emergency Commission, huge debts. As soon as Kennett was sworn in the media turned up hostile from day one. But he ignored them , got things moving, and cleaned up the mess. Kennett showed me the right person can make a difference. And as in the case of Andrews one person can wreck the joint. Vic is not a democracy.

  29. yarpos

    ” Politicians = the Peter Principle in action

    In “Peter’s Principle” employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs.
    Please note – success!”

    It all depends what success looks like and who is doing the measuring. I am sure there are (were?) many in the Labor Party that considered Dans rise a great history of success when measured by the faithful. Its pretty easy to look like a success when you are doing nothing of consequence , but also pretty easy to reach your level of incompetence when faced with a truly demading task where you actions start to matter.

  30. John64

    If reparations from the CCP involves the seizure of all assets owned by the Chinese government , that solves the Chairman Dan problem too.

  31. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    all public servants would be on jobkeeper

    They already are. Their “wages” are entirely extorted from taxpayers.

    If you’d stated that their “wages” should be reduced by the equivalent of jobkeeper then I’d agree with you.

    But yes, we are not “all in this together” given the existence of the plague of entitled useless and staggeringly incompetent parasites this stupid, stupid country is cursed with.

  32. yarpos

    Just looking at the Covid Dail update site provided by the VIC Govt

    The headline numbers it blasts out is 2942 “cases”. In reality there are 860 active cases in Victoria, a number they avoid talking about at all in what is supposed to be a daily update. 2942 is a total historic number with most of those people now well again. The site seems more aimed at wiping up anxiety and justifying their actions.

    For those interested , this site provides a good breakdown of numbers across Australia, including regions.

  33. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    What’s wrong with jail?

    It isn’t a lengthy public flogging followed by summary execution. That’s what’s wrong with gaol in this instance.

  34. Perplexed of Brisbane

    #3507727, posted on July 9, 2020 at 3:03 am
    Politicians = the Peter Principle in action

    In “Peter’s Principle” employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs.
    Please note – success!

    The implication is that you keep getting promoted until eventually you get promoted to a job for which you are totally incompetent.

  35. Louis

    You have to be kidding. The public servants and public health personnel involved in this will all go on to have Stella careers! They have already formed back scratching networks and are already writing their award winning nominations.

    You could just feel the giddy energy in the service I am in when they started to be able to give orders from on high. Not even a change of government will stop this. At worst, they take their pumped up CVs and go work for another government or government funded organisation.

    And when the job cuts do start – as they will because the tax revenue is dropping off a cliff – they will come out of it in higher positions rather than find themselves getting cut.

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