I have two dreams, or maybe three. Wind studies the way to global healing, not to mention Popper and the Austrians

2PM UPDATE ON THE WIND. In WA the wind is generating 0.5% of demand and the wind forecast for tomorrow is much the same. In SA there has been no wind power at all since midmorning.  NSW is producing more than half the windpower in the nation at present, almost half a GW that amounts to 5% of the demand in the state.

RE in total is providing 7GW, that is almost 30% of demand in SE Australia but the solar contribution will start falling soon to reach zero just before the peak demand at dinnertime.

The one critical number that you need to monitor is the wind contribution at dinnertime when demand reaches a peak  near 6 and starts to decline near 7. Over the last week the numbers were 3.8%, 3.3%, 3.4%,  5%, 4%, 4.4%, 13%, 3.6%.

“It me again,” as the late Idi Amin used to say in his regular column in Punch magazine. No windwatch since Thursday! Almost a week but it was too good to last.

Martin Luther King had a dream. What a piker, only one dream? Well one of  my dreams is a bipartisan approach to energy policy, starting with the Choke Point Project. This is all about information that is readily available and just about a reliable as data can be in this pig of a world.

The project is not designed to challenge anyone’s quasi-religious views about climate change, nor their political allegiance. Lets just get straight about the reasons why RE  will not work. It is not my intention to tell the pollies what I think of them, it is to be polite, informative and persistent and invite them to look at the facts of the matter and recruit more of them to think about realistic policies.   The second briefing note to pollies is just about ready to go. The point of the dream is to use the bipartisan approach starting with wind studies to spread to an ever wider range of divisive issues. OK I am dreaming, that is the point!

The second briefing note on the icebergs that will wreck the RE Titanic.

Briefing note Number 2 _ Four icebergs

The second dream is to develop a course of wind studies as the core of a multidisciplinary syllabus on Science and Western Civilization.  This dream started in a small way about 4.30am yesterday morning as I was idly thinking about the wind, as one does, and wondering what to say about the wind yesterday. As it happened I didn’t get to that because early in the day, about 6.30 I turned up a long lost manuscript on the early life of Karl Popper and got into correspondence with some people around the world to tell them about it.

The first thought was to invite Cats to list popular songs about the wind –  like  The Wayward Wind and  poems Ode to the West Wind (Shelley), stories, folk tales, myths and legends.  Then all the named winds – The Mistral that freezes southern France, the Roaring Forties, the SE Trades, Doldrums, The Fremantle Doctor, every culture would have names for various good and bad winds that turn up at different times of the year, then the great tidal movements of winds around the planet,.

Wind studies as a meeting place of Geography, Physics, Agriculture etc etc.  Winds in History – the Divine Wind that saved Japan from invasion and inspired the kamikazes, the storm that wrecked the Spanish Armada. Occupational groups that have to pay close attention to the wind -fly fishermen, bowlers in cricket (but not in bowls), kicking for goal, sailors most obviously and farmers. So if we can have courses in Colonial Studies and Gender Studies, what about Wind Studies? Imagine a lecture series on postmodern approaches to wind!

And of course everyone can be a wind watcher! Just refer to the NemWatch widget, the AEMO Dispatch Summary and Fuel Mix and the Aneroid Site. And Tony from Oz!

And a Facebook group Windwatchers Anonymous will be organized to help people who stumble into wind-watching addiction.

Liberty Quote – Every government-mandated low-flow toilet, phosphorous-free dishwasher detergent, CFL light bulb, and carbon-emission regulation is another obstacle on the way to a productive, job-creating economy that produces things consumers really want.  — Andy Kessler

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  1. Xword

    Good wind names shouldn’t include a compass hint. East coast NSW should drop “Southerly” from its Busters and come up with something more original than the prolific summer “Nor Easter”

  2. Old School Conservative

    They call the Wind Maria.

  3. NoFixedAddress

    Dateline Canberra – PM’s Office

    PS1 “We need to shutdown the NemWatch widget, the AEMO Dispatch Summary and Fuel Mix and the Aneroid Site.”

    PS2 “How do we justify that?”

    PS1 “National security issues of course.”

    PS2 “Brilliant! That’ll shut the bastards up.”

