A rejoinder to Schumpeter

Liberty Quote – One of the most important features of the later stages of capitalist civilization is the vigorous expansion of the educational apparatus and particularly of the facilities for higher education — Joseph Schumpeter

I was planning to post on that and it will be easier to recycle an old piece for TAFKAS to chew on, a nerdish meditation written a few years in reply to John Grey’s critique of Hayek and classical liberalism. The reply to Schumpeter comes towards the end and it does not directly respond to the immediate concerns but it is the best I can manage at short notice:)

Reply to Gray’s crit of Hayek

Living into the 1940s Schumpeter may have seen just enough of the Frankfurt school of cultural Marxism to image the impact of that poison being injected into the expanding stream of higher education.



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2 Responses to A rejoinder to Schumpeter

  1. bemused says:

    I first read that as ‘A rejoinder to Dumb Peter’. I think everyone knows who I mean.

  2. one old bruce says:

    Heretics eh Rafe? Burn them, burn them all. That’s how you defend liberty. Cromwell was so right.

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