Colonel Graham Goodwin is the man in charge of Yowie Patrol on the South Australia-Victoria border:

This is probably a little bit different to what they thought they’d be joining up for, but it is just as important right here, right now. They’re enthusiastic, they like to work and they’re very glad to be here.”

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  1. jupes

    The troops aren’t looking too enthusiastic in that photo.

  2. Rafe Champion

    My day in the country. What a lark:)
    Don’t worry jupes, they will cheer up when they fire up the barbie and crack a few tinnies!

  3. John Dee

    I would be curious to know the mission objective.
    I am not familiar with the specifics of the Victorian situation but here in Queensland there are only 3 people currently in hospital.
    A serious potential illness for the elderly and very few others.
    Here are some “mission” statistics recorded on a whiteboard in my personal Queensland bunker
    First “case” declared in Australia 25th January 2020.
    The official Queensland statistics as at 12 July 2020 are 3 active “cases” with a total number of deaths at 6 since the Coronavirus was first declared in Australia.
    It is possible that one or more of the Queensland deaths were a result of dying with the virus rather than from the virus which makes the situation even more ridiculous.
    To call this a pandemic is insane – literally.

  4. stackja

    We know the virus came from Wuhan. We know some get very sick. Only time will tell us more.

  5. Yarpos

    “……at state line…” young scoop has been watching to much US drama. Needs a capitals refresher as well.

  6. flyingduk

    The first rule on entering into any war is to know what the victory conditions are. Failure to define that at the start leads to mission creep and endless war. At the start of all this, we were told we needed to slow the progress of the virus down so as to keep the rate of hospital admissions within the capacity of the system. Now it seems the aim is to keep us under our beds whenever there are any cases. Given there has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine (or an AIDs vaccine for that matter), we cannot assume there ever will be one. This means we may well be on lockdown forever. What is the end game here, particularly if there is no vaccine?

  7. W Hogg

    They’re insufficiently armed, for my liking.

  8. Judge Dredd

    What a joke. Imagine if this was a real threat, say like the plague. Weak men everywhere

  9. H B Bear

    I suppose declaring war on Victoriastan is out of the question?

  10. Hay Stockard

    Australian troops being used to help oppress Australians. I never thought I’d live to see the day. Certainly a slippery slope from here.

  11. Mustapha Bunn

    I’ve seen troops on a border before,on the East German border back in the 1960’s when we were waiting for the Russians to turn up. Never thought that I would see it in Australia though.

  12. Those nasty Australian troops also participated in hotel quarantine security and contact tracing in other states. Meanwhile VIC was resisting using them and look how well that worked out.

    “Australian troops being used to help oppress Australians. I never thought I’d live to see the day. Certainly a slippery slope from here”.

  13. HT

    Australian troops patrolling Australian internal borders to control Australian citizen movement.

    Out. Fucking. Ragous.

    When will this insanity end?

  14. Professor Fred Lenin

    Did you say Colonet Pinochet? Comrade Andrews is in trouble ,China will be displeased ,they might cut off trade ,they get no ores and food ,and we get no cheap nickers and sox .
    (On the QUEIT do the invaders have any helicopters ? That will frighten the progressives .)

  15. calli

    I want pillboxes and tank traps. Otherwise they’re just not trying.

  16. rickw


    What fucking Constitution….

    Folks, the cock-heads in the police and military will always do as instructed, regardless.

  17. Entropy

    At another state border a young enlisted I know was describing the stupidity of the low level criminal. This particular crossing is on a major highway but in an area a long way from major population centres with largish police numbers, tyranny of distance etc. (ie wasn’t the Gold Coast) so the ADF had been asked to assist. The signs warning of the border crossing and quarantine restrictions start 10 km back, warning among other things the vehicle might be inspected.
    Anyway, the coppers all have vehicle ID scanning equipment that reads everyone’s rego as they come up to the checkpoint, including the local sergeant that the ADF were helping out. This guy turned up, the scan gave a warning the driver was probably a person of interest. They ask him to park and then inspect the vehicle. Full of bags of various drugs.

