He’s maybe two weeks away from a watermelon reference

Joe Biden is forced to withdraw an assertion that, unlike Latinos, black Americans are all the same.

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8 Responses to He’s maybe two weeks away from a watermelon reference

  1. Fred says:

    They all look the same.

  2. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Robin Williams criticisng a decromat? Joe was bad even then ,barak america!roosvelt on tv ! Looks like hes been loosing the plot for years

  3. March says:

    Biden will be singing Mississippi mud next… https://youtu.be/v6rLKBcz0FU

  4. Ozman says:

    Rambling Joe Biden, on a new drug but hasn’t got the dosage right. LOL

    Real polling suggests Trump will get 80% of the vote. I heard Victor Davis Hanson say that, to avoid harassment, in California, Hispanic registered Democrats are giving the nod to the fake news pollsters that they are on side, but in reality are going to vote Trump.

    The scenario being projected to play out is dopey Joe Biden has Alzheimer’s or dementia, cannot continue to campaign, and bows out in an effort to evade justice and prison.

    Obama’s ‘shell gets the bell. Hillary is excused (maybe?), losing a second time to Trump is too much to take, but not if there is a ring-in (mail-in vote) election. She’ll think her chances look good.

    Opposed to postal ballots which are requested and registered, the Democrapts want wholesale mail-in ballots, where a ballot is sent to every parrot, budgerigar, dog, cat and rat living at every address, as well as the previous six owners, five of whom are deceased. This is backed up by ballot harvesting, of course, just in case any of the aforementioned forget to vote.

    The confusion surrounding the collection of the ballots lasts for six months. Meanwhile, the Democrat controlled congress is legally entitled to appoint a temporary Acting President until the duly elected president is established. Trump is ousted out of the White House. Hence, the talk about gassing Trump out of the White House.

    What does Trump have to say about this?

    “Do not fear, the storm is coming. You may not be seeing me around for a while.”

    Translated: Big dollars are being offered for my scalp by billionaires and others, who are about to go under if I am still in power after January, 2021. Guantanamo Bay has been upgraded and ready.

  5. Scott Osmond says:

    At this point the pols are meaningless. Given how the terrorism against anyone not of the left has been playing out you would be mad to tell an anonymous caller how you think on any issue. 2016 redux only with more tears and tantrums on election night. The Young Turks coverage as the night went on back in 2016 was a thing of beauty.

  6. Squirrel says:

    This will make the remaining weeks of the campaign such fun, after he has announced which of those “samey” black women is going to run things while he’s having his morning and afternoon naps.

  7. Paul says:

    Hey Man …. this is the cat that took on Corn Pop in his youth at … The Annual Slave State Fair … The Hairiest legs on a man or woman ….. I give you the legendary Joe Biden ….. champion of 63”

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