The Cat and I

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  1. Lap it up Leftists, sooner or later you’ll find out that you’ll become the victims as well. The Left will always end up eating their own.

  2. H B Bear

    Another Trump voter now.

  3. Kev from Canberra

    Another normie reality check. Tim Pool’s take:

  4. wal1957

    These idiots like Paul Gallant will probably still vote for the dumbocrats, their hate for all things Trump is so pervasive that they can think of nothing else.
    I amuse myself every now and then by watching youtube videos of protestors on the receiving end.
    The commenters can be hilarious and also encouraging. It’s nice to know that the majority have had a gutful of the protests.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    Leader of the French Revolution Maximilien Robespierre was guillotined by his own colleagues.
    I doubt Antifa read much history though, to take this as a warning.

  6. Mother Lode

    Every revolutionary firebrand thinks they will eventually become one of the elite governing with sublime lucid wisdom the benighted sluggish masses they had so forcefully to seduce to revolution.

    They never think of themselves as occupying a lowly anonymous place taking orders.

    And yet the thought that life on an assembly line might have been better may well be one of the last things that flashes across their minds just before they die – standing in a dank bare a basement room and hearing a gun cocked behind their head.

  7. Roger W

    Ain’t Karma a bitch.

  8. lotocoti

    Another Trump voter now.

    Alas, no.
    He’ll keep insisting the sum of two and two is any number other than four.

  9. Watch Your Back


    Coincidentally, today is the 226th anniversary of Thermidor II 9 when Robespierre got the chop.

  10. wozzup

    Hey Paul Gallant. Karma’s a bitch.
    Here endeth the lesson.

  11. iain russell

    To complement the above in Indonesian – biar kapok! Or, suffer bitch!

  12. Mother Lode

    Mind you – getting a gun…could be a red pill moment.

    He will be stuck trying to explain why he wanted it (based on pragmatic assessment of danger) to people who still cleave to pretty theories as to why he should not oppose the rioters.

    From what I have heard, people on the left are often surprised when their ideological opposites do not treat them as demons but welcome them when they show they are willing to listen.

  13. I really liked one of the tweeters replies..

    “Sometimes you get a red pill. Sometimes you get a red suppository.”

    Classic. Maybe a liberty quote.

  14. Rob MW

    Life comes at you fast alright, bit like the “peaceful” white/black protester who thought it a good idea to take an AK-47 to one of those blocking highway protests – where the right to block the highway trumps the right to drive on the highway, or so the “peaceful” protesters say – where the white/black protester found and approached a car driven by someone who wanted to go somewhere but was stopped, surrounded and intimidated by other “peaceful” protesters, obviously with the same mental capacity, so he decided to point the AK-47 at the driver.

    Guess how that turned out for the white/black protester ?

    Life does come at you fast, at about 3,700 feet per second !

  15. A reader

    From what I have heard, people on the left are often surprised when their ideological opposites do not treat them as demons but welcome them when they show they are willing to listen.

    Like the woman that Scomo helped the other day who says she has changed from voting ALP because of his humanity. The implication seemingly that nominally right wingers aren’t kind and generous

  16. Bruce in WA

    I feel like I need to buy a firearm”

    Really? How about you felt that about a decade ago, and bought one, and learnt HOW, WHEN, and WHY to use it and against WHOM? Lawfully. Ethically.

    Then you might … just might … have some slim frigging idea of what REAL firearms owners go through.

  17. Bruce in WA

    Blockquote fail … everything after the first line is me.

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