Former FLOTUS blames Donald Trump for dog of colour

But I’d be remiss to say that part of this depression is also a result of what we’re seeing in terms of the protests, the continued racial unrest, that has plagued this country since its birth. I have to say that waking up to the news, waking up to how this administration has or has not responded, waking up to yet another story of a black man or a black person somehow being dehumanized, or hurt or killed, or falsely accused of something, it is exhausting. And it has led to a weight that I haven’t felt in my life, in a while.”

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31 Responses to Former FLOTUS blames Donald Trump for dog of colour

  1. Michael

    She should try living in Victoria. Wonder what her self diagnosis would be then

  2. Dasher

    And this is the person many want to be President?

  3. mareeS

    Situation normal for moi, which is why I visit the Cats for refreshing distraction from people like her.

  4. Dave in Marybrook

    This bint spent eight years in the white house… organic-ing the garden, doing photo shoots and webinars and My Brave Struggle memoirs.
    But for the Left, it’s all about feels.
    The God Emperor looks scrawny- he’s as close as he has been in the last five years to getting a button done up on his jacket. But he would never cite personal stress or depression, he only expresses empathy for other’s trials, and knuckles down to help. The public know this immediately- it’s a sign of humility and strength, not Mike O’s pride and ennui.

  5. bollux

    It’s not too late for her? to take a crash course in reading instead of emoting, and read some statistics that are unwashed by the MSM. Where are Trump supporters rioting? That would be a good place to start.

  6. thefrollickingmole

    There we have it, identifying as a collective causes Derp-pression.
    You can only be happy as an individual.


  7. H B Bear

    Poor Wookie. It could be worse, her husband could still be in charge in her Mom jeans.

  8. The media always insisted that MO was a ‘powerful’ woman. What happened? Oh, the same as what happened to HRC.

  9. Damon

    “black man or a black person”
    She doesn’t know women can be black?

  10. This is a racist woman. No question about it.

  11. Shy Ted

    She needs to grow a pair. Some say she already has.

  12. Bruce of Newcastle

    That “content of the character” thing is sure showing through in the Obamas lately.

  13. Michelle should ring JCs Suicide Hotline.
    She’ll get great advice on how to invest the $40 million her old man walked out of the Presidency with.
    That will make her happy…

  14. Slim Cognito

    Funny how she was in a position of power for eight years but nothing changed.

  15. Bronson

    FFS her old man was president for 8 years! So she is saying her husbands presidency was a complete disaster and waste of time and nothing has changed. An indictment on her old man or what! Another rich upper class victim.

  16. Scott Osmond

    What is it with the left and mental illness? Is it just victim points or are people of the left more prone to mental fragility? I’ve known people from both the left and right who have a form of mental illness but lefties seem to make up the majority.

  17. Mother Lode

    I take it she is not proud to be an American again.

  18. calli

    She doesn’t feel any of those things. Why should she?

    Privileged, fast-tracked, rich.

    It’s the same type of virtue signalling all the shallow-as-a-saucer celebrities are doing, just with a PoC filter. Utterly predictable and really rather silly.

  19. calli

    All that remains for Michelle is a TikTok dance and her fall from relevance will be complete.

  20. Mother Lode

    I tuned into a meeting a few days ago and they started off talking about one thing and another regarding safety (which includes social justice objectives because contrary opinion is life threatening) and they talked about, without providing specifics, the increase in incidents of racism.

    The only racism I have seen is from the supposed victims. And now it turns out that the event that ignited the black touchpaper was a fiction too.

    I know the guy who said it and I doubt very much that he actually believes it. It is like a sort of camouflage so you can get away with normal stuff right under the noses of robotic corporate virtue signalling.

  21. candy

    She’s exceptionally well off and has a position in life that many would envy.

    If she’s depressed it’s more likely because of a personal issue such as a troubled marriage or excessive boredom with nothing to strive for.

  22. stackja

    MO has BO. This is depressing.

  23. Baysidegal

    Low grade depression??? Nah she’s just low grade

  24. Infidel Tiger King

    Living in a $20mn house in the Hamptons would be taxing for anyone

  25. Dasher

    Compare this woman with …say Maggie Thatcher…then again that would be unfair and racist.

  26. Kneel

    “…waking up to yet another story of a black man or a black person somehow being dehumanized, or hurt or killed, or falsely accused of something, it is exhausting.”

    You think it’s hard reading it? Imagine the poor chump that has to make it up! Good thing for computers, or there would be a lot of vomit-stained paper around… Hey, are computer keyboards vomit proof?

  27. Lee

    You can’t get much more privileged and hypocritical than Michelle Obama, even if she is black.
    Sick of hearing her whining and moaning, unlike the current FLOTUS.

  28. Faye

    She realizes what is coming. The tsunami of spying and weaponization by the intelligence agencies and DOJ against fellow Americans and Candidate Trump and President Trump during Obama’s term as President is about to be exposed.

  29. Mr. Johnson

    Laugh all you want – but stand by for her to be Biden’s running mate. This will allow Barak to also campaign. And then when Biden steps down due to his health, the next madam President.

  30. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From Baysidegal at 11:24 am:

    “Low grade depression??? Nah she’s just low grade”

    Always was, always will be.

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