But will a socially inclusive contractor manage it?

See source here.

Said Premier Andrews:

“We knew running into this global pandemic that our mental health system wasn’t fit for purpose,”

Fit for purpose ….

Lifeline 13 11 14   Beyond Blue 1300 224 636   1800RESPECT 1800 737 732

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35 Responses to But will a socially inclusive contractor manage it?

  1. stackja

    Mental health patients were moved out of proper care facilities into public housing. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Crazyoldranga

    Stackja, blame Jeff Kennett for that. Then he had the nerve to head up Beyond Blue.

  3. C.L.

    This just published at ABC Online…

    Vic health minister Martin Foley tells the mentally struggling to fuck off:

    Mental Health Minister Martin Foley said the Government wanted to keep people experiencing mental health issues away from emergency departments.

    “Emergency departments are busy at the best of times, particularly now in the height of a pandemic,” he said.

    “We want to make sure that we keep those people who need support for mental illness with the support that they need in the community.”

    Mr Andrews said people failing to follow the rules had contributed to rising case numbers in the state.

  4. pat

    you might require therapy after you see this!

    16m40s to end: Turnbull explains his change of heart. liked Murdoch originally because he was a progressive, small-l liberal. the complaint: Murdoch equals climate denial, pro-Brexit, pro-Trump. Rudd references are equally hilarious.

    VIDEO: 26m30s: 8 Aug: Aljazeera: The Listening Post: Murdoch’s misinformation: COVID-19, China and climate change
    Is Rupert Murdoch’s media empire responsible for spreading deadly misinformation on COVID-19?
    Richard Gizbert/Flo Phillips
    Anne Davies – investigative reporter, The Guardian Australia
    Carl Cameron – former political correspondent, Fox News and founder, Front Page Live
    Anthony Klan – former investigative reporter, The Australian and founder, The Klaxon
    Todd Gitlin – professor of journalism and sociology, Columbia University and Chair of Communications, Columbia University
    David Folkenflik – media correspondent, NPR and author, Murdoch’s World: The Last of the Old Media Empires

    ***Malcolm Turnbull on the Murdoch monopoly
    The Listening Post’s Richard Gizbert speaks to someone who has known Rupert Murdoch for decades and is now one of his most outspoken critics: The former prime minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull.

  5. rickw

    Profoundly stupid and dangerous people in charge.

  6. rickw

    Where is 1800FUCKDAN?

    That would make more Victorians feel better than just about anything.

  7. Chris M

    Sure, they will classify all mask protestors and non-adherents to virus theatre as ‘mentally unwell’ and will disappear them for re-education.

  8. stackja

    #3541457, posted on August 9, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    The whole world was advised this was correct. NSW Richmond Report agreed.
    I don’t know about Victoria, but NSW ALP sold the mental health facilities land to private developers.

  9. JohnJJJ

    I hope they use the new Andrew’s Model of Awarding Contracts. Competitive tendering and getting the best is so time consuming for busy public servants.
    The security contract for quarantined hotels worked a treat.

  10. Frank

    The background text for that image.

    Staying apart keeps us together.

    Straight out of the ministry for truth and not a good slogan to be standing in front of when it comes to commenting about mental health.

  11. Tim Neilson

    Is Rupert Murdoch’s media empire responsible for spreading deadly misinformation on COVID-19?

    All the panellists are from the media bubble.
    No-one with any medical credentials was invited to comment on the actual content of what Rupert’s “media empire” actually said.
    Clown world.

  12. Bruce

    There’s meme / T-shirt slogan cuttently doing the rounds:

    “Make Orwell Fiction Again”.

    Might have to print some of my own.

  13. MACK

    From the I Told You So Department:
    “Mr Foley says the statistics show the need for mental health support has never been greater.
    We’ve seen a 9.5% increase year-on-year for presentations for self-harm in our emergency departments across all age groups. For young people under 18, we’ve seen a 33% increase in presentations for people with self-harm in emergency departments.
    And overall, across all aspects of how mental illness is presented at our emergency departments, we’ve seen a 23.3% increase in people presenting in those acute settings with a mental illness.”

    That’s just Victoria. And when Gigi Foster predicted this on Q&A a couple of months ago, she was shouted down. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.

  14. pat

    reply to Tim Neilson –

    exactly. and it’s not enough to have 99.9% of the world’s MSM in lock-step. it has to be 100%!

    in the Related column on the right:

    Related (right column)
    The Murdoch media: Polluting Australia’s airwaves?
    As bushfires flare, Murdoch’s news empire peddles climate scepticism.

    US coronavirus catastrophe: Who is to blame?
    Mehdi Hasan challenges a Trump campaign surrogate and a Democratic operative over US failure to control the pandemic.

    Statista: Covid deaths per million
    USA #8 (behind Belgium, UK, Peru, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Chile)
    soft lockdown countries:
    Sweden #6
    Japan #91

    9 Aug: Daily Mail: IAN BIRRELL: Why Sweden, pilloried by the whole world for refusing to lock down – with schools staying open and no face mask laws – may be having the last laugh as experts say Stockholm is close to achieving herd immunity
    •Swedish health experts say struggle against pandemic is ‘marathon not a sprint’
    •The country has one of the highest death rates from coronavirus in the world
    •Anders Tegnell’s refusal to impose lockdown is held up by critics as a warning
    •But is it possible the Scandinavian nation made the right call in the long-term?
    The number of deaths, new cases and patients in intensive care has fallen dramatically.
    On one key measure – percentage change in new confirmed cases over the past fortnight relative to the previous 14 days – Sweden is down more than a third.

