The political consequences are still to come

From These Two Charts Should Land Dr. Fauci in Prison. And if that doesn’t, this definitely should if it’s even remotely true: In New Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent. Not to mention this as well: CDC director acknowledges hospitals have a monetary incentive to overcount coronavirus deaths.

But it is this bit of common sense that really does get to me: from Rush Limbaugh.

I’ll tell you there’s something else. There is something else about this, folks. The people who are telling you what you have to do to shut down your business, to not send your kid back to school, to not go back to work, these are people that have not lost a paycheck during this crisis. Have you noticed? There’s not a single [Victorian public servant] that’s been fired. Not a single one. This is crucially important. The people that have not lost a paycheck are the ones telling you that you need to give up your livelihood, shut down your business, don’t go back to your job.

This used to be an issue when this began, but has for some reason gone away. This is the socialist ideal; income security exists only in the public sector. But after a while, and it does take a while, the money you get will buy you only a fraction of what it used to buy as the economy caves inwards. And at the same time your personal freedom and independence disappears in ways you never dreamed might happen. This is from The Wall Street Journal which is as mainstream as it is possible to be: The Pandemic Is a Dress Rehearsal. This is what you can see before the story cuts out:

Eight months after the novel coronavirus burst out of Wuhan, China, it has created unprecedented economic and social disruption, with economies cratering across the globe and more destruction to come. Tens of millions have lost their jobs, and millions more have seen their life savings disappear as governments forced restaurants, bars and other small businesses to shut their doors.

Wealthy societies are able, for now, to print and pump money in hope of limiting the social and economic damage, but such measures cannot be extended…

And then, eventually, what happens after that?

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  1. Megan

    If Fauci goes then so should our very own TGA for the many preventable Australian deaths caused by their banning of hydroxychloroquine for early C19 treatment.

  2. NoFixedAddress

    And then, eventually, what happens after that?

    We all keep taking the blue pill and it becomes compulsory.

  3. Colonel Bunty Golightly


  4. egg_

    Wealthy societies are able, for now, to print and pump money in hope of limiting the social and economic damage, but such measures cannot be extended…

    And then, eventually, what happens after that?

    Venestralia – viz Victoriastan.

  5. nb

    Prosperity is the enemy of the left.
    The left is the enemy of private enterprise.
    The virus from China provides the ALP with every excuse it needs to destroy prosperity by destroying private enterprise.

  6. Ozman

    A cursory overview of a chain of events

    China pulled out of deal with Trump, expecting economy to collapse and Democrats win 2020.

    Fauci funded studies in Wuhan.

    Oct. 2019. Gates Foundation funded Event 201 was a high-level pandemic exercise performed on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. Event 201 simulated an outbreak of a novel coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic.
    68 million people predicted to die over 18 months. PDF available.

    Fauci and Birx meet with Trump and tell him that they expect the pandemic in China is serious.
    Trump stops flights from Wuhan and then China.

    Fauci says that there is nothing to worry about, but watch.

    Trump puts Fauci and Birx in the public eye.
    New York hit hard.
    Trump sends hospital ships.
    Provides ventilators.
    Learns doctors using prophylaxis and Fauci advocated the use of HCQ as therapeutic for SARS-CoV.
    No need for beds.
    New York had plenty of ventilators.
    NY Governor keeps sick elderly people in nursing homes rather than isolating.
    At Davos Soros said Trump would be a dictator.
    Trump calls a conference of all state governors and lets them make their own decisions.
    BLM begin protests.
    Antifa riots.
    Trump only protects Fed property, shows up Dem. mayors and governors.
    Trump doesn’t engage Antifa on street with troops, knowing they will shoot innocent and blame army.
    Fauci now telling people to wear goggles.
    Trump is too smart for this rabble.
    China has Tadros (WHO) in pocket.
    Tadros says HCQ ineffective.
    Lancet, NEJM publish fraudulent studies excoriating HCQ, then have to retract.
    Tadros informs Australian CMO that pandemic is real and HCQ ineffective.
    Dan Andrews. Chinese puppet does bidding of China to take over Australia.
    W.A. Premier in pocket of China, too. Just not as treasonous as Andrews.

    If Morrison were smart he would get rid of his handlers and do some serious research.

