Precautionary principle

Further to TAFKAS’ recent post and Pyrmonter’s recent post, TAFKAS draws people’s attention to sections 6 through 9 of the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 below.

6 Precautionary principle

If a public health risk poses a serious threat, lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason for postponing measures to prevent or control the public health risk.

7 Principle of primacy of prevention

(1) The prevention of disease, illness, injury, disability or premature death is preferable to remedial measures.
(2) For that purpose, capacity building and other health-promotion activities are central to reducing differences in health status and promoting the health and wellbeing of the people of Victoria.

8 Principle of accountability

(1) Persons who are engaged in the administration of this Act should as far as is practicable ensure that decisions are transparent, systematic and appropriate.
(2) Members of the public should therefore be given—
(a) access to reliable information in appropriate forms to facilitate a good understanding of public health issues; and
(b) opportunities to participate in policy and program development.

9 Principle of proportionality

Decisions made and actions taken in the administration of this Act—
(a) should be proportionate to the public health risk sought to be prevented, minimised or controlled; and
(b) should not be made or taken in an arbitrary

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7 Responses to Precautionary principle

  1. John snowy Bowyer

    I would like the government to issue the daily mortality rates for the last ten years with total population noted first. I would like to be assured the current virus is killing many more people than than previous years. Interesting to note what the increased mortality rates are year by year day by day?
    I am joking of course! These figures are there up until last week but they will show no change or even less people died. For the cost that seems to be never ending levied on us by politicians and public servants whose common sense is so dismal but whose wages have all been increased.
    Even worse, continuing, with those figures in front of us we would see the huge rise in death from depression, cancer and other diseases caused by the medico’s incompetence aided and abetted by politicians and public servants!

  2. min

    Certainly not transparent and not all data are available or omitted . For instance have not seen an R0, ,the percentage of deaths per million , number tested and not positive , number of false positives . Probably more than I have mentioned.
    The sort of man he is demonstrated by what he said about one of his team who had cancer Jane Barratt? APA d he is still making misleadinfpg statements about judicial inquiries.

  3. Leo G

    The prevention of disease, illness, injury, disability or premature death is preferable to remedial measures.

    Does this explain the strategy of suppressing use of therapies in the present to improve the possible benefit of a vaccine in the future?

  4. Tel

    It’s it weird that when it comes to build more coal power plants (because most people want cheap energy to help them live and thrive) the Precautionary Principle™ means that no action can be taken towards this end if there is any uncertainty about the consequences (better safe than sorry you know) while when it comes to locking people in their homes and running around with arms waving over a health issue … suddenly the Precautionary Principle™ means the exact opposite and gosh then if we are uncertain we must act anyway, regardless of whether we know what this action even does.

    How astoundingly rigged.

  5. egg_

    Industry Codes of Practice*

    *That’s where the meat is, behind the bulldust.

  6. H B Bear

    Looking forward to the principle of accountability making an appearance any minute now in Victoriastan. Not holding my breath.

  7. NoFixedAddress

    So, I’m 85 years of age lying in my wonderful old fogies home bed, my mates have all died off over the years so there is no-one left to reminisce with, and I see on the TV that those Chinese Communist ‘RatFuckers’ have infected the world with a deadly disease.

    I look at the ‘telly’ in disbelief as I watch my country men and women go apeshit over fuck all.

    I press the buzzer and say it’s time.

    An 85 year old died from the corona last night.

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