Not Up There, Cazaly

EXACTLY when did the sportsmen in this country become a bunch of buttock-patting, penis-grabbing queers? (And that is not meant as disrespect to straight-up gay men. They don’t deserve such a description). In Africa, this would have landed both transgressors in the ground. Hugh Riminton deserves major credit for one of the most brutal and unanswerable questions recently asked by a reporter:

If this is horseplay, are all premiership players within Richmond expected to tolerate fingers going up their anuses, or is it just the black players?”

Tigers coach Damien Hardwick will now have a renewed appreciation for Mike Tyson’s brilliant aphorism about every man having a plan  until he gets punched in the mouth.  My only quibble is the oh-so on-song race angle. Would Riminton have asked the question if the dressing-room target was a white man or would he have played it safe lest he be accused of homophobia? Only he could answer that, I guess. All I can say for sure is that when our grandfathers were playing football, they didn’t return to the sheds and molest their teammates for a laugh. This is not something Clive Churchill or Norm Smith did. What went wrong?

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  1. Fred

    Did a finger really go up his anus?

    Looks more like a bit of horseplay. Few bum pats. A bit of how’s your father.

    Funny how everything these days becomes a race issue.

  2. Nick

    Still weird though.
    If it were the Swans, I’d understand

  3. H B Bear

    It’s a change from NRL group s3x while your team mates stand around watching. Nothing gay about that.

  4. C.L.

    It’s not an anti-AFL post.
    It’s kind of asking cultural questions.

  5. H B Bear

    No problem.Team bonding takes many forms.

  6. Are you doing this to me cause I is black, aiiight?

    Always with the racism. .

  7. Davey Boy

    “are all premiership players within Richmond expected to tolerate fingers going up their anuses“

    it’s how things are done in the digital age

  8. H B Bear

    Where’s Heritier Lumumba when you need him?

  9. Andreas

    It was silly horseplay, I don’t think a finger really went up his anus, that is ridiculous. I’ve seen AFL players do this before, including a part-aboriginal player doing it. Weird behaviour, but the media only make an issue out of it when there’s a race angle they can exploit.

  10. Scott Osmond

    Davey Boy, thanks for the laugh.

  11. Andreas

    Damien Hardwick getting the same treatment from one of his players.

    Where were the media, where was Hugh Riminton when this sexual assault occurred?

  12. Michael

    I could be mistaken, but I don’t think Chol is a premiership player

  13. Infidel Tiger King

    It’s weird, but all modern day sports people seem to be fairly homo. The players seem to think all this shit is normal behaviour. Bonding even.

    Riminton is a complete turd of a man.

  14. Ed Case

    The problem goes back to organised children’s sport.
    Sure, most blokes that get involved are great blokes, but there are always a few with dodgy motives.
    Clive Churchill’s and Norm Smith’s day?
    Smith was born in 1915 and Churchill in 1929, so their playing and coaching careers were in different eras.
    Both were driven personalities in a cutthroat business, their players could either do the job required or they were out the door.

  15. Ed Case

    Footy is homoerotic, 2 blokes chase and drag another bloke to the ground and only get off him when a guy in white hot pants blows his whistle.
    Great entertainment, but it’s hard to take seriously.

  16. Struth

    What is it with the club do’s where the players dress as women and put on fashion parades?
    A big laugh had by all.
    Do they still do that shit?

  17. Ed Case

    Have a squiz at the club calendars they sell.
    Men of League?
    The NRL, and probably the AFL ad men appear to be targeting a certain demographic.
    Any self respecting man would refuse to be part of it, yet if it’s in the contract, well, okay.

  18. Boambee John

    Where was Rimington when Hopoate was doing this on field? Probably trying to get into Snot-Destroyer’s knickers?

  19. C.L.

    It was a great question by Rimintin (speaking in journalistic gotcha terms) but the race angle was smart-arsed and unctuous.

  20. Andre

    Too much bonding can lead to fondling?

  21. Cynic of Ayr

    Oh I think it got to that when grown men “work” by “playing.”
    They’re just entertainers, and toss ’em away when they aren’t entertainers anymore.

  22. H B Bear

    A full sleeve tatt should ward off the gay.

  23. Leigh Lowe


    #3539967, posted on August 8, 2020 at 8:54 am

    It was a great question by Rimintin (speaking in journalistic gotcha terms) but the race angle was smart-arsed and unctuous.

    Rimmer-ton totally blew himself up.
    Making an allegation of assault without asking the “victim” if it was “an unwanted advance” or “non-consensual”.

