Tuesday Forum: July 28, 2020

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  1. Matrix Transform:

    the last thing that goes through mind that realisation.
    … wait … I meant second last

    What’s the last thing that goes through a grasshoppers mind when it hits your windshield?
    Its arsehole…

  2. Gilas:

    Space Force makes history with all-female 2 SOPS crew

    I hope they’ve gotten the boyfriend issue sorted out – I’d hate it if they all decided they weren’t talking to each other, like on that ship that rammed the ?oil tanker.

  3. Boambee John.

    Not that long ago, we had a resident of a major regional city, population around 130,000, bleating because he had to travel to a capital city around 130 kms away, on a mostly four lane divided highway.

    The next two months I have:
    Cardiology – Dopamine Stress Test Echocardiogram – drive 2,300 km. Two overnight motel accommodation.
    Opthalmology – 220km. One overnight motel accommodation.
    Urology – 220km. Probably no motel.
    Patient Assist Travel Scheme will give me about $350 for fuel for the cardiology. Total cost about $850.
    I’m not asking for anything else, but it would be nice if the 250 km of road around ?Miles was fixed up enough the CD player would work without skipping due to the corrugations and potholes.

  4. It’s pumpkins for this thread…

    🏁 🎃

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