  7. mareeS

    It is sinful in the original meaning. Deeply and darkly sinful. Some plagues ripped through societies by happenstance in the past, but there is no excuse for the havoc that is occurring now, especially in Victoriastan, where an illness has been politicised to the extreme.

  8. Struth.

    If Morrison were smart he would get rid of his handlers and do some serious research.

    You then must assume he gives a shit.
    Everything you say is correct Ozman, although many on this sight are now to brainwashed to get away from the “incompetence” narrative”.
    Boris and Sco Mo are tarred with the same brush.
    Career pollies with no political convictions.
    They stand for nothing except self promotion.
    They are open to the massive pull of the UN and it’s flowery socialist dribble.
    Remember, as facts regarding Sco Mo’s need to feel loved on the world stage, like many Australian Pollies, they think the vehicle for that love to flow is via the UN.
    Which is now no more than a tax payer funded cabal of unelected Global socialists and despots.

    He was about to hand the UN the power to decide who and how many immigrants and refugees we were to take to the UN.
    His commo public service nearly had the deal wrapped up, either told him some shysters, or he was right in on it, and it nearly went ahead, but the Australian public cottoned on to it.
    He will not even tolerate the suggestion of pulling out of Paris.

    He’s this type of bloke.

    If the whole world goes global socialist he’d hate to think we were the ones left out, he’d want Australia to be “key” players in the new world order.
    He wouldn’t contemplate for a second that it was traitorous and wrong to sell out to socialism.
    This man is not going to save us.

  9. Struth.

    Oct. 2019. Gates Foundation funded Event 201 was a high-level pandemic exercise performed on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. Event 201 simulated an outbreak of a novel coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic.

    Fauci part of this as well.

    Tedros, a violent revolutionary commo, not a doctor or chemist, a butcher or baker, candlestick maker, turns up in charge of the WHO, and previously, strangely, had been on the Gates foundation payroll “fighting Aids”

    Without going into it anymore, this group of arseholes needs a lot more exposure, incuding Jane Halton.

    This is just a general overview.

  10. Mark M

    Fauci, 2017, just after the Presidential inauguration:

    23.25 secs: “There is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that, but that there will certainly be a surprise outbreak.”

    He had no question there would be a surprise outbreak?
    It is a contradiction in terms.

  11. Mark M

    Why Trump will win.

    * 1/ Trump knows his limitations.

    He surrounds himself with people who have multiple viewpoints, and he listens to them all.

    Fauci is the alarmist, and Birx is the realist.


    Fauci is allowed to publicly disagree with Trump, because he needs total freedom.

    2/ As Fauci says over and over, he and Trump are on the same page.


    But he MUST be allowed to air his views without fear of retaliation. Trump MUST hear all sides.

    Don’t worry; Fauci is vital to the success of the fight.

    3/ Trump is anything BUT thin skinned.

    The reason Trump will win is that he’s a brilliant psychologist, and he can forecast end results.

    I was HORRIFIED when the GOP lost the House in 2018.

    Now I understand that this was deliberate on Trump’s part.

    4/ He had to get rid of the Republics who would forever thwart him, and he had to get the most radical Democrats possible to take over.

    Biden has adopted the Squad platform, AND he’s promising to return to the Obama incompetence and failure.

    5/ I can’t even count the politically suicidal errors the Democrats have made since 2018.

    Embracing lawlessness IN DEMOCRATIC CITIES may be the most suicidal.

    6/ Biden promises to bring back the flops and failures of the Bush and Obama eras.

    This is EXACTLY what Trump wanted him to do.

    I hope you understand the breathtaking genius of what Trump has done:

    7/ He changed the election from a referendum on himself to a referendum on his predecessor Obama.

    Never happened before.


    Trump no longer has to defend himself.

    He can say, “My record stands for itself.”

    8/ Biden needs to explain why we must AGAIN experience what we experienced from 2009 to 2017.

    His position is untenable.

    We rejected Hillary because she promised to extend AND INTENSIFY Obama’s policies.

    Biden is now in the exact same position.”

    >> In an attempt to smear President Trump and prop up the carcass of Joe Biden, AP writes one of the best pro-Trump op-eds of all time …

    Biden eyes major foreign policy shifts if he wins

    * extract from twitter thread:

  12. Mark M

    PS: I’m off to sportsbet.
    I ain’t gonna miss out this time on more winning.