  24. cuckoo

    I read a newspaper column by a local humorist (Keith Dunstan?) at least 30 years ago, suggesting that football be renamed ‘pat-a-bot’, because of the then-current practice of congratulating a teammate for a goal by patting him on the, er, bot.

  25. ACTOldFart

    At least in cricket they bowl the maidens over, not their team mates

  26. Robber Baron

    We need the Chief Health Oberfuhrer to advise if the incident breaches any COVID-19 diktats given he is in charge of everyone.

    Riminton needs to be reminded by Melbourne’s very own Dr Goebbels to “mask up and shut up.”

  27. Robber Baron

    Melbourne’s very own Dr Goebbels

    Neil Mitchell

  28. JC

    Biden Campaign Cancels Trip Upstairs

    The Bee.

  29. Terry

    A ‘diktat’ sounds rather painful.

  30. stackja

    In 1909-20 Cazaly played for St Kilda Football Club, without pay, winning the club’s ‘best and fairest’ award in the last two seasons. In 1921 he transferred to South Melbourne, where he formed ‘The Terrible Trio’ ruck combination with ‘Skeeter’ Fleiter and rover Mark Tandy. Though only 5 ft 11 ins (180 cm) and 12½ stone (79 kg), Cazaly was a brilliant high-mark; he daily practised leaping for a ball suspended from the roof of a shed at his home. He could mark and turn in mid-air, land and in a few strides send forward a long accurate drop-kick or stab-pass. Fleiter’s constant cry ‘Up there Cazaly’ was taken up by the crowds. It entered the Australian idiom, was used by infantrymen in North Africa in World War II, and became part of folk-lore.

  31. Lee

    To his credit, the reporter on the Channel 9 Melbourne News last night also did show a Richmond player grabbing another (white) player’s penis.
    So it wasn’t just a racist case of white footballers only doing it to blacks, as Riminton suggests.

  32. Up The Workers!

    I knew this would happen when A.F.L. footy teams were sent from Dodgy Dan’s Labor Leprosarium, to play in NSW and Chook-Palace land.

    The unsavoury Rugby tactic of Hopoateism has now crept in via the back-door, to the A.F.L.

    Will this offender get 12 weeks for it like Hopoate did back in 2001?

    Given sufficient time, I’m sure that whatever Chol consumed for yesterday’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, would have eventually emerged in the time-honoured fashion without one of his teammates having to excavate for it.

  33. Up The Workers!

    The question seems to be the height of hypocrisy, given that it comes from a virulent Leftard who evidently votes for a Party which includes such highly moralistic specimens of demented humanity as Milton “The Molester” Orkopoulos, M.P., Keith Wright M.P., Bill D’Arcy M.P., Terry Martin M.P., Bob Collins M.P., Andres Puig former A.L.P. Victorian Assistant State Secretary, Kevin “Heiner Affair” Rudd M.P. and Bonking Billy Short-One M.P.

    I just hope that as a fitting punishment, the disgraceful perpetrator is prohibited from washing his offending digit for the next 12 months. That should cause him to be utterly ‘browned off’ the concept of ever re-offending.

  34. The BigBlueCat

    Have people forgotten Jack Dyer and Lou Richards, both (allegedly) exponents of the infamous “squirrel grip” and the finger up the bum to upset their opponents ?? Maybe most Cats are too young.

    Not saying it’s valid, but this sort of thing has been going on for years. Even the left’s tame indigenous Adam Goods was accused of using the grip ….

  35. Squirrel grip
    Change purse
    Hows your father
    A clacker up your packer
    The prostate exam
    The old play the ball
    Coming into the ruck
    Sing the national anthem
    …and that’s just from football.

    It’s a good thing Turkish oil wrestling never really took off.

  36. Lee

    Have people forgotten Jack Dyer and Lou Richards, both (allegedly) exponents of the infamous “squirrel grip” and the finger up the bum to upset their opponents ?? Maybe most Cats are too young.

    A late, much older friend of mine, told me many years ago that one of his friends had, as a footballer had had his balls given a good (or bad) old yanking by Jack Dyer.

  37. jupes

    It was a great question by Rimintin (speaking in journalistic gotcha terms) but the race angle was smart-arsed and unctuous.

    No, it was an utterly ridiculous case of blowing a stupid incident out of all proportion. The race angle was just so the twit could win Outsider’s hyperbowl award.

  38. HT

    Srsly? Why, just why. And “ewww”.

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