  18. Clam Chowdah

    Weapons free, shoot to kill.

  19. Hay Stockard

    Like Mussolini, Dan’s blackshirts didn’t make the grade in oppressing his people.
    This whole Kung flu debacle is breathtaking the way way all those Public Service tyrants have donned their jackboots. I hope the enormity of their actions comes back to visit them.

  20. Chris M

    Repel the Sicktorians, get a medal!

  21. cuckoo

    Hang on, is that meant to be a photo of actual ADF troops? Where are all the svelte young wimmenses in exercise gear and crop tops? Don’t lie to me, I’ve seen the recruiting ads!

  22. cuckoo

    Working on a screenplay where Scott Morrison’s private jet crashlands somewhere in Victoria and I am sent in to land a glider on the top of Federation Square and extract him by any means necessary. With the help of a friendly cabbie and a fabulously well-endowed female sidekick.

  23. Professor Fred Lenin

    Cuckoo, cabbie ? Uber driver ? Watch out for the covids .

  24. John Bayley

    There is an obvious lack of diversity in that photo.
    Surely that’s a bigger problem than the ConVid! /s

  25. cuckoo

    “What did you do in the covid war, Daddy?”

  26. cuckoo

    At an RSL, 30 years from now:
    “There we were, in the cold light of dawn, all eyes on the highway..when suddenly they appeared, in their dozens – holidaymakers, surfers, tradies, truckies. The blighters came on but not a man flinched. All held steady, awaiting the word of command. “Wait until you see the white and blue of their license plates, men” and the murmured command passed up the line..” (etc. etc.)

  27. billie

    we would welcome a regime change, such we are not governed by the political arm of the trade union movement

    as an entry criteria, any incoming government must be immune to social media threats and hysteria,must not be porkbarrelers or subscribe to middle class or industrial welfare

  28. Fred

    Scott Morrison should have given no ADF support to state governments.

    Victoria Police have over 15,000 officers. Surely that’s plenty. Or are they too busy handing out speeding fines?

  29. Delta

    A new business? Black market border crossing guaranteed for a reasonable price?

    And by what authority can the ADF interfere with the free movement of Australian citizens? What would happen if a person decided to slip across the border, say by crossing a field in full view of the ADF? My understanding is that whilst State governments can request assistance from the Federal government, about all the ADF can do is to assist the local police but the ADF is not the police and has no civil jurisdiction. Also, I asked a senior legal officer in the ADF about their authority and was told none.

    So it’s a bluff and we have reached the heights of insanity with all this madness. We badly require a responsible adult to take charge before another nonagenarian dies with an immediate call to lock down another whole State. Idiots!

  30. HT

    #3511725, posted on July 13, 2020 at 1:10 pm
    Hang on, is that meant to be a photo of actual ADF troops? Where are all the svelte young wimmenses in exercise gear and crop tops? Don’t lie to me, I’ve seen the recruiting ads!

    Someone here said before, and they were spot on. ADF adds these days look more like advertising for tampons.

  31. Cynic of Ayr

    Out of curiosity, if one of the Army gents told me I couldn’t cross the border, and I told him to get stuffed, what can he do?
    As far as I know, the Army aren’t the Police, and cannot order me around.
    Can they arrest me?
    Can they use violence to arrest me?
    Can they shoot me if I violently resist arrest? (Don’t give me any of that unarmed combat crap either!
    What if I got a bit pissed off and shot one of them?
    What if I said it was in self defense?
    So, what if I just cross anyway, on foot, say.
    It’s all bullshit!

  32. flyingduk

    Out of curiosity, if one of the Army gents told me I couldn’t cross the border, and I told him to get stuffed, what can he do?

    If the last ADF Covid briefing notes i saw are still current, they can do squat, they are like KMart security guards, at best they can follow you and ring the PoPo

  33. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Lockdown is freedom.
    We have always been at war with Victoriastan.


  34. Squirrel

    It Ain’t Half Boring, Mum……

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