Climate zealots using lawsuits to prevent their fictions being exposed

An interesting legal case on the capabilities of electricity grids to accommodate renewable energy has been underway in the US.  In a 2015 PNAS article, Stanford (Woods Institute) based Jacobson et al claimed that with appropriate care electricity grids could operate with 100 per cent renewables.

A study, also published in PNAS by Clack et al, found that the “analysis involves errors, inappropriate methods, and implausible assumptions.”  The grids needed fossil or nuiclear to be stable.

Jacobson sued for $10 million in damages.  A court and subsequent appeal found there were no grounds for doing so and that the lawsuit was purely to silence debate. The defendants (the journal and Clack) have now filed for $600,000 damages under anti-SLAPP — for “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation”.

The Woods Institute, with a $23 million annual spend, also features Michael Mann, another serial litigator who seeks to prevent debate, and Obama climate booster Jonathan Pershing) and has on its staff the notorious Paul Ehrlich as a Fellow.


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6 Responses to Climate zealots using lawsuits to prevent their fictions being exposed

  1. min says:

    ABC again claiming all the bad weather in Uk caused by Siberian warming so glad to read one case won on RE although those on the otger side do not seem to be able to connect that their demands re warming cause the problems Fact check Erik the Red’s temperature findings please

  2. RobK says:

    Science has all but died. Sad.

  3. ExIronCurtain says:

    Can’t wait to read Mark Steyn’s take on this one – when the US wake up.
    He’s being sued by the Hockey Stickman – see it will be good!

  4. cohenite says:


  5. cohenite says:

    Alan, the 3rd link does not work.Sorted – thanks

    This is an excellent result. Jacobson who wrote the initial piffle construed criticism of his woeful ideas about renewables as an attack on his honesty, credibility and reputation. A typical leftie tactic: making an idea personal and therefore not subject to counter argument. Thankfully the courts saw through this.

  6. Baa Humbug says:

    It is called Lawfare in America. The left are very very good at it.
    When in government a la’ The Kenyan Years (TM), they use the Department of Justice and the IRS to go after their opponents not only to silence them, but to warn others not to get too active.
    When out of government, they use specially established law firms to sue and keep suing opponents.

    When Trump won, they still managed to control the DOJ and FBI by establishing the Mueller Special Council which went after Trump and his allies. One Lawfare wag said Trump and his allies must be crushed so thoroughly that his kind never rises again.

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