The wind supply limbo

How low can it go?  Check the widget!

The last 24 hours. The windmills have barely been turning since lunchtime, currently approaching 4pm they are providing a tick over 1% of demand. RE in total is almost 25% of demand but the sun will fade away to zero by dinnertime that is the peak of demand for the day.

If you don’t have time or interest to do a lot of windwatching, just check the numbers anytime between 6 and 7 to see the futility of the RE transition.  With the Aneroid site you can check later, you don’t have to do it in real time like the widget.

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7 Responses to The wind supply limbo

  1. stackja says:

    RE money for nothing, extras free.

  2. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    My grand kids gave me a small wind bird which turns when it blows, lazy bird hasnt been doing much flying lately , we should give every politician one and put one on every government building , show them how stupid the idea of RE \ is . Deduct the cost of the birdtoys from government salaries .
    Encourage buying electric cars and destroy the electricity grid while you are at it ,to appease the carpetbaggers and ensure pollies futures after politics .

  3. yarpos says:

    Its sort of ironic that the widget is sponsored by Reneweconomy. They are total RE zealots , yet sponsor a page that clearly shows how truly useless RE is in a first world economy.

  4. nb says:

    ‘we should give every politician one and put one on every government building’
    Dangerous idea. That they are a pretty toy turned by wind would make them an icon for the new age. Evidence of a lack of practicality would be ignored. We do not live in an age of reason. We must become used to it.

  5. NoFixedAddress says:

    An expanded version by me with exact same words.

    #3528512, posted on July 30, 2020 at 7:34 am

    I’ve been reading Catallaxy for quite a few years now and I have never read a really simple explanation of Says Law.

    I also studied undergraduate economics on the way to a BCom (finance) and never came across it.

    Are you saying (no pun intended) that any individual’s ability to consume is dictated by what they can produce and exchange in the market for money,

    to acquire products of other people’s efforts,

    and so accordingly to bring about more demand in aggregate you need individuals to produce more.

    So if you simply try to create[d] demand by giving people cash to spend that is not earned by productive means,

    that simply displaces spending of productive individuals who have earned their cash in the market by selling their product?

    Presumably creating inflation or other signalling distortions?

  6. David Bidstrup says:

    25% of demand?????

  7. Rafe Champion says:

    Thanks David, my bad, approaching 4o’clock sun and wind met almost 20% of demand. At noon it was a bit over a quarter but the overall impact of that contribution is to make the power more expensive and drive the efficient producers to the wall. At the evening peak the sun was off duty and the wind contributed 2.2%.

    Indeed Yarpos, I wonder what they will do when we fully exploit the weapon they have provided for us.

    If they take it down I hope someone comes up with something like it, the impact is far more dramatic than the Aneroid site although I would not be without Aneroid to show the daily and monthly patterns.

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