How do Democrats get a single vote?

President of Portland police union, targeted
in protests, says community has ‘had enough’
Hours before what is expected to be the 53rd straight night of protests in the city, the head of the Portland police union said the community has “had enough.” Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner, surrounded by 20 faith leaders, business owners, police officers and neighborhood residents, held a news conference in front of the union’s offices in North Portland. On Saturday, protesters broke in and lit a fire inside. The building itself was covered with graffiti.
Seattle rioters seen damaging,
looting stores; police say fire
sparked at precinct, officer hospitalized
At least two people were arrested in Seattle and a police officer is in the hospital Sunday after a march through downtown devolved into property damage and looting, police say. Police said Sunday evening the demonstrators had broken out several windows of the East Precinct, then threw a device into the lobby that ignited a small fire. The fire was later extinguished and no injuries were reported, police said. The demonstration started between 2 and 3 p.m. near the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Pine Street. A photo posted on Seattle’s DOT traffic channel showed crowds blocking an intersection.
Bill Barr appoints immigration judge who’s
a fmr director at FAIR, known for hard-line
immigration policies
Members of the left are upset that Attorney General Bill Barr has appointed an immigration judge who actually respects and believes in America’s immigration laws. “The judge, Matthew J. O’Brien, was officially named to his new position in the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) in June — but was just formally inducted into the largest ever corps of immigration judges along with 45 others,” Law & Order, a far-left news website, complained Saturday. “‘From 2016 to 2020, he served as the director of research at the Federation for American Immigration Reform.’ … The group, known in immigration law circles by its acronym, FAIR,
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12 Responses to How do Democrats get a single vote?

  1. Roger

    How do Democrats get a single vote?

    Because many Americans loathe themselves and their culture.

  2. stackja

    How do Democrats get a single vote?

    The dead vote early and often.

  3. [sarc]Biden to win by a landslide, because their is no silent majority.[/sarc]

  4. Professor Fred Lenin

    The decromats will endorse postal voting ,that will ensure decromat government untill the Second American Revolution which will treat them with severe ruthlessness ,not a bit of ruth for them .

  5. Rex Anger

    @ The Prof-

    I’m now imagining lines of MAGA hat-wearing, patriotic Americans of all ages, colours and political stripes lining up outside every candy shop in the country (and its territories) to buy up every Baby Ruth candy they can find…


  6. Professor Fred Lenin

    Rex they do have an obesity epidemic there ,could the Baby Ruth Bars be a contributing factor do you think ?Hersheys have a lot to answer for.

  7. mem

    How do Democrats get votes? They are noisy, they are outrageous, they are organised and paid for, because it is big money to win, and they are in your face constantly due to the Hollywood paid for celebrity spooks and complicit media. Also it is not compulsory to vote so a whole different scenario to here in Oz.

  8. Bear Necessities

    I think many soft left liberal voters (i.e. like government largess and regulations but also like law and order) are looking at the violence in their cities with shock. They will not vote for Trump but may not come out and vote for Biden because the Democrats are now the party of AOC, Omar and Bernie. The Democrats might find they have an enthusiasm problem as voting day approaches.

  9. PB

    How do Democrats get a single vote?

    Rudderless White women.

  10. duncanm

    .. because incidents like that portland report do not get on the MSM.

    Try googling “portland police union president”

    what you get is the following tosh:

    For at least 50 nights, demonstrators have protested racial inequality and police brutality. While many protesters have remained peaceful, violence has also erupted.

  11. Bear necessities:

    I think many soft left liberal voters (i.e. like government largess and regulations but also like law and order) are looking at the violence in their cities with shock.

    Dunno why, they voted for Marxists – were they expecting unicorns and rainbows, fairy floss and toffee apples?
    Sucked in, tossers!

  12. Lee

    Is there anyone in Portland and Seattle who is not a far-left wacko/anarchist?

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