Workplace diversity and inclusion

Ask the following question of your workplace gender diversity and inclusion officer. Consider a workplace of five cisgender men. Which of the following options is more diverse and inclusive?

(1) Two of the men announce that they are transgender and identify as women

(2) Two of the men resign and are replaced with two cisgender women.

The answer must surely be (1) as it includes transgender people whereas (2) consists entirely of cisgender people. Therefore, to promote greater diversity and inclusion the Workplace Gender Equality Agency should change its priority to encouraging more cisgender men to become transgender.

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17 Responses to Workplace diversity and inclusion

  1. mundi

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    Surely there is someplace more sane.

  2. Rex Anger

    I can just see it now..

    Manger rushes into the office with a look of terror on his face:

    Shit! The DO’s coming! Deploy Emergency Diversity Wigs!

  3. Kev from Canberra

    Norm Macdonald explained the use of the term ‘cisgender’ well:

    “Cisgender male means your a male, and you identify as a male. It’s a way of marginalising a normal person.”

  4. MACK

    There’ll be a PhD thesis on that somewhere in the university of Melbourne.

  5. JohnJJJ

    Yeah? Look up the new 40/40/20 ‘guidelines’ for the Victorian public service. Man…. it’s all about Shared Values.

  6. Phill

    You are assuming that cisgender is cisnormative, which is cissexism. Clearly two of the cisgender males were not cisnormative as they were not “outed”, but had non-cisnormative tendencies. Not that theres anything wrong with that.

  7. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    I am reminded the Royal Easter Show, sideshow alley and the freak show spruikers …

    “Roll up, roll up! Come and see the fattest/widest/ugliest sheila in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Two dollars for the weirdest thing you will ever see! Come one, come all! Roll up, roll up! Come and see the greenest man in existence, green from head to toe …”

    There were no hurty feelings inspectors, counseling booths for astonished overweight passers by or noisy protestors acting for non existent offendees.

    At least the loons could make a quid back then when they demanded public attention to their hobby!

  8. Fred

    All men should apply to change their sex to female. It’s very easy in Victoria.

    That will stop the whole gender debate in its tracks.

  9. wal1957

    I can’t even be bothered to ‘google’ cisgender to find out what it supposedly means.

    There are 2 genders, that’s all I need to know.

    All the rest is BS.

  10. Lee

    How about just employing people based on merit and nothing else?
    Anything else is just BS.

  11. Bruce of Newcastle

    Logically, if better pay is at stake, all five cisgender guys would say they identify as women.
    Thus you’d have five trannies and no diversity.
    Why wouldn’t they? Money is money.
    And if they are married they’d immediately also become lesbians as well, for extra woke cred!

  12. JohnJJJ

    Rules of Evidence 2020, to replace Odgers.
    Parametric modelling of the WOKE:
    A person makes a statement, to what level should you believe that person:
    Male 0.5
    Female 1.2
    Transgender 1.6
    Transitioning 1.8
    Undecided 1.2
    Lesbian 1.5
    Gay Guy 1.3
    The parameter is increased by colour of skin, emotional instability, past family history of victimhood (no proof needed), climate disaster posts on social media.
    It is reduced by: having a family, having any assets, overall honesty and use of archaic terms such as respect, honour, responsibility and trust.

  13. Squirrel

    Wu-flu will almost be worth it if it squashes the economy to the extent that all the workplace gender diversity and inclusion officers (and other such frivolities) have to be sacked, or re-trained to do something which people would actually choose to pay for with their own (remaining) money.

  14. Jannie

    Its simple, “diversity and inclusion” excludes white people. White Women, Gays, and Trans have a very temporary status, and they will be eliminated when diversity is absolute..

  15. Kneel

    the Workplace Gender Equality Agency should change its priority to encouraging forcing more cisgender men to become transgender.


  16. Does anyone remember the girl/woman/indeterminate whatever that wrote into the Cat and mentioned cisgender males etc?
    It wasn’t all that long ago.
    Jeez we larfed!
    Not larfing now.

  17. PoliticoNT

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    So today at work (Department of Defence) in Canberra, a guy in my branch in his 50s was sacked for making a private comment to a colleague that he found the DG’s EA, ‘impatient.’ The EA is like most EA’s – loud, ballsy, good at hussling people. She’s also emotionally unstable. After she heard the comment (the two staffers were being hurried out of a conference room because the DG had to use it for a short warning meeting with one of the seniors) she followed the guy onto the main floor and started demanding an apology at the top of her voice.

    Now, the guy in question is a very experienced project officer. He can be a swarmy smart-arse prone to offering brief feedback points. That is, he has form. But he is very good at his job and is working on the (largely successful) delivery of a complex project. The EA on the other hand is the real problem. Loud, overbearing, constantly leaving our floor for cigarette breaks or coffee breaks or talks with other staff to discuss the myriad of personal issues in her private life. In other words we’ve lost a productive but occasionally irritating individual because our partially effective EA lacks perspective and maturity.

    And because he was male.

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