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  1. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Continuance of a thought train last chuffed by Tiny Dancer on Tuesday…
    The possibility of “Tiffany Doe” being Maxwell got an uptick the day after I suggested it.

    An acquaintance of Ghislaine Maxwell has told reporters that the socialite has secret video footage of Prince Andrew that was filmed during her time as Jeffrey Epstein’s so called ‘madam’.
    Prince Andrew’s Cousin Says Ghislaine Maxwell Has ‘Secret Video’ Of Him
    “He is not a victim here, but Ghislaine was never his friend, she was taping him.”
    “I think she thinks she can get out, obviously she’s planning on trading [information],” Oxenberg said.
    … “I will definitely be there to remind her that in ’97, she told me copious amounts,” Oxenberg said.

  2. rickw

    Imagine being in jail and knowing you were guaranteed to die by some random and brutal method.

  3. Dr Faustus

    eBay set to ban bad-taste T-shirt and badge predicting the murder of Ghislaine Maxwell in jail

    Online auction site eBay is set to ban the sale of a sick T-shirt and badge which jokingly predict the murder of Ghislaine Maxwell behind bars. A black T-shirt offered by San Jose-based seller Empathy Trading for $20.99 features the alleged child sex abuser’s smiling face with the caption ‘Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself.’

    So, “bad taste” banned.
    Eye of the beholder.

  4. Andre

    If she has a tape of Andrew misbehaving it will not help her plea bargain in the US – quite the opposite as the FBI etc would like to target the prince to detract from local big wigs caught in the Epstein net. Maxwell will need some hot pictures of the Clintons, US billionaires, assorted judges and current Democrat politicians to get off. When the FBI has them from her they will mysteriously disappear from secure storage never to be seen again and eventually she will join them. No one will ever ask what happened to her.

  5. GerardB

    Epstein didn’t kill himself, and nor will Ghislaine Maxwell. Betcha!

  6. Professor Fred Lenin

    If she has half a brain an unknown lawyer has incriminating tapes and evidence to be releasesd on he unortunate demise, unles large sums change hands If they kill her the unscrupulous lawyer cann blackmail the pants off the elite culprits,poetic justice dont you think ,? revenge from the graves of two murdered people Woouldnt be difficult to find a crooked lawyer ,Hilarity springs to mind , or perhaps a foreigner ,Giliard for instance ?

  7. Hay Stockard

    Like Christmas lights, these people don’t hang themselves.

  8. Professor Fred Lenin

    Anbre is right Prince Andrew will be the unicorn ,oh look at that Royal, terrible man thats why Washington wanted to split from Britain , Bill Clfton ? Who is he ?

  9. wozzup

    First Ghislaine Maxwell – and then poor old Joe Biden post November 2020 if she gets the VP nomination (yes, its possible though thankfully not likely) and they win. Poor old Joe will last about as long as Levrentiy Beria (Head of the Russian NKVD under Joseph Stalin) lasted once Stalin his protector and muse kicked the bucket. Which is to say not very long at all. A sudden and severe cerebral bleed (arising from a bullet to the temple- though this bit will not be reported), a trip and fall down the stairs leading from the Air Force One, an inexplicable urge to defenestrate himself from a second floor window at the White House. Who’s to say. Anything can happen. And with Hillary in the wings – probably will. She has form.

  10. Tim Neilson

    #3509167, posted on July 10, 2020 at 4:22 pm

    Yes, “not likely” she’ll get the VP spot on the ticket. Surely even the Dems aren’t stupid enough to put her up to the voters again. Especially after Biden has made such a big thing of choosing a “woman of colour”.

    Maybe the steps are as follows:
    Biden chooses the VP candidate most likely to appeal to the crucial voting demographics (apart from dead and fictitious which he’s got a lock on anyway).
    If non-voter votes get Biden across the line, VP-elect then gets Arkancided.
    Hillary has a confidential meeting with Jill Biden.
    Hillary gets nominated as the replacement VP.
    Joe and Hillary are sworn in.
    Very soon afterwards, with Jill’s blessing, Joe gets Article 25’d.
    Hillary becomes the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT and Jill gets sworn in as VP.

  11. Knuckle Dragger

    James Woods rocks, and rocks hard.

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