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18 Responses to Destroyed

  1. nb

    OT: Dr Li-Meng Yan speaks to Steve Bannon about manufacture and release of virus by China.

  2. Mark M

    1968 Then And Now

    “He (President Trump) understood that we were succumbing to a gradual defeat at the hands of China, courtesy of our WTO-Globalist traitors (including the EU).
    Donald launched his own offensive, the Trade Offensive.
    It rattled cages around the world.
    Especially in China.
    For the past four years, it was taking a huge toll on our enemies.
    And in late January 2020, Donald began preparing for the counter-attack attack he alone seemed to sense was imminent.
    He must have understood that we had just entered the new Asian Lunar New Year.
    When he stopped the in-bound flights from China, he must have sensed a coming ‘celebration’ of the new Chinese Year of the Rat. A celebratory assault designed to cripple America from within. Assisted by our own sleeper-cells of American traitors.

    To understand anything about today’s actual war, you must understand the following statement.

    Now, fast-forward 52 magick years. What do you see?
    I’ll tell you what I see.
    I see scores of thousands of Americans who are dead because of an enemy sneak-attack.
    You can say whatever you want, but that’s what I see.

    Most of the dead were the elderly and infirm, who had no one to defend them. Those who should have been defending them (by restricting access) made sure that the gates were open to the enemy. ”

    Read on.

  3. Iampeter

    Yea, Barr really “destroyed” in that hearing.

  4. C.L.

    Yep, he had Democrats on the nightly news calling for police to be assaulted and court-houses to be burned down.

  5. NoFixedAddress


    A Clinton hench ‘thing’.

  6. Dianeh

    My personal favourite is when the Dem Senators would ask Barr a loaded question, he would try to answer it, they would then interrupt, he would try again and they would interrupt accusing him of having no respect for them (as if they deserve respect)

  7. Roger

    “Jamie” Raskin, a boy sent to do a man’s work.

    Too many of such types about these days.

    Incidentally, Rep. Raskin, the Episcopal Church, which bullied conservatives and evangelicals out of its ranks and stole their church properties, has zero credibility on civil rights.

  8. Professor Fred Lenin

    It seems the decromat party attracts the absolute lowest possible criminal scum ,surely there is one who is a half decent human amongst them ? The Mafia looks like a benevolent society compared to this filth . Ooen two gulags for them to be jailed in ,a summer one in Death Valleyand a winter one in Nome Alaska .
    Thats all they deserve .
    The way they are attacking Barr shows fear ,they are afraid he will come after them for the crimes they are guilty off , I hooe he goes through the decromats like a dose of laxative,when you deal with assholes you get shit .
    I bet Barr wasnt 74th out of 84 in law school like their demented candidate .

  9. Robbo

    That Jamie moron was made to look like a total fuckwit which is understandable because he is a total fuckwit.

  10. Ozman

    The Peter principle still proves true. “I-am-still-a-try-hard” translated is “I-am-a-soft-long-time-gone”.

    Al Jazeera still has its representative posting on this blog for libertarians or is it liberal…

    Be careful: conservatives who go liberal end up in labor.
    Prophylaxis, anyone?
    How about hydroxychloroquine?
    Even works the morning after.
    Does that mean it’s a therapeutic?
    Of course!

    Hydroxychloroquine: the pill that was in use before the pill was introduced.
    Very safe!

    Jerry Nadler (riots are a myth)–What a class act!
    He petered out a long time ago.
    Being a demo rat he hangs around as the mascot.
    The donkey image isn’t working, these days.

    Seventy-year-old Barr, being up to it, was just being facetious when calling Nadler a “class act”.
    You probably missed that.

    Afterall, why stay in retirement when you can demonstrate the Peter Principle by wiping a bunch of dried- out crumpled festoons with a lavender bowl brush.

    They were so afraid of Barr–he having risen to the occasion. And for five hours to let the party hacks get it on and over with — “this is my time” ….”my five minutes”…”show some respect.”

    That they thought they needed to last five is a surprise. Bill wasn’t charging for his time.

    Never mind. The tragics, Nadler and Al Jazeera’s mole, still think that Barr meant class when he meant ‘ass.

    Just not good at spelling.