    This contrasts with sharp rises in neighbouring Denmark, Finland and Norway, along with countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.
    Meanwhile, the latest data suggests Sweden is suffering less severe economic trauma than most major European nations, while it has, almost uniquely among Western countries, kept schools open…
    Prof Ekstrom added that evidence from elsewhere indicated that lockdowns were unsustainable. ‘You go crazy after a while,’ she said…

    It fell 8.6 per cent over the second quarter compared with a 12 per cent fall across the Eurozone. Analysts fear the UK economy may shrink 20 per cent over this period.
    ‘It’s grim by any normal standards but compared with other parts of Europe they have done well,’ said David Oxley, senior Europe analyst at Capital Economics. Sweden’s big exporters are seeing profits decline smaller than anticipated while there are fewer bankruptcies than feared…

    ‘If a business can stay open, it’s clearly better than closing,’ said Esbjorn Lundevall, an analyst at Scandinavian bank SEB.
    He added that keeping schools open provided a significant economic boost…

  15. Papachango

    I have some experience in this procurement caper (though not so much in govt procurement, which is a bureaucratic nightmare but still regularly subject to political overrides such as this security cluster fuck)

    A social procurement strategy is pretty common in both public and private sector organisation. You look at suppliers who are social enterprises or minority groups (especially indigenous-owned*) and fling them a few contracts, you may even have a target for $y or x% of your spend through indigenous suppliers etc.

    But for fucks sake, unless they are also a capable, reputable supplier, you never award them a contract for a good or service that has consequences if they fuck it up. You give them contracts for stationery supply, cleaning, catering etc…


  16. Professor Fred Lenin

    Frank , I loved the Paedo Joe Biden quote “Truth Beats Facts “ ,I wonder if there is anyone in the world who can explain what the demented old crook meant .?
    George Orwell was a Prophet .

  17. Colonel Bunty Golightly

    I worked out the cure for mental illness years ago. Simply sit the wacko in front of you and clearly state the following. “ We all have problems, I have mine and you have yours. You need to learn to deal with your problems because the only people who give a rats arse ( and they actually really couldn’t care less) are people who are paid to listen to you whine and whinge. If people like you ceased to exist we could spend money on things that would help normal people with real problems like cancer For example. You are a drag on society in so many ways so why don’t you do the right thing which is to wake up to yourself you stupid, useless bastard.” Bring on the pile on, I couldn’t care less.

  18. Squirrel

    The tragedies which this belated bandaid will seek to avert (or at least be seen to seek to) are just another part of the terrible toll arising from the craven incompetence and epic negligence of this awful government.

  19. duncanm

    I like your way of thinking, Colonel.

    A shorter version: “Harden the fuck up!”

  20. duncanm

    What’s another $60M tipped into the blue-drips ’employed by the state’ bucket?

  21. Fred

    So our mental health system isn’t up to scratch. I also read elsewhere that our fragmented health system introduced by the Kennett Government can’t cope with a pandemic.

    Who’s been in power for 18 of the last 21 years in Victoria?

    With Dan, it’s always someone else’s fault.

  22. mem

    It will keep the health unions happy. It’s a pity about all the private businesses that Dan and his foot soldiers have crushed. What a mess. Next he will be providing business bankruptcy advice care of our money too. FU Dan.

  23. iain russell

    Mental health issue are self-evident in Victoria and have been for years – they keep voting for The Filth.

  24. Old Lefty

    Lots of PC virtue signalling here:


    But don’t you Catholofascists, Eastern Orthodox or High Anglicans dare go out in search of confession. (I forgot: the Stalinist Hunchback of Spring St has already criminalises that.)

  25. Old Lefty

    Criminalised! Damn autocorrect.

  26. John A

    Said Premier Andrews:

    “We knew running into this global pandemic that our mental health system wasn’t fit for purpose,”


    So all this stuff had been thought through months ago? Planned for, prepared for? All the forms, the extra staff, the procedures, everything?

    You need to resign, Mr Andrews, and your government needs to go to the polls, to be properly thrown out, unceremoniously, and with recourse to all your benefits, super and residual entitlements.

  27. mem

    So all this stuff had been thought through months ago? Planned for, prepared for? All the forms, the extra staff, the procedures, everything?

    I am starting to think, no I agree , the bastards have planned this including a full state of emergency that doesn’t allow anyone to protest.Pol Pot/Kim Jung Dan are all of the same. Victoria is now under full leftist dictatorial regime.

  28. Ozman

    Deceitful Dan take note:

    Fit for purpose

    Democrat NYC Councilman Paul Vallone Credits Hydroxychloroquine with Saving His Life

    Paul Vallone, who represents northeast Queens, took the drug along with a standard Z-pack — given for bacterial infections — and came back from the brink almost immediately.

  29. egg_

    “We knew running into this global pandemic that our mental health system wasn’t fit for purpose,”

    Just like repeatedly running into a brick wall?

  30. Chris M

    Turns out the two Russian ladies assaulted by stasi last week in Melbourne were wearing masks. So it was just a random attack on a soft target to ‘show us your papers’.

  31. rickw

    Turns out the two Russian ladies assaulted by stasi last week in Melbourne were wearing masks. So it was just a random attack on a soft target to ‘show us your papers’.

    More details? Escape the Stasi only to get beaten up by a different Stasi.

  32. wozzup

    I can’t help wondering……………..wouldn’t a better way to fix mental health issues arising from the uncontrolled COVID epidemic in Victoria – caused by government mishandling and incompetence be to fix the uncontrolled COVID epidemic in Victoria though more effective government action. Oh. Hang on we are talking about a Daniel Andrews Labor government.
    Forget I said it………………………………

  33. Kneel

    “We knew running into this global pandemic that our mental health system state government wasn’t fit for purpose,”

    FIFY Dan – no charge.

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