  4. min

    Unlike Sydney this morning , what I see from my window with views over treetops to Melbourne city, is an overcast sky and the not a breath of wind in the tree tops. My solar panels will not be producing any energy either and I doubt looking at all those places that give you wind readings would give me much confidence in the energy situation on another cold day with everyone in lock down . Just reminded me of another bad mark for Dictator Dan for closing Hazlewood Power station by increasing royalties on coal until Energie found it unviable to run .
    Your article Rafe , although you mentioned winds with a bad name , are those that, so they say, cause mental health problems, a major issue these days . Winds such as the Sirocco in Italy that changes behaviour.
    We have a much bigger problem here in Victoria causing many many mental health issues , community transmission of Covid 19 and our daily routine now includes waiting for Dictator Dan to announce the number of cases and how many have died . A major stuff up for which he takes no responsibility and we see family after family suffering grief and loss who had no idea where their loved ones were, in hospital or still in the nursing home, unable to see them and them dying alone. I have been through something very similar when my husband died alone I should write about it because it sometime because it is extremely relevant to what is occurring today. It is a traumatic experience apart from the loss and grief of losing a husband of 54 years .
    Why I mention this , is my effort is now to get Dictator Dan out and focussing with a group of friends to bring this about. As you know Rafe I started my campaign against RE before the last election but on hold until we bring this man to account because he is in for another 2 year and his devastation of Victoria will be almost beyond repair.

  5. Okay then, songs with the word ‘wind’ in them.
    In between the release of those two Eagles ‘monsters’, (Hotel California and The Long Run) Joe Walsh released his second solo album But Seriously Folks. On that album was his biggest solo hit, the highly satirical Life’s Been Good, but as is the case with nearly every one of my 400+ vinyl LPs, I usually preferred another song on the album, borne out again with the beautiful song Second Hand Store. The song could realistically be titled Any Way The Wind Blows, as Joe sings those words a number of times throughout the song.
    Sunday Music – Second Hand Store (Any Way The Wind Blows)

  6. Mark M

    “Heard you got an infection
    Just before your lewd rejection
    Wait’ll the shit hits the fan .”

    The Fan by Little Feat.

    Folk wondering about timing, it is a 7/8 song with a 4/4 time in some parts.

    RIP Lowell, Ritchie, Paul.

  7. J-man

    Not a song, but The Rime of the Ancient Mariner has much imagery that can be applied to wind ‘energy’. There is bountiful supply followed by dearth. Also, the killing of birds.

  8. billie

    I dream of one day finishing my project car, hanging all the pictures in the house (infinite number), sorting the minor floods in the shed when we get huge rains, crewing on an Americas Cup yacht, learning a dead language (French?), having a crack at all the unread books in the house and on digital devices, travelling overseas again ..

    it’s the little things, you know

  9. stevem

    The songs are the problem. The fools that want wind power spent far too long listening to Bob Dylan. The answer is clearly not blowin’ in the wind.

  10. RobK

    Call me the Breeze, I don’t carry no load.

    Well, now they call me the breeze
    I keep blowin’ down the road
    Well, now they call me the breeze
    I keep blowin’ down the road
    I ain’t got me nobody
    I don’t carry me no load
    Ooh Mr. Breeze

  11. Pete of Perth

    Ill Wind, Billie Holiday 1956

    So… Ill wind blow away,
    Let me rest today
    You’re blowing me no good

  12. Enyaw

    Four strong winds that blow lonely …seven seas that run high , all those things that DONT change , come what may …. I call this my climate change song ..

  13. Wonder what the competition are working on?

    Ah, molten fluoride salts…


  14. Bruce

    Songs sort-of about “wind”:

    “Windy” (The Association)

    Breezin'” (George Benson instrumental)

    “They Call the Wind, ‘Mariah'” (from “Paint Your Wagon” – various versions)

    “My Friend, the Wind” (Demis Rousos)

    “Against the Wind” (Bob Seger)

    “Winds of Change” (Scorpions)

    “Wind beneath my Wings” (Bette Midler)

    “Ride Like the Wind” (Christopher Cross)

    “The Wind Cries “Mary'” (Jimmy Hendrix)

    “Catch the Wind” (Donovan)

    “Mandolin Wind” (Rod Stewart)

    “Cast your Fate to the Wind” (Various)

    “Santa Never Made it into Darwin” (Bill and Boyd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJi_kBIiZ4A )

    Any “Fan Dance” performance?

  15. Rex Anger

    I believe Billy Connolly thought Cathay Pacific had the right idea about generating wind

    (WARNING: Swears. And hilarious sound effects. And Crazy Scotsman)

  16. Aynsley Kellow

    Late to this post, and sorry to correct you Rafe – though Popper would agree that disagreement is essential to the advancement of knowledge – but Doldrums are not winds, but the absence of winds. They are what sailors called what we know now as the Intertropical Convergence Zone.

    Some great entries here though.

  17. Rafe Champion

    Yes, thanks to all the contributors! Nice picks from Bruce and TonyfromOz!
    Aynsley, I think Doldrums counts as “wind-related”:)

  18. Aynsley Kellow

    I guess in the same way dark is ‘light-related’ Rafe.

  19. Rafe Champion

    How come you are not in the letter-writing club Aynsley? I suppose living in the ivory tower that kind of grubby political activity is beneath you.
    Actually I like Barzun’s defence of ivory towers. He couldn’t understand why it is used in a derogatory sense because ivory is an aesthetically pleasing building material, it is easy to clean and a tower commands a wide view of the surrounds.

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