What they said: Your right to peaceful protesting

Victoria Police June 3, 2020

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said police were respected people’s rights to protest, but would have preferred the action be postponed until after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

He urged those planning to attend to follow public health directions on social distancing to prevent any more coronavirus infections.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said outgoing Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton and his successor Shane Patton had told him they would not be enforcing social distancing fines at the protest because it was “not feasible” given thousands of people may attend.

“That’s a decision that Victoria Police has made,” Mr Andrews said, adding that the decision had not been made by his Police Minister Lisa Neville.

Victoria Police August 6, 2020

Police have slammed the action as a “completely blatant breach” of health orders and warned anyone who attends faces a $1652 fine.

“This selfish behaviour will absolutely not be tolerated. Be assured Victoria Police will be responding and will take appropriate action,” a Victoria Police spokesperson said.

“There will be a highly visible presence in and around the city to ensure the community is complying with Stage Four restrictions.

“We will have no hesitation in issuing $1,652 fines or making arrests on the day, if necessary.”

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25 Responses to What they said: Your right to peaceful protesting

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    BIG test this Saturday.

    About two thousand BLM protesters plan to go and sit on Storey Bridge in Brisbane.
    Queensland plod says they will arrest them all.

    Police say they will arrest Queensland bridge protestors (Nine news tonight)

    Either Ms Palaszczuk does it, or she will be discredited. Election due 31 Oct.
    Get your popcorn ready!

  2. C.L.

    As before, I don’t support the cause but I do support their right to protest and assemble.

  3. Joanna Smythe

    Only 2 thousand protesters. Could we have at least 5,000 please. Peter Dutton is getting Christmas Island ready.

  4. 1735099

    About two thousand BLM protestors

    BofN gets it wrong as usual.
    These planned protests having nothing to do with BLM.
    The issue is indefinite detention.
    It’s a good cause, but taking it to the street now is bonkers.
    And Palaszczuk has strong public support locally for her stand.

  5. Bela Bartok

    It’s not breaking Covid-based rules, it’s breaking the leftist rules that will get you busted.
    “Do nothing wrong [against the Leftist Paradigm] and you have nothing to fear”
    Bump ties in the other thread will no doubt agree…

  6. Steve

    Arbiet Macht Frei

    Did I miss anything?

  7. candy

    These planned protests having nothing to do with BLM.


    Does the reason for the protest, ie either BLM or anti detention, affect how the virus spreads in a mass gathering? You did support BLM protests in Melbourne and Sydney where their quarantining procedures are suspect.

  8. Boambee John

    And Palaszczuk has strong public support locally for her stand.

    Rough translation: the bin chicken and some of his extended famiky support “refugees” as defined by them.

  9. Pedro the Loafer

    Go to bed Numbers.
    The street lights went on ages ago.

  10. Bela Bartok

    Bump ties = numpties

  11. Walter Plinge

    PML was onto this hypocrisy tonight. Thousand of protesters: “As you were. Carry on”. 25o protesters: “We will put the boot in”.

  12. mundi

    LMAO at the guy who says “We have a right assemble”.
    Interesting. I don’t see that right in the either the Australian or the Queensland constitution.
    Anyway I think the reason the police are standing up to this one, it that its obvious they will not get 2,000, they seem to only have about 20 people. If they can disperse people walking toward the area they will probably be able to prevent anything from occuring. Might go out for a ride and check it out for some exercise.

  13. Knuckle Dragger

    I said on another thread, before this one came up that Patton would do well to provide the same latitude to the anti-lockdown protestors as he did the BLM ones. Asked him to ‘choose wisely’ IIRC.

    He chose poorly. Very poorly.

    He, and the rest of them can get fucked.

  14. gafa

    Unless you live in the city, how do you even get there without getting busted….isn’t there some draconian rules about not being more than 5km from your residence for a maximum of 1 hour?
    Need to obtain plans for the underground storm-water drain network, for the infil.

  15. NoFixedAddress


    I think Patton is a limp wrist – $1650 fines!

    I thought it was $10,000 if you are out and about without a work permit.

    Bloody wimp.

    The CCP have shown their Iranian ally what to do – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/aug/05/kylie-moore-gilbert-in-good-health-in-iran-with-access-to-medical-treatment-and-books-dfat-says

    Surely the CCP’s Victorian ally who sold Australia’s major trading port can show a bit of bottle.

