The truth will set you free

And by the way, when did Twitter become the Victorian Parliament?

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  1. MACK

    Desperate Danny’s stormtroopers are getting so savage that there are even complaints from journalists at the Spencer Street Soviet:

    “The rage against Premier Andrews is white-hot in some quarters, particularly among business leaders, who despise him for shutting down the Melbourne economy with little warning and poor communication. But other voters will not hear a word of criticism of the Premier, despite the obvious failure of his government’s quarantine response. There is even a hashtag on Twitter pledging fealty to him: #istandwithdan.

    On Thursday this blind loyalty turned into a mob attack when a journalist who questioned Premier Andrews at a heated press conference was savaged on social media. As is so often the case, particularly if the target is a woman, the abuse was highly personal and nasty.

    The pandemic has suspended many normal rules. It is precisely for this reason the ordinary rules of journalism – relentless questioning, the dogged pursuit of transparency – should be followed even more closely than usual.”

  2. MatrixTransform

    Let the independent judge do her job

    … because ‘retired judge’ doesn’t have the same ring to it

  3. JC

    But, but she’s worked so hard!

  4. Alex

    Yes the truth will set her free when she is released from prison after serving 20 years for multiple manslaughters. Given the situation she could be charged with crimes against humanity.

  5. feelthebern

    Let the independent judge do her job

    Unlike Jenny, who didn’t do hers.

  6. Davey Boy

    As reported by nein news:

    Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos admitted mistakes were made as state officials battled to control COVID-19, during an extraordinary Twitter thread overnight.

    Ms Mikakos apologised for shortcomings in the state government’s response to the pandemic and recognised the widespread community impact while also waxing lyrical about Ancient Greece.

    While she tweeted about putting “every ounce” of her effort into Victoria’s effort to combat the pandemic, she also apologised for faults in the government’s response.

    “Since that fateful day on 25 January, when we had our first-ever case, I’ve worked every day to keep everyone safe. I have put every ounce of energy I’ve had into that effort. If it wasn’t enough, then I’m deeply sorry.”

    Ms Mikakos and other government ministers have been under fire for the botched handling of hotel quarantine which triggered the state’s second wave.

    Last month, she fought back tears in a media conference as she announced more virus deaths.

    In the overnight tweet, she recognised the damaging personal and economic impact the deadly second wave had wrought on Victorians

    “And to our collective frustration we find ourselves in a second wave, like many other parts of the world, this one more deadly than the first. And our collective heartache is enormous for every grieving family, every unemployed worker, every person not coping at home alone.”

    Ms Mikakos began her tweeting at 11.54pm, writing that she had grown up being inspired by Greece’s ancient democratic tradition.

    “A bust of the great Athenian statesman, Pericles, who built the Parthenon and governed during its golden age of educational and cultural achievements, sits proudly in my office,” she wrote.

    Tears, I done my best, and Pericles.
    Jennifer oh Jenny

  7. Walter Plinge

    The truth will likely set Mikakos free. Free of her job.

  8. mem

    If Mikakos and Andrews had done their jobs properly rather than pandering to social justice issues then a lot of old and sick people in care would be alive today. As for the economic consequences that the rest of us will now wear we would have been better of if they had stolen a couple of million each and pissed off overseas. Far less damage.

  9. Michel Lasouris

    Is this the same woman who insulted a respected member of the Medical profession (GP Dr Higgins), was roundly criticised by a majority of Melbourne’s medical practitioners , yet refused to apologize for this unpardonable attack?
    Yes it is she….she’s out of control , just like Andrews.

  10. Roger

    If Mikakos and Andrews had done their jobs properly rather than pandering to social justice issues then a lot of old and sick people in care would be alive today.

    For Socialists people are always merely a means to an end.

    That end is heaven on earth and they’ll take us through hell in their efforts to get there.

  11. cuckoo

    That mask must be cutting off the oxygen supply to her brain. Those ravings make Annaliese Van Diemen sound like the cool voice of Reason.