  13. Entropy

    Two things about that chart at first glance
    Country selection seems to be designed to cut out a lot of noise
    The death rates look a tad high.

  14. Iampeter

    From These Two Charts Should Land Dr. Fauci in Prison.

    Shouldn’t that land Trump in jail then, since he’s the one that put Fauci in charge after sidelining the CDC, after failing to listen to the CDC in a timely manner and thus being largely responsible for the resulting global panic in the first place?
    Never mind. Narrative before facts!

  15. Just Passing By

    When socialists talk about equality they always mean equality for everybody else except themselves. If politicians and public servants wanted equality they could have been on pay equal to jobkeeper from day 1. That is real equality. That is socialism. Each to his needs; each to his ability. Instead Volksgenosse Dan the guy responsible for the failure down there demands over $400 k per year for his ‘abilities’ . What a joke. This is banana republic stuff.

  16. min

    Oh those naughty 800 Covid sufferers who were not at home in isolation when the ADF called . Wait a minute until Yesterday Dictator Dan said they were allowed out to exercise .

  17. duncanm

    yeh – don’t trust that graph.

    Too many countries missing (cherry-picked data), too many variables (like how they record cause of death ‘with’ vs. ‘of’ covid).

  18. duncanm


    some data to dispute that chart. Note italy in particular. Its noted above as “HCQ discouraged”, but this article says 83% of doctors used it to treat Covid.
    HCQ application for covid and Case fatality rates

    Country / HCQ application for covid (%of doctors) / Case fatality rate
    Italy: 83%, 14%
    Spain: 75%, 10%
    UK: 10%, 15%

    Now maybe Italy and Spain didn’t get the HCQ/Zinc/Anthrowhatever cocktail right, but that’s not what’s being stated.

  19. Astatine Jones

    …Event 201 was a high-level pandemic exercise…

    A world or national health organisation (including the US CDC) not undertaking exercises in pandemic response would be like an electricity provider not running an exercise in blackout response, or firefighters not honing their response to an office building fire, or a security firm not testing alarms, or a hydroelectric company not having a response plan for floods, or the SES not practising remote area rescue of injured parties. The list goes on. Standard operational business for any government or private sector organisations. Risk analysis/management, preparedness, incident response plan…not ‘conspiracy’.

  20. Gerard

    Waiting for a vaccine? Must keep COVID alive. If we open the economy and achieve herd immunity there is no need for a vaccine and the patent is worthless.

  21. old bloke

    #3535904, posted on August 5, 2020 at 2:10 am

    If Morrison were smart he would get rid of his handlers and do some serious research.

    That’s not going to happen. I wrote to my MP (Liberal) asking why the TGA banned HCQ and he hasn’t responded, I can only conclude that they are deliberately running the country down.

    They are not worth a vote.

  22. Astatine Jones

    yeh – don’t trust that graph.

    Yes the jury is still out I think. Plenty of studies undertaken and continuing on the use of HCQ in Covid-19. Many show no positive effect, but often point out (unavoidable) flaws in the data/analysis employed, e.g. many patients in the study in advanced state of disease, higher than normal doses of HCQ given. There are some promising studies suggesting that the early application of HCQ can be effective in improving outcomes. For example (Google these for open-access, I couldn’t paste the links for some reason):
    * paper by Monforte et al. in IJID (29/07/20)
    Effectiveness of HCQ in Covid-19 disease: A done and dusted situation?
    * paper by Li et al. in Nature CD&D (08/07/20)
    Is hydroxychloroquine beneficial for COVID-19 patients?

    While the following study does not find support for use of HCQ it doesn’t rule it out either. The comments at the end of the page by John Abeles are particularly interesting:
    * paper by Shamshirian et al. on medRxiv (24/07/20)
    The Role of Hydroxychloroquine in the Age of COVID-19: A Periodic Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

  23. Penny

    Just heard Scott Morrison this morning in a press conference asked by a journalist why wasn’t HCQ being used the PM looked visibly ruffled by the question and the coward that he is he referred the question the the CMO who said it doesn’t work
    I hope they all rot in hell for allowing people to get sick and die, for political reasons and ignorance

  24. Ozman

    Astatine Jones

    Yes the jury is still out I think.

    Maybe the Jury needs to look at this:

    Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread
    The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information. Virol J. 2005 Aug 22

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