BOM rorts and badly planned irrigation schemes

Is it a federal offence to trash, hide or falsify vital public records? Another Rort Report on the BOM from Jo Nova, courtesy of Craig Kelly and other investigators. Is there a paper trail to identify the so-called professional officers who made these decisions?

This feeds into my concern about the wind supply. Did anyone check before the Government launched the Renewable Energy Program with the RET and subsidies for unreliable energy? Imagine a massive irrigation project at public expense to make the deserts bloom with a gigantic network of headworks, dams, irrigation channels and pumping stations to encourage farmers to move in and reap the rich harvest of (cheaper) food and fibre from a vast expanse of well-watered countryside.

With the infrastructure well advanced and very visible across the country it turns out that there is not enough water some of the time and the freshly planted seedlings die. Fortunately there is all the other acreage of farmland that was there before the irrigation scheme started and so we will not starve although our food is costing twice as much.


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4 Responses to BOM rorts and badly planned irrigation schemes

  1. Boambee John

    It would not take an overly pedantic reading of the Archives Act to determine that this destruction was an offence.

    If the BoM no longer required the paper records, because they had accurately been recorded electronically, tbey should have been passed to National Archives for preservation.

  2. min

    The BoM have always claimed that these records were not scientific , the first reason was written in Sunday and then equipment not up to modern day standard.

  3. Another Ian

    “Is it a federal offence to trash, hide or falsify vital public records?”

    Someone is trying to find out

  4. Professor Fred Lenin

    The climateers just proved their urgency crisis speil is lies , why would you put off a 30,000 strong taxpayer funded experts coference to find solutions to the climate holocaust, just because of a little virus that only kills poor old people ,your delegates are all wealthy and healthy , _you concern for the world looks lukewarm ,your hide is more valuable thsn the climate disaster solution . Did you come to some agreement with Gaiato postpone the end of the world?

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