I stand with Gigi II

So Gigi Foster is being harassed online again after appearing on 60 Minutes.

That gave rise to this response on Twitter.

To their credit, the University of New South Wales responded:

Well done to UNSW. Very poor form to those junior academics who retweeted the call for Gigi to be sacked.

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  1. 2dogs

    Peter van Wrongselen: “it’s not a binary choice”

    No, but it is a trade-off.

    Imagine attacking a headline for some brevity that no-one with half a brain would be misled by.

  2. rickw

    The economy and people are one and the same thing.

    If you save lives by draconian COVID-19 lockdowns then equally you are ending them through the destruction of the people’s business and livelihoods.

  3. C.L.

    Well done to UNSW.

    Yes and no.
    UNSW Sydney and UNSW Business School have official “views” on the subject?
    Why? What and where are they?
    I call bullshit on that.

  4. Hospital deferring cancer excision and turning away heart attack victims IS NOT *saving lives*.

  5. C.L.

    The economy and people are one and the same thing.


  6. Lee

    Hospital deferring cancer excision and turning away heart attack victims IS NOT *saving lives*.

    Nor is putting many hundreds of thousands out of work, many of those possibly permanently.
    Not to mention all the consequent suicides.

  7. Sinclair Davidson

    UNSW Sydney and UNSW Business School have official “views” on the subject?

    That is just a stock standard response that academics do not speak on behalf of the university.

  8. Megan

    The economy and people are one and the same thing.


    I keep repeating this on a regular basis to everyone I talk to but the hysterical, panic ridden, dread heads are not listening. Not sure when they will begin to regain their sanity but at some point recognising that the “economy=people“ must drop from the sky like an giant meteor. By then, the damage will be formidable and the task of recovery gargantuan. The effort that will have to be put forth by a great many of the under 60’s will dwarf the trials and tribulations of the Great 2020 Deluded Lockdown.

  9. thefrollickingmole

    That is just a stock standard response that academics do not speak on behalf of the university.

    Which is about the best response to anything not basically illegal.

  10. calli

    Thank Heaven for Big, Brave Girls.

  11. Sinclair Davidson

    Which is about the best response to anything not basically illegal.

    This happens all the time: Academic X makes a submission to parliament and journalists contact the university to ask if that is official university line and the university says academic views are their own this is not the university line.

  12. Squirrel

    The “hard lockdown” cheer squad need to explain how they guarantee there’ll be no repeats of the debacle in Victoriastan.

    The system is only as strong as it’s weakest link and huge sacrifices can be thrown away so easily, as we are now seeing.

  13. MACK

    One benefit of this episode is that it makes it easier to spot idiots – they’re the ones who say it’s lives versus the economy. As Gigi said on Q&A – it’s lives versus lives.

  14. thefrollickingmole

    Bruce “albino from Cornwall” Pascoes claims have jumped up a notch in “teaching” materials outlined over at Quadrant.

    some way toward reducing the continuing damage of colonialism. This is not a simple task but we can begin by acknowledging that Aboriginal Australians built houses, cultivated and irrigated crops and sewed clothes. Over many thousands of years Aboriginal Australia learnt how to increase the productivity of the land and this enormous expertise is useful to us today.

  15. thefrollickingmole

    wrong fred….

  16. gary

    When my dad got cancer in 2004 he was 69 so he was entitled to have the operations and treatment to attempt to clear him of the cancer to extend his life. If he was 70 he would not have been entitled to the operations & treatment because he was too old. My recollection is that this was a government decision based on cost. If people are refused life extending operations when they turn 70 because of cost, why are hundreds of billions of dollars being spent to save the life of people in their 80’s and older?

  17. Mother Lode

    Sadly an institution cannot respond by saying that it itself has no views although employees are free to have theirs.

    In the current climate they are expected to endorse specific and precise views. Woe betide one that does not have a policy on global warming or QWERTY rights etc.

    And when I say ‘rights’ I mean ‘demands’.

  18. Sean

    ‘How dare someone have different values from me’

    We just have to wait 12 months and then see where the world is at. Unfortunately at the current time reason is taking a back seat for a lot of people.

  19. Shaun

    The radio on Friday ran a news story about Flu numbers. They were remarking how flu deaths were down from last years total of over 400 deaths. They were reporting on 37 flu deaths. We are being governed and controlled for something that hasn’t even got close to our normal numbers of deaths during flu season. Victoria is the most communist state in this country and look how it is treating it’s people. Ordinary citizens treated as criminals and everyone is in compliance. It is insane. Put 2+2 together and see what is going on. The media and government are scare mongering everyone. Reporting about 6-10 covid deaths in aged care homes. Imaging if they reported the deaths in aged care homes normally normally from viruses. Wake up people. Reports are that cancer diagnosis are down by 40%. Cancer hasn’t just disappeared. So the experts are going to save a few lives, yet ruin a lot of others.

  20. ArthurB

    The Swedes were much criticized for not locking their country down and destroying their economy. The result is that the number of deaths from Wu Flu is now down to one or two per day. They may have suffered more than 5000 deaths, but they are unlikely to suffer a second wave of infections.


  21. duncanm

    Yup – from ArthurB’s link.
    Population of 10.2 million
    Coronavirus deaths 5,667

    ie: approximately 550/million. 0.055% of the population.

    The peak death rate from Covid didn’t even break records for monthly death rates in Sweden. Influenze did that in January 2000

  22. Robert B

    Has anyone checked Sweden’s daily deaths from COVID19 lately? The latest 7 day mean is 3.

  23. thefrollickingmole

    Q&A as balanced and fair as usual…


    Macdonald labelled the comment “heartless” and read out Victoria’s daily coronavirus statistics.

    “[In] Victoria today, there was six further deaths announced, there are 44 people in ICU, 245 people in hospital,” he said

    Professor Foster said “it’s horrible”.

    The host then asked: “So, why are you advocating for them to die?”

    She rejected the suggestion.

    “I’m not advocating for anybody to die, I am advocating for the least people to die as possible,” Professor Foster said.

    “What about everything else that kills people and makes them suffer?

    “We should consider all the things that influence human welfare, livelihoods lives and quality of lives, whether it’s COVID-19 or something else.”

    “Have we even thought about the cost of mental stress and anguish, the unemployment effects?”

    Professor Foster’s argument was rejected by Professor Bowtell, who called her out for her views, not only on Sweden, but on allowing the elderly to simply succumb to the disease.

    “The Swedish example is a fiasco,” he said.

    “The idea of locking old people in aged care homes, not allowing them to be treated in hospitals — as became the norm in Sweden — is or should be abhorrent.

    “You cannot segment out one sector of the population and ask them to undergo great misery, suffering, death in the interests — spurious interests — of saying all the rest of us will benefit.

    “That’s not how societies work.”

  24. Rayvic

    I deleted PVO from my list of article authors quite some time ago.

    His articles used to finish with a footnote along the lines that he was professor of politics at a WA university. Presumably this was to impress readers that he knew what he was talking about, which was often not the case.

    Wittingly or unwittingly, the footnote faithfully indicated the origin of his leftist views.

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