  12. cuckoo

    The truth will likely set Mikakos free. Free of her job.

    Well done, that man.

  13. BrettW

    I take it from this comment that she think the responsability rests firmly with the Premier.

    “So it pains me to see the incorrect assumption made that somehow I can single-handedly report on the actions of countless individuals and many agencies involved in our pandemic response”.

  14. John64

    The fact that Mikakos’s barely coherent twitter torrent of consciousness and self-reflection was sent out at around midnight on a Friday night tells me that it was inspired by two bottles of sauvignon blanc.

  15. H B Bear

    I wonder how many bottles preceded this revelation?

  16. Megan

    She’s worked incredibly hard at destroying trust and cohesion. Mission accomplished.

    Yet another example of the academically credentialed entirely lacking in the vital skills of good leadership and with zero interest in developing them.

    Like Johanna on the OT, I’ve always been suspicious of the employees seeking to impress by still slaving at their desks hours after everyone’s gone home. That tells me you’re incapable of doing your job in a reasonable timeframe and is a weakness not a strength.

  17. John64

    HBB – great minds think alike. 🙂

  18. Megan

    And a bust of Pericles in her office, FFS. Could one be any more pretentious?

  19. Up The Workers!

    Dodgy Dan the China-Man’s lethal laughing-stock “Health Minister” (with by far the worst performance record of any Health Minister in Australia – with 7,808 cases on her incompetent watch in the Peking-Poxed Labor Leprosarium of Dodgy Danistan, compared with only 300 for the rest of the nation, or to put it another way, Victoria’s performance is more than 26 times worse than the whole rest of the nation combined) says that “The Truth will set you free” – an odd topic for somebody from the Australian Liars’ Party to improbably bloviate on.

    Maybe she meant: “Arbeit Macht Frei” – given that her totalitarian Misgovernment has imprisoned all Christian non-Leftard Victorians in the Labor Leprosarium of Dodgy Danistan for cruel and unusual punishment House arrests, extortionate fines, violent windscreen smashings, and George-Floyd-style neck-kneeling arrests of defenceless suburban housewives whilst letting their own disease-spreading Leftard elites gather by the thousands with typical corrupt Labor impunity.

    If there was any Justice in the world, the truth would put Dodgy Dan and most of his election-cheating thieves and crooks behind bars – but then we only have Labor-appointed monocular Police-Farce Chiefs and Judges, so Justice is about as profoundly unlikely as is responsible, competent decision-making.

    Is the Police officer and the Police Minister going to be stood down and/or prosecuted for the disgraceful manner of arrest of the suburban housewife in Heaths Road in suburban Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, last week whose violent arrest was accomplished by three of Dodgy Dan’s brave violent Blackshirt Revenue-Raisers holding her down on the footpath whilst one of them forcefully knelt on her neck, as was done to George Floyd? The whole thing was video’d on her friends phone.

    Despite what Leftard racist bigots might claim to the contrary, it is not only black lives that matter, but also white lives, brown lives, yellow lives and red lives. Perhaps the more violent of Dodgy Dan’s windscreen-smashing thugs might benefit from being reminded of that fact whilst selectively extorting revenue from defenceless housewives doing solo what 30,000 of Dodgy’s own lawless massed disease-spreading Leftard pals were doing with corrupt Leftard impunity just days before. How many of their windscreens were deliberately smashed by violent, vindictive Labor-appointed Revenue-Raisers?

    A Pox on Labor’s House!

  20. H B Bear

    As Arnie says, “Don’t drink and bahke”.

  21. Roger

    And a bust of Pericles in her office, FFS. Could one be any more pretentious?

    It could be a bust of Napoleon.

  22. Up The Workers!

    If Pericles had any testicles, that chances are that he would never have gone bust in the first place, and ended up in the office of Australia’s most demonstrably incompetent Health Minister.

  23. BrettW

    Found this on a Daily Telegraph article about Unified Security from a couple of weeks ago.

    Spot the major difference between what happened in VIC and NSW. NSW had the cops involved. Not even the VIC Health Minister thought she was in charge. So just who was ?!

