The debate is over. We NEED tax reform now.

Australia can’t afford to wait and waste any more time.  We NEED tax reform now.  It is absolutely essential to fund Innovationish training for public servants.

This is essential, high priority spending.  Tax payers should, if they can, go to their local ATO office and hand over extra dosh now.  This stuff is just so important and exceptional value for money:

Australian government agencies have spent more than $230,000 on “innovationish” training – the latest management fad promising to improve work mindsets – and linked the programs to the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But wait.  There’s more.

“Tessa and Rich’s innovation(ish) approach lowers the barrier to entry and expands access to useful, helpful, design tools,” the department’s website said, preventing innovation from becoming “something that only people with designer glasses and hipster shoes were allowed to do”.

But what about paleo pear bread.  Think about the paleo pear bread bakers.

“As Rich said ‘you do the innovation things, but you don’t say you’re doing the innovation things’.”

Maybe they can just do the work things, but don’t say they’re doing the work things.

The foreign affairs department is hosting two sessions delivered by People Rocket, titled “Innovative resilience: thriving in systemic failure” on 17 July and “Innovation-ish tools for leading through ambiguity” on 24 July, an “executive masterclass” for senior executive service and “ambitious” executive level two public servants.

Appropriate seminars for the people who actually create the systemic failures and ambiguity.

Breath taking.  But.

  • What do we want? – TAX REFORM.
  • When do we want it? – NOW.
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14 Responses to The debate is over. We NEED tax reform now.

  1. Rex Anger

    I am truly sorry TAFKAS, but I cannot hear you over the squealing and ear-biting of the bureaucratic mediocrities, incompetents and mendicant ( ex-Public Servant ) consultants at the feeding trough.

    And I don’t want to know where the trotter I just unwedged from my right nostril has been…

  2. I can tell you quite honestly that most public servants want nothing to do with these snake oil salesmen and their latest crap. This crap is foisted onto them by those in the vacuum of their ivory towers, who make sure that their annual report is festooned with the latest feel-good shit to demonstrate how effective they have been.

  3. Des Deskperson

    These fads wash across the APS about twice every decade: ‘Investing in People’ ‘Integrated Leaning’, ‘Human Capital’. Bemused is right, most people outside ‘Corporate’ see them for what they are. His/her last sentence encapsulates the issue.

    I was interested in the puff slogan ‘cultures that champion innovation through cross-functional boundaries’. Every APS L&D fad for the last three decades has promised to deliver that sort of stuff, in almost those exact words.

  4. Mark M

    If CO2 is 2 oxygen +1 carbon, shouldn’t a carbon (sic) tax be called an oxygen tax?

  5. Rex Anger

    @ bemused- I think I was a bit too ‘frontline’ in WA Health to expetience these for myself. But my goodness did you know when the Managers has been off on one of thesr courses.

    I may have frequently caused upset with my skeptical stares in the aftermath of such courses, whenever they eructed forth whatever they had been ‘learned’ with. Ex-Service Cats will know what I mean, the “Righto, Sir…” look a Senior NCO (or even Junior, if he’s not quick to catch himself) gives an officer who’s had a ‘brilliant’ but utterly unworkable idea.

  6. the sting

    We need spending reform [ spend less ] as well as cutting taxes .

  7. Professor Fred Lenin

    I see Dominick Cummings is putting the cat among the pigeons with the Whitehall Aparat in the UK ,shifting them around the country and generally pissing the mandarins off ,hes looking for creative people not public service timeservers ,a good move . After that they should defund the BBCand go through the politicians too , stopping politics from being career for the useless would work wonders . These are parts of the system tthat really need reform .we woukd do well to follow this reform ,the system is ossified in the early 20th century time to move on .

  8. Hodor

    Mark M your comment is dead on, but how do you expect Oxygen thieves to pay a tax on a stolen gas?

    Jesus Rex the nose thing is a bit off

  9. mem

    If CO2 is 2 oxygen +1 carbon, shouldn’t a carbon (sic) tax be called an oxygen tax?

    Doubly so sir!

  10. Rex Anger

    @ Hodor-

    Jesus Rex the nose thing is a bit off

    I was tempted to make a joke about the burley bucket and the sharks all chewing on each other, hut then I remembered a young grommet got fatally nommed by one the other day on the NSW North Coast, and thought it maybe inappropriate.

    Besides, have you ever seen how eager/violent pigs can get at feeding time? Oboy…

  11. Squirrel

    “Tessa and Rich’s innovation(ish) approach lowers the barrier to entry and expands access to useful, helpful, design tools,”

    Can’t help but think that “breaking down the silos” will be next on the agenda.

  12. Cynic of Ayr

    Everyone recall the video made by, acted in, scripted by and produced by, and fucked up by, some freaking department in a huge building in Canberra.
    The “Game Changers!”
    Was it DFAT?
    “Would you like to have a half llama milk latte, sprinkled with rat droppings, no sugar, made from beans only grown on the east slop[ of Mount Something or Other, in an environmentally effective mug with me?”
    “Nah, we going to a meeting and be Game Changers!”
    Fuck me it was BULLSHIT!
    Anyway, it ended in the bin because it prominently displayed the stupidity and absolute waste of that particular department. It showed them off as a heap of morons, but it was only after the event that the morons realised they looked like morons, walked like morons, quacked like morons, and were… morons.

  13. Des Deskperson

    ‘Was it DFAT?’

    To be fair, the Game Changers video was the work of Finance, DFAT, for all its faults, would never have been that crass.

    The disturbing – as opposed to merely risible and annoying – thing about that piece of pretentious and self conscious mummery is that the senior people in Finance – people paid $200,000/$300,000 pa for their superior perspicacity and judgement – thought it was great.

  14. Cynic of Ayr

    Des Deskperson
    I stand corrected. (Twice today!)
    Your last para… magnificant!

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