  16. Bruce of Newcastle

    Numbers – I concede that you are correct per the Nine news report. Apologies, I should’ve checked more closely. However there is obviously a lot of crossover between the protests. Refugee Solidarity Brisbane / Meanjin, who are one of the organizing groups appears to be linked with Black Lives Matter Meanjin. Especially seeing that BLM here is focused on aboriginal deaths in custody. At very least close cousins, and the issue of aboriginal incarceration is similar. I expect most of the protesters at Brisbane BLM events will likewise turn out for the illegal migrant protest.

  17. John Brumble

    Don’t be weak, Bruce. They are exactly the same people. Not a single extra person will be attending this gathering as opposed to the BLM one, other than those who would have attended the BLM one, but were unable to.
    Having said that, -all- leftist protests in Brisbane are attended by the same people. Some years ago, in a single week, the same groups were protesting logging and the loss of jobs in logging.

  18. Roger

    As before, I don’t support the cause but I do support their right to protest and assemble.

    But not on the Story Bridge.

    And I don’t support indefinite detention; those detained should be repatriated, as the EU quietly does.

  19. Real Deal

    Go to bed Numbers.
    The street lights went on ages ago.

    Gold, Pedro!

  20. duncanm

    Side-track warning:

    Correct me if I’m wrong – there is no such thing as indefinite detention. I understand these particular immigration detainees are free to return to their country of origin at any time (unless there are restrictions at the other end – which I doubt).

  21. Tel

    LMAO at the guy who says “We have a right assemble”.
    Interesting. I don’t see that right in the either the Australian or the Queensland constitution.

    Australians have traditional common law rights of free expression, and freedom of assembly … the heritage of our old Anglo-Saxon law which predates the Queensland Constitution by far.

    That said, it’s never implied the right to hijack a key piece of infrastructure like a bridge or a road. People can assemble in a paddock or open square somewhere, without interfering with other citizens going about their business.

  22. NuThink

    #3538228, posted on August 6, 2020 at 8:38 pm
    As before, I don’t support the cause but I do support their right to protest and assemble.

    I am with Tel on this one. You don’t have the right to restrict others going about their lawful business.

    Having said that I feel that the need to protest by mass gatherings and depriving others of their freedom of movement is a failing of (our) democracy as the concerns of people are not being addressed correctly by the systems in place. Not everyone is keen or able to go out in the streets and demonstrate.

    Something along the lines of Swiss Direct Democracy with its Citizens Initiated Referendum is closer to the ideal than our so called democracy, which has not modernized in any meaningful way.

    In our democracy the wannabee pollies can say what they like (with help from a sympathetic media) come election time and ignore their promises come implementation time (again with help from a sympathetic media) .

  23. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Only 2 thousand protesters. Could we have at least 5,000 please. Peter Dutton is getting Christmas Island ready.

    If even a fifth of the people in Mosquebourne who’d had their lives destroyed by Disasterstan Dan Xi Man turned up there’d be at least 200,000 people (and that’s a very conservative estimate – unlike Syphilis von Spuddentropp, I know basic maths).

  24. Andre

    Regarding the promised protest in Brisbane it purports to be about refugees in detention but its more than that. Firstly the people in the Kangaroo Point Hotel are predominantly male and been found on numerous occasions not to be refugees. The only reason they are not still on Manus island where they can move around freely is because bleeding heart doctors led by ex politician Karyn Phelps said they had medical issues so severe they could not be treated there – but none of them spent any time in hospital getting treatment so obviously not really ill. Once here lawyers and other left supporters placed every possible legal objection against the Minister’s decision to return them to Manus.
    Whatever the protesters say they know the truth of this but they still want to cause trouble for any government on this issue, or BLM or Extinction Rebellion – its all the same rag tag bunch of losers.
    Protesting as a right is one thing but blocking a major bridge and road into a city is not part of it. They have been pulling these stunts over one ’cause or anther for many months a its well past time they spent some meaningful time locked up so they know what that really is.

  25. Perplexed of Brisbane

    If you aren’t aware, the Story Bridge is one of the two major river crossings in Brisbane. Even a minor fender bender can cause traffic havoc for hours after it is cleared away.

    A major accident that has the whole bridge closed results in frantic phone calls from ministers offices to the emergency services to demand it be reopened asap.

    These idiots can go and protest in the park underneath. Their shutting down the bridge requires pre-positioning of emergency service vehicles to be able to maintain response times to Kangaroo Point.

    What is the point of protesting if it costs you nothing? They should be arrested, fined and if convicted, get a record and have their jobseeker, jobkeeper or austudy payments suspended for awhile.

    Let mummy and daddy or grandad Soros pay for them and make sure the fines match the amount of disruption they cause.

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