CovidWaste, sorry Covid Safe

So.  Hows that CovidSafe app going?  You know the one that cost $1.5 million plus probably another $1m to advertise.

How is that going?  You know the app that

is part of our work to slow the spread of COVID-19. Having confidence we can find and contain outbreaks quickly will mean governments can ease restrictions while still keeping Australians safe.

No mention of the app no mo?  Does that mean it was just another couple of million on the barbie?  Probably.  Anyone going to be held accountable?  Unlikely.

Hey.  What’s the big deal anyway.  It’s only other people’s money.

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20 Responses to CovidWaste, sorry Covid Safe

  1. Yarpos

    Public Service IT is shambolic by default. Public Service IT trying to come to market quckly amongst a contractor feeding frenzy has a close to zero chance of sucess. The promotion of this app contained high order BS, it was pretty clear from the outset that it was fantasy.

  2. Roberto

    I read an article a couple of weeks ago that said the Australian app hadn’t yet managed to identify any close contacts of confirmed coronavirus cases that were not found through contact tracing.

  3. Exit Stage Right

    What Yarpos said +1000.
    Untested, unfit for purpose and always unbelievable.
    But hey, the side benefit is that 6 million plus Australians can now have their every move tracked.
    I note Qld has started human testing on a Coronavirus vaccine and the media are asking “when will it be ready”?”
    The media are worse than Government in this sorry saga.

  4. flyingduk

    Yes, i was torn from the outset between

    1) I dont trust the bastards with ANY of my information
    2) being a govt project, they are going to stuff it up anyway, so no need to worry…

  5. John Bayley

    Why be surprised?
    They can’t even get their pathetic ‘’ site to stay up at the start of the tax season.
    Clogs up every time.
    Or need I mention the census website?
    Government IT. You know you can trust them with your information.

  6. Fair Shake

    Hang on, I understood this app was developed by one of our betters who has a Sydney mansion with a harbour view. Not that person, the other gazillionare in his woke 30s.

  7. Cynic of Ayr

    When I asked that very question of my Federal MP, he assured me that it was working terrifically, and 26 out of 25 million lives had been saved!
    And he fully supported ScoMo, and if he had the opportunity, he would grovel at ScoMo’s feet.
    (I might have made the last bit up, but Jeez, it sounded like it.)

  8. a reader

    This current business of having to give your name and address everywhere you go is alarming

  9. Mark M

    “We’re all in this together” update:

    … unless you can delay responsibility by calling an inquiry …

    “Mr Elliott said the industry could not afford to have any more “slips” following the outbreak at the Crossroads Hotel in Casula, and the breach of social distancing requirements at the Golden Sheaf in Double Bay, which was fined $5500 last week.

    Mr Elliott said patrons also needed to take responsibility for ensuring they were complying with public health orders.

    “I want people to take responsibility for their actions.””

    >>After the Diamond Princess, the Ruby Princess fiasco happened.
    The Victorian hotel guard fiasco.

    I want bureaucrats and politicians to take responsibility now, like the rest of us have to, by paying fines to begin with.

    We’re not all in this together.

  10. Richard

    It isn’t as good as Mr Google, who tells me where I was last month, even showing my perambulations on a map, which is useful because at my age I cannot remember?

  11. Lew

    That would be the app that we were threatened if it wasn’t taken up in sufficient numbers then lockdown measures would not be changed.

  12. Candy

    Disappointing Labor did not call this nonsense out in the beginning. The government told a pack of lies about it.

  13. grumpy

    @ a reader

    This current business of having to give your name and address everywhere you go is alarming

    I use Brad (Hazzard) and Gladys (Berejiklian) whenever I write my name on one of those forms. Funny that they are required in regional NSW but not once did I have to fill one out in Sydney when I was there recently.

  14. Tel

    1) I dont trust the bastards with ANY of my information
    2) being a govt project, they are going to stuff it up anyway, so no need to worry…

    Isn’t that even worse?

    Some random subset of your private information will end up on a website in Moldova and then get copied to a thousand places. Then you get cancelled from your job because some basement dweller with nothing else to do, figures out just enough information to prove you aren’t lefwing enough to satisfy this week’s magic social justice requirements.

  15. Patty Duke

    I suspect that those rapidly spreading the virus in the north and western suburbs of Melbourne and linked to the hotel isolation fiasco have NOT downloaded the app.

  16. Diogenes

    The only people I know who have downloaded the app are Mrs Ds coven. All over 60, and are so scared of the Wuflu, they follow all the government diktats , so if they have rhe app it wont register any contacts.

  17. tombell

    what I’d like to see in the next census (the last one was such a triumph) is a question asking people what they think of the government/bureaucratic class (framed in suitably turgid terms). The question will never be asked of course because the overwhelmingly likely response is known… (as far as I’m concerned it’s a legit question because surely the demographic of who hates government the most is a matter of national interest/planning/pork-barrelling.)

  18. Colonel Crispin Berka

    a reader #3512226, 12:24 am

    This current business of having to give your name and address everywhere you go is alarming

    I’m kindof glad they’re going through the metaphorical front door and asking us to volunteer the information. I’m quite happy to assist any potential contact tracing in that pen-and-paper method, it is for an acceptable public health purpose for what is likely to be only a 16 month limited period of time. At least you know who you’re entrusting your address and movements to. And the only reason you’re being asked to do it is because… gasp… that business is being permitted to operate and you’re being allowed to go out your front door. Small mercies.

    If you think that’s bad, think of the alternative which would have happened (and still may happen) if most people had already bought phones that fully implemented the Bluetooth 5.1 specification. BLE 5.1 allows for an optional direction finding capability on bluetooth receivers to tell which direction a bluetooth phone was in relative to the receiver’s antenna. This greatly enhances the ability to locate a phone relative to either fixed infrastructure or, when GPS and accelerometer data are also available, relative to any other phone within 20 meters. Whether you have to voluntarily install an app on your phone for that location function to happen, or whether it will just be done anyway, is another issue entirely.

    Cut’n’paste from an official Bluetooth industry brochure:

    While Bluetooth location services have
    seen tremendous success based on current
    capabilities, there is market demand for solutions
    that can provide even greater performance.
    For example, in some RTLS deployments, it is
    important for the system to provide location
    accuracy down to centimeter-level. Fortunately,
    a well-established capability has recently been
    added to Bluetooth technology that will enable
    the development of location services solutions
    that can achieve these advanced performance

    Forget Covid-1984, this is the Bluetooth New World.

  19. Cynic of Ayr

    One goes into a Cafe, or as they are called these days, A Coffee Shoppe.”
    “Fill in your name please.”
    Fred Bloggs.
    “Is that your real name?”
    “Of course it is. It’s quite offensive of you to question my integrity! Also, Bloggs is a fine old Equasterpostian name, and it’s also offensive to suggest that someone of Equasterpostian descent would lie, as it is against our religion. Are you criticizing my religion?”
    “Ahh no, ah…”
    “Because if you are, my fellow members of Extinction Rebellion, BLM and the Charters Towers Jockey Club would also be mightily offended, and display their ire by picketing your fine Coffee Shoppeeee.”
    “Ummm… would you prefer not to fill out our form?? It’s quite alright if you don’t want to. Would you like a free coffee?”
    What are they gunna do? Refuse you service, when the next customer is still five hundred metres away, up the street, and there are two more Coffee Shoppeees in between?
    It’s BULLSHIT.
    It started as bullshit, it continued as bullshit, and it will forever remain as bullshit. And if the Virus gets me, you can put that on my tombstone, because, despite all the bullshit, it still got me.

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