Fake news interviews Donald Trump

The interviewer is an Australian as well, Jonathan Swan.

On the return of Axios on HBO, Axios National Political Correspondent, Jonathan Swan, speaks with President Donald Trump about multiple topics including the coronavirus crisis, the Black Lives Matter movement, the November election, and U.S. Foreign Policy in Afghanistan, China, and Russia.

Would not even have known it exists except mentioned to me by someone else. You will not be surprised that the Fake News Networks worked at finding whatever they could criticise. And if you wish to see the supposedly negative instances, these are described as The Five Wildest Moments:

Hardly wild at all. If you see these posts in the context of the full interview, there is nothing whatsoever noteworthy about these moments to single out. I don’t know how the President puts up with it. Must also say that this Swan is a serious jerk. And so shallow that it is an embarrassment. Rude as well.

And you know why you haven’t heard a thing about this interview? It’s because Donald Trump takes the interviewer apart. It also seems to be truncated from what would have been the full interview so Trump must have done even better with the rest of it.

PLUS THIS JUST IN: And this has just been sent to me which is a bit more of the perspective from the left: Trump’s interview debacle sends a warning for the fall campaign.

It is hard to remember an interview in which a sitting President was more unsparingly exposed or seemed so unequal to the magnitude of a crisis that is threatening the American people and is nowhere near ending.

Very few will see the interview but many more will see the reviews and hear the commentary.

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23 Responses to Fake news interviews Donald Trump

  1. Gerry

    I hope his mother didn’t teach Swann those manners ….

  2. Ben

    Jonathan Swan, son of Dr Norman Swan, ABC officianado on everything.


  3. stackja

    Stalin airbrushed. CNN edits.

  4. In the US it is being hyped as supposedly being critical of the late Rep John Lewis, the civil rights her who was buried last week, in a non-social distanced mass affair. Lewis had been outspokenly disdaining of President Trump, refusing to attend the Inauguration and leading boycotts of the annual State of the Union speech.

    Trump is respectful, but also factual, which is apparently not allowed. Much like mentioning George Floyd’s autopsy showed Fentanyl and other drugs in his system. Atlanta’s mayor is almost as beside herself that Trump didn’t stick to the desired narrative as she was when Georgia’s governor began the move to open up the state “without consulting her”.

    Nothing was be allowed to take away from the “twin pandemics” rhetoric that gives the excuse for wholesale transformation in the name of a future of Equity and Resilience. Lewis was actually a big advocate for the Marxist Humanist vision of the future pushed by King’s aide Baynard Rustin. Towards the end of his life, King seems to have embraced it as well.

    Mustn’t allow facts to get in the way of the new mental models all of us serfs are supposed to be developing. Clearly Trump is not on board.

  5. miltonf

    The Sydney Posh private school-ABC-Fairfax nexus again.

  6. Mark M

    It is like the Lempriere – Ross water mark.
    The oldest sea level rise marker on the planet.

    If it was showing any sea-level rise, we would be constantly hearing about it …

    “The `Isle of the Dead’ is not mentioned at all by the IPCC in any of its reports. ”

  7. H B Bear

    The Sydney Posh private school-ABC-Fairfax nexus again.

    Don’t do as I do, do as I say.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    Axios launched with fanfare as a supposedly centrist news site a few years ago.

    They went far-left almost immediately. Which isn’t too surprising I guess since their founders were Politico guys. But that’s how it is these days. I’m fairly sure Mr Swan would regard the ABC as centrist too.

  9. Candy

    J. Swan seems a big Democrat supporter, probably a Greenish elitish private school type.

    Par for course hating anthing Trump says or does interview. J. Swan is carrying quite a few excess kilos though, the camera is not flattering to the young man.

  10. Dave in Marybrook

    Described by Frank Elly on RN as “a car crash interview”. Yeah right, OMG.
    Looks like wee Swan has finetuned his interruptive style at ABC, complete with Cathy Newman interrupting with disbelief, and Hhhhhwwwwgggghghhhhamish McDonald audio interference, even when he can’t form a sentence.

  11. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    The other night on Bolt’s that geriatric embarrassment Bruce Hawker referred to an interview Fatty Trump had with Jonathan Swift.

  12. Sean

    Not a good look for the president to be shuffling papers as it made him look disorganised by the questioner. He should have just memorised a few facts or sat at a desk.

    The real thing to come out of the interview is that the biggest critique they have of the Trump Covid response:

    -positive thinking isn’t helping evil Trump
    -People are dying and not so much in other countries completely different to the US
    -Testing could be improved even if the US is doing the most
    -You held a rally during covid-19

    That’s really weak if you think about it, except for maybe holding a rally with thousands of people which wasn’t required. The federal government can only do so much before the states take over like here in Australia. The media would pretend that if the US was Australia, Morrison was responsible for Andrews losing control in Vic.

  13. Tom

    The only positive thing I’ll say about Jonathan Swan is that he learned from the old hands at the Sydney Morning Herald (before they were shunted out the door) en route to fame and fortune in the USA that’s it’s better for your credibility if you don’t advertise the fact that you’re a rabid lefty smartarse knowall. It least he pretends he isn’t.

    Imagine growing up in that household. Swan just oozes his father’s upper middle class smugness — all paid for by taxpayers who couldn’t afford A-list tax dodgers as accountants.

  14. H B Bear

    ALPBC audition tape.

  15. cuckoo

    And you know why you haven’t heard a thing about this interview?

    It was being featured on Nein news last night as Trump’s “train wreck” interview.

  16. cohenite

    The full interview screen isn’t working.

  17. candy

    Imagine growing up in that household. Swan just oozes his father’s upper middle class smugness —

    J. Swan does not seem to have that vicious streak though a lot of Left journalists have – more like he has learnt a lot of stuff from his parents etc and repeating it, about bad Trump, Trump who wants to go into Middle East and kill folk there, wants to destroy the black people in America, is a bad racist, and hates women.
    I reckon Trump saw him as a child of the Left, nice and certainly not impolite, but just repeating stuff he was told at home or school and never thought it about it much. Just evil racist Trump who should not be president etc etc.

  18. John A

    Spurgeon Monkfish III #3537278, posted on August 6, 2020, at 8:37 am

    The other night on Bolt’s that geriatric embarrassment Bruce Hawker referred to an interview Fatty Trump had with Jonathan Swift.

    Nah, he’s remembering the wrong President. Ronald Reagan might have been interviewed by Jonathan Swift, but not young-ish Mr Trump 🙂

  19. Kneel

    “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.”

    That’s so 20th C!
    It’s now:
    “Never mind what I said before, just do what I say now!”

    That covers a lot more – “mail-in votes are a problem”/”we need everyone to use mail-in votes”, “you can’t bribe people with gov money”/”I made sure he did what I wanted by threatening to withhold aid”, etc etc.
    Much better!
    MSM can be replied on to throw yesterdays quotes into the memory hole for you – providing you’re on the correct side, of course. If not, we’ll see what you may have posted to the internet when you were a minor and use that against you, selectively edit out the “no” and so on. Easy peasy. The plebs will believe it – enough to win, anyway.

  20. Armadillo

    The full interview isn’t available in this country. Why is that?

    It’s something I’ve noticed occurring regularly in the last few days.

  21. Bob in Castlemaine

    Fake news wouldn’t want to risk allowing you to judge “The Five Wildest Moments From Donald Trump’s Interview with Axios” in context, now would they?

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