Further demonstrating that the ABC is not really a media organisation but rather a political operation posing as media organisation ….

When it comes to campaigning and running political media operations, the ABC is almost as good as a political party.  Consider this nonsense from the SMHAge:

Maybe Aunty should promote them to replace ABC chair Ita Buttrose and managing director David Anderson, whose failure to reverse cuts of $84 million is forcing the broadcaster to axe up to 250 jobs.

Credit where credit is due.  That the ABC can convince a private media organisation that has been economically decimated by the behaviour of the ABC is impressive of sorts.

But like a good political campaign, never let the facts get in the way of the narrative.

There were no cuts to the ABC, of $84 million or otherwise.  It was a failure to increase.  And please don’t give us the keeping up with inflation nonsense given that inflation was negative last quarter.  OK that’s official inflation and not real inflation before statistical curation, but be that as it may.

And also, these so called 250 job cuts were not forced on the ABC.  That was an ABC decision.  The ABC staff could have taken modest pay cuts, or even declined their pay increases, and that would have saved more than enough to prevent these job cuts.

But this is not about the money or the jobs.  This is about the issue and about power.  About who decides how tax payer funds are allocated – by the ABC or by the Parliament.

Have a look at any ABC current affairs show and their advice to government on how to spend and who to tax.  That’s not journalism.  That’t not Sky after dark.  That’s ABC 24/7.

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8 Responses to ABC of BS

  1. duncanm

    One thing that astounds me, and admittedly its not just the ABC, but they should be at the forefront of this, is there appears to be almost *zero* investigative-type reporting and coverage of the annihilation of many areas of small and medium business.

    Tourism, retail, fast food and entertainment venues, wedding venues, small manufacturing, the list is endless.

    Where’s the coverage of these forgotten, and truly struggling people?

  2. Roger

    Credit where credit is due. That the ABC can convince a private media organisation that has been economically decimated by the behaviour of the ABC is impressive of sorts.

    I don’t think they had to do much convincing, Steve.

    Journalists have been coming out of their cookie cutter courses suitably indoctrinated for years.

    And they all aspire to a gig at the ABC!

  3. Dunc: TheirABC waiting to do these stories in mental health frame rather than lived experience. Then they can spruik for more mental health funding….

  4. Terry

    Most of the productive sectors in the economy have been decimated.

    There is no way to fund the indulgent largesse of superfluous, selfish, public servants other than stealing from subsequent generations (because simply stealing from their fellow contemporary citizens just wasn’t enough).

    There is no way we can continue to be polite about this. Before this “pandemic” there was still an opportunity to slowly, but aggressively, wind back the monumental waste that profligate government and its insidiously expanding bureaucracies have wrought on Australians.

    That opportunity has passed. The surgical precision of the scalpel will necessarily need to give way to the brutally effective force of the sledgehammer.

    “Fair”Work Australia seems like a good place to start. Retrospective legislation removing all of the largesse, the corrupt deep-state has acquired for itself.

  5. H B Bear

    Unfortunately the ALPBC