    The following comments were provided by Unified Security but were not included in the story:

    Unified Security was contracted by the NSW Government to help the NSW Police enforce the security of the quarantine hotels in Sydney. We have done that very effectively for 15 weeks in close collaboration with NSW Police who had command and control of the operation on site.

    Unified Security were contracted to provide almost identical services to the quarantine hotels in Melbourne from March 29 to July 12.

    Our services in Melbourne were a similar high standard to those we provide in Sydney. In both regions, the overarching responsibility for infection control lay with the lead agencies at the hotels.

    It is confounding that some people continue to inaccurately assert that a company that provided identical security services in two different cities has somehow contributed to significant failures in one city, yet have been 100% successful in the other city.

    Those people need to cease blaming the hard-working guards and security company who have done their very best to provide quality security services in challenging circumstance, and instead spend time analysing those who had primary responsibility for infection control.

  24. Roger

    If Pericles had any testicles, that chances are that he would never have gone bust in the first place

    Died of the plague, he did.

  25. Bronson

    Some ones lost the plot and it’s not Pericles. That rant is a clear sign that she’s not coping or functioning well. For her own mental health she needs to resign now.

  26. John A

    Another twisting of the truths of the Bible.

    The full quote is (John 8:31-32):
    “So He said to the Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    This would be one of the worst governments for abusing Biblical principles – as bad as the Demo_rats in the USA. And all for the sake of power. Such megalomaniacs!

    The only decent response should be Cromwell’s:

    “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

  27. Megan

    And a bust of Pericles in her office, FFS. Could one be any more pretentious?

    It could be a bust of Napoleon

    Or Pericles AND Napoleon.

  28. Pericles was an ‘Elf Minister?

    Amazing stuff!

  29. John64

    I’m sure thar Pericles was sensible enough not to commit his random thoughts to parchment at midnight fter consuming a flagon of Tsipouro.

  30. min

    A bust of Epictetus And a list of his quotes would have been more appropriate .

  31. Bazinga

    Is there any truth to the rumour that any female appointed to a left wing cabinet is just a token to be used as a shield?

  32. min

    BrettW perhaps NSW branch did not sub contract and use untrained unqualified students that were used in a Melbourne that is if the reporting is truthful .

  33. Bazinga

    oh and ones own bust is more pretentious

  34. Wayne Kerr

    The truth will set you free, so close to Work will set you free! Now where have I seen that before?

  35. John A

    John A
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    #3541455, posted on August 9, 2020, at 1:26 pm

    Not complaining but how long will this take? I can see now why but it is an accurate, context-sensitive quote – unlike that of the minister. I don’t think I have ever been moderated before.

  36. min

    I wonder if Andrews goes they will do a Joanne Kirner Mikakos or Neville ?

  37. stackja

    John 8:31-32

    So Jesus said to the Joos who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

  38. stackja

    #3541718, posted on August 9, 2020 at 4:55 pm

    Steve and Jenny”? › nation
    Jun 16, 2020 – Labors national executive has endorsed a motion putting party luminaries Steve Bracks and Jenny Macklin as administrators of the Victorian

  39. yarpos

    Didnt that other mob say “work will set you free”?

    Hard to take Mikakos seriously after that flippant statement in her squeak voice “oh , I guess the virus got in a taxi” as she struggled to understand what was going on with Cedar Meats.

  40. Squirrel

    “Let the cards fall where they may”

    Things must be getting serious when they start wheeling out the old, heavy-duty cliches – we’re obviously beyond the point where “make no apologies for” would be a safe thing to say.

  41. Annie A

    Twitter became the Victorian Parliament when the CHO declared it an unsafe work place. Possibly after Dastardly Dan decided Democracy didn’t deserve deploying…

  42. GD

    It could be a bust of Napoleon.

    Yeah, Napoleon the pig from Animal Farm.

  43. Eyrie

    The truth will set you free,

    It is a Biblical quote, wanker. Also CIA motto.

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