Coal is not fading away. Not Sorry! Put the coal back into Coalition!

 Jo Nova    China now has half of the worlds coal power fleet

ABC   The world is now shutting down coal plants faster than it’s opening them

Consider this picture without coal and gas! Hint. No hot dinner tonight. Get your generator before the rush! Or move to Tasmania if they will let you in.

Lets put the coal back into Coalition!

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9 Responses to Coal is not fading away. Not Sorry! Put the coal back into Coalition!

  1. Rex Anger

    @ Entropy-

    Given the sheer amount of lead time required to get just the Coalition politicians to overcome their Pavlovian aversion to nuclear power will need a number of new-build coal generators Australia-wide.

    Unlearning the Australian public, even longer.

    The more sensible elements of the Labor Party might be amenable, and even tie for second place with the general public, but the hard-Left Laborites and the Greens and the other lunatic fringe will never, ever come to the party, let alone the table.

  2. Walter Plinge

    My generator all ready gets a reasonable workout but that’s because here in the foothills of the Dandenongs power outages occur regularly. I’m in the process of having a transfer switch installed so I can connect the generator directly to the house circuit. If Victoria runs short on power again (which happened last summer) I’m prepared. Bring it on.

  3. Colonel Bunty Golightly

    Only when the power grid fails terminally and politicians start to get voted out because of it will anything positive be done! The arseholes only react to what they believe will keep getting them elected and at the moment they are convinced green energy is what the electorate wants.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    The interesting thing is the amazing recent backflip from the unions:

    AWU National Secretary Daniel Walton and CFMEU National President Tony Maher (3 Aug)

    The Australian Workers’ Union and the CFMEU Mining & Energy Division call on the Queensland Government to urgently approve Stage 3 of the New Acland Mine, which will save 150 existing full-time jobs and create an additional 700 positions.

    With the economic effects of COVID-19 playing havoc with the state’s economy, and the prospect of more job cuts at New Acland in the near future due to the delay of this project, it is the view of our unions that the Queensland Government can no longer just sit on the sidelines.

    The Premier has the power to act today. She should do so. It is unacceptable for the state government to rely on the excuse that the matter is ‘before the courts.’

    Over the course of the 13 years since New Hope Corporation first began to seek approval of NAC03 there have been four court hearings. New Hope have won three, and the fourth hearing was found to be infected by the apprehension of bias.

    How about that for calisthenics? The CFMEU was opposing Adani only last year.

    Good. Maybe the split between the industrial wing of the ALP, championed by Joel, and the woke wing which most of the others seem to be in, is widening. Albo will be feeling quite wedged I suspect – he’s been noticeably quiet on climate crud lately.

  5. AC

    So Triple J is now a “news” service as well?

    They should stick to playing music

  6. Bronson

    Triple J is a music station? I thought they were a bunch of middle age “bankers” pretending to be edgy yuff.

  7. Herodotus

    Put the coal back into the coalition! I seem to have heard that one before.
    Wot about uranium? The left and the media (birm) have made it so radioactive that it is now hard to have a reasonable conversation about it. Never mind that the majority of places in the world that the effluent left like to go to are happily using nuclear power and have been for a long time, and that it in no way concerns those same people.

  8. Rex Anger

    @ Bronson and AC-

    I tried Triple J once. And it made me grieve for whatever passes for a ‘muzuk’ industry in Australia.

    Seriously, stoners wanking monotonally about going for rides in a ‘Big Jet Plane,’ which somehow won ARIAs; Garage band screamers, ‘artists with not artistic ability, let alone artistry in their productions; ‘Singers’ championed for for their names and the colour of their skin than their actual ability to tell a story or hold a tune; Rampant PC Campaigns such as the Top 100 Hits for Australia Day, while simultaneously demanding the date be changed.

    Utterly painful.

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