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In 1996, the late great Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami was on stage taking questions at the Lincoln Center in New York City after the premiere of his film Through the Olive Trees, when someone asked why he had used classical music (a piece from Concerto for Oboe and Strings by Domenico Cimarosa) in a movie that was set in a small village in northern Iran? Kiarostami turned to me, his translator for the hour, and said, in his soft voice and even softer manner, “Tell him classical music has long ceased to belong to the West. It belongs to the world now.”

That exchange, the way Kiarostami disabused the audience of the notion that music knew borders or that great ideas, once invented, remained the “property” of one nation or region, was on my mind when I signed the “Letter on Justice and Open Debate,” which ran in Harper’s Magazine last Tuesday. What I saw at the heart of the text was a defense of American democracy, which no longer belongs solely to America. For every activist on the streets of Hong Kong, every feminist in the prisons of Saudi Arabia, and every interned Uighur in China, America and its democracy remain, for better or worse, the last hope. Are they naïve and misguided? Right or wrong? It does not matter. Those who are suffering under tyrannies around the world, who are trying to imagine a different future for themselves and their fellow citizens, do not dream of Moscow, Beijing, or any nation in Europe. Just as little girls in the far corners of the world who do not even speak English want to dance like Beyoncé, and just as the youth living under prohibition in the Middle East huddle together to secretly watch bootlegged copies of Hollywood films, activists everywhere look to America, and dream of this democracy.

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  1. NoFixedAddress

    Thank you Steve.

  2. NoFixedAddress


    I hope you don’t mind.

    Stunning Donald Trump Speech: “The Crossroads In Our History” – Video and Transcript….

  3. Up The Workers!

    Meanwhile, in “I Like Chinese” Dodgy Dan’s Labor Leper Colony of Dodgy Danistan, his “Bat Soup and Toad Initiative” troupe of performing Leftard Imbeciles, Knuckleheads and Egregious Incompetents have issued a phone message to people in Labor-Leprosy Quarantine, telling them wrongly that their quarantine has been lifted and they can now go out into the community and infect people with the killer Labor disease with impunity, just as though they were Leftard protesters, or C.F.M.M.E.U. Members, or Excrement Regurgitated Members or BLM terrorists, arsonists and shoplifters, or members of Labor’s favourite wife-bashing, wedding reception-attending religion.

    Labor(sic) – couldn’t competently run a piss-up in a brewery or a f**k-up in a brothel!

  4. Mark M

    One can only imagine how much worse the coronavirus pandemic would be had the Obama-Biden administration been handling it …

    “To illustrate his point, he included a graph with the article that points out that if all COVID-19 patients (confirmed cases) lived in one city, it would be the third-largest city in the United States.

    According to the CDC, nearly 61 million Americans were infected during the H1N1 pandemic.

    The war on H1N1 suffered significant setbacks because of the Obama-Biden administration’s failures, particularly when it came to vaccine shortages.

    The coronavirus is more deadly and more infectious than H1N1, and containment and mitigation efforts have so far succeeded in preventing the widespread infection that we experienced with H1N1.
    That’s more than twice as big as the largest city in the world, Shanghai.”

  5. min

    what is the percent per million that is the telling number ?
    Peoples ’ and minds blurr when those huge numbers are presented means nothing but alarm to them.

  6. Hadyn

    Cultural appropriation is the way forward. Has been for millennia.

    I will happily appropriate to my own use anything good from any culture.

  7. NoFixedAddress

    #3511463, posted on July 13, 2020 at 8:55 am

    what is the percent per million that is the telling number ?
    Peoples ’ and minds blurr when those huge numbers are presented means nothing but alarm to them.

    Australian filth death departments were able to attribute 108 people dead from the CCP crap.

    Supposedly we have a population of 25 million

    follow along with your calculator:-
    108 divided by 25000000 multiplied by 100 gives a death from CCP of 0.000432 percent of the Australian population

  8. Catcalling Inebriate

    Not sure what is the point of the graphics, but Johns Hopkins data shows the US second after UK in deaths per 100,000 of population.

  9. pbw

    Here there is a graph of case outcome, world-wide, over time.

    Many people are under the impression that the virus can be eliminated by getting the infection rate down to zero. If there are no known infections, then the virus no longer exists. It’s the smallpox disease model. If that is valid, the picture is different from one in which the virus can be in some sense “dormant” and can re-emerge from contact with an in-immune population. Also, if the smallpox model prevails, the whole point about a vaccine is moot, though lucrative.

    If it’s more like measles or chicken-pox, which periodically re-emerges in much the same form, the only long-term protection against it is herd immunity. (Note that infection by wild measles confers, on recovery – or in fact in any case – life-long immunity, whereas measles vaccine confers only about five years.)

    If it’s like seasonal flu, it re-emerges every year with slight genetic modifications. Being infected does not confer immunity to (some of) the variations, or so we are told. But maybe it does, which is why only the mutated virus can take hold.

    Does anyone know what the appropriate analogy for SARS-CoV-2 is?

  10. flyingduk

    According to the CDC, nearly 61 million Americans were infected during the H1N1 pandemic.

    Exactly! 20% is around the usual number for any pandemic. It was 25% who ‘got sick’ in the 1918 pandemic. Its always around that number. Why? because in any given population a LOT of people already have a significant degree of immunity due to their own individual makeup (immune system, behaviour, individual peculiarities, previous exposures, co-morbidities etc). The majority get exposed but dont get sick. Its no different now. It will burn out when most of us have been exposed and had either a clinical or subclinical infection. Endless lockdowns change nothing. Much of the current increase in cases involves minor to no illness, it reflects increased case finding amongst the minimally ill more than a ‘new outbreak’.

  11. Hay Stockard

    The draconian measures saved Monty’s life. For which we should be all very grateful.

  12. min

    Thanks Nofixed address , I was speaking about general population who freeze when they see graphs of any kind and big numbers . 1% was on the graph but ignored by the general public KISS better . Cats are better educated I did post graduate in Statistics Analysis and Research.

  13. Catcalling Inebriate
    #3511507, posted on July 13, 2020 at 9:56 am

    Not sure what is the point of the graphics, but Johns Hopkins data shows the US second after UK in deaths per 100,000 of population.

    The Johns Hopkins bar graph is for the twenty countries with the most active cases. Look at the table below it and you will see that numerous European countries have a higher case-fatality rate than the US.

    Also, if we take the bar graph literally, it means that someone who catches Covid in the UK is 40 times more likely to die from it, than someone who catches Covid in India. Does that make any sense to you? There must be other factors significantly affecting these numbers.

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