  11. The BigBlueCat

    If the Democrats are really so certain about their questions, why not let Barr answer, and allow him to be “hoist on his own petard” if he’s found to answer contrary to his oath of office?

    Like all Democrat hearings, this is more about their rhetoric than it is about getting genuine answers to genuine questions. I find it astounding that as an AG appointed by the Republican administration the Democrats are somehow surprised that Barr is a Republican and has supported Republican candidates before his nomination. Eric Holder (Democrat) was Obama’s AG. Robert Kennedy (Democrat) was JFK’s AG. so what was the point of that style of questioning? Only to state the bleeding obvious?

    I particularly liked the video of the peaceful protestors not being arrested by city, state or federal law enforcement …. kind of defeats the Democrat argument of peaceful protesters being attacked by law enforcement officers.

    The Democrats are demonstrating yet again that they are real lunatics and devoid of any common sense. Barr could be guilty of all sorts of malfeasance, but the Democrats will never find it with the tactics they are employing here – it’s more about the smear than it is about any actual evidence. I personally don’t think this is an election-winnign strategy.

  12. Democrats are desperate to the point of panic and it shows.
    They are desperate because their internal polling shows a huge landslide coming. They will lose the house.
    Trump in a second and nothing to lose term will devastate them and their globalist pals.
    Trumps biggest danger is from RINO’s and voter fraud.

  13. The BigBlueCat

    #3528506, posted on July 30, 2020 at 7:22 am
    Yea, Barr really “destroyed” in that hearing.

    Charlie Sykes is a well-known Trump hater … no surprise that he takes a negative view of Barr’s responses. If Sykes was an even-handed journalist, he would have equally have criticised the Democrat tactics to “reclaim their time”, false narratives and otherwise prevent Barr from answering actual questions. Sykes is CNN, MSNBC and other media’s “tame conservative”.

    I can’t understand why Iampeter would respect Sykes’ views on anything political, nor can I understand why Iampeter isn’t criticising clear leftist tactics being employed by congressional Democrats. Is it because Iampeter is a supporter of leftists? He has, after all, declared support for Biden over Trump, supposedly because Biden is less leftist than Trump (a claim he has yet to support).

    Sykes’ only complaint is that Barr didn’t answer questions they way Sykes thought he should … but given Sykes hates Trump and the GOP that supported trump’s candidacy, he’s more than likely to also hate anyone that’s part of Trump’s cabinet. Reading the article, it’s clear Sykes is no respecter of Barr as AG, and not because of Barr’s answers. Sykes has a heritage of criticising Trump and Barr and even wrote an article Seven Reasons Not to Trust William Barr. I wonder if he’s written anything corresponding towards any Democrat recently. What we do see is Sykes proposing how Democrats can win in 2020.

    In the light of the Democrat “questioning” (well, grand-standing really), Barr did alright. They have a distinct lack of evidence, and so can only resort to smearing Barr.

    Besides, Sykes declares himself a “conservative” and a religious one at that (he’s Roman Catholic) and was once a Young Democrat, yet Iampeter (surprisingly) thinks he’s “on the money” as far as his political opinion is concerned? Surely Iampeter must think Sykes is a leftist. Once again, go figure ….

  14. Bela Bartok

    Wasn’t the whole performance just to tarnish Barr’s reputation, get some good sound bites, and create some political mileage?
    Accuse Barr of being Trump’s puppet and not allow him to respond.. good for the news cycle.
    Disgraceful, but they don’t care.

  15. Rohan

    Professor Fred Lenin
    #3528570, posted on July 30, 2020 at 8:57 am
    It seems the decromat party attracts the absolute lowest possible criminal scum…

    Yes Prof. But they’re IamAdamBandt’s kind of scum.

  16. Iampeter

    Yes Prof. But they’re IamAdamBandt’s kind of scum.

    Nope. They are Trump supporter’s kind of scum. Or rather maybe not as scummy, corrupt or left wing enough for a Trump supporter.

  17. Rex Anger

    IamPeter is my kind of scum. 🙂

    Wire brush and Dettol time, my sweet trolly-kins. We’ll have that foul mouthed and crude Communism scrubbed out of you in no time…

  18. Lee

    IamADemocratSupporter still calling others “left wing.”

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