Escape From Flu Talk

Working on a screenplay where Scott Morrison’s private jet crashlands somewhere in Victoria and I am sent in to land a glider on the top of Federation Square and extract him by any means necessary. With the help of a friendly cabbie and a fabulously well-endowed female sidekick.” Cuckoo

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23 Responses to Escape From Flu Talk

  1. stackja

    Ben Roberts-Smith also helping.

  2. Rex Anger

    But Julia?

    Only workable if she is some sort of stooge for the villain. Else, I’d recommend someone like…like… Bugger!

    Anyone know any decent, attractive conservative females in Australian society?

  3. Rohan

    Danni Minogue is back in town.

  4. Roberto

    It sounds good, ‘Snake’.

  5. C.L.

    Dan Andrews would be The Duke, of course.

  6. Bear Necessities

    Make sure you include an very R rated sex scene with the ‘fabulously well-endowed female sidekick’ or ‘friendly cabbie’ or all 3 of you at the same time.

    Heck just turn it into a Porn movie.

  7. Squirrel

    There’s gotta be a cameo role for Nurse Diesel in that.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    Don’t nuke Melbourne, it will just spread the plague. #andromeda_strain

  9. egg_


    I thought a crack team was going to take out the Hunchback, Mission Impossible style!

    Massive injection of CV-19.


  10. Colonel Crispin Berka

    The main character would therefore be Fake Pisstake.

  11. Rex Anger

    Rhona Mitra’s alright. And a dab hand in an action flick. As seen in Strike Back.

  12. notafan

    I don’t know about Dan Andrews playing John Wayne.

    Unkind people might place him as a bell ringer.

  13. C.L.

    “The Duke” is the prison city’s overlord, ‘fan.

  14. notafan

    Sorry CL I was making lame joke about John Wayne’s cancellation.

  15. C.L.

    Oh right. I just looked that up.
    So now they’ve cancelled John Wayne; great. What revolting Maoists they are.

  16. Entropy

    Send in Team America to help out. It would improve federation square.

  17. Crazyoldranga

    I thought that I had escaped from Andrewsgrad , but WA turn Vics around at the border unless you sleep in the truck and exit the State in same truck. Hard to do that when your job is DELIVERING trucks to a final destination.

    I did crash through the NSW border yesterday heading to Sydney, but watching the news last night I wonder if that will continue to be allowed. I think if Truckies went on strike for a week things might be different.

  18. John Bayley

    I thought a crack team was going to take out the Hunchback, Mission Impossible style!

    Massive injection of CV-19.

    With the virus only being lethal in a fraction of a percent of cases, that would be a very inefficient way to take that creep out.

    May I suggest ebola instead?

  19. Andre

    Who would play the creepy, mohawk headed ponce hanging around the Duke? Rudd is a bit old for the part but with some clever makeup he fits the bill. But maybe Sam Dastiyari would be better?

  20. Delta A

    Great thead!

    Very clever Cats.


  21. John A

    Why would one want to extract Scott Morrison from Fed Square?

    I suppose it means that the plot jumps the shark in the backstory, before the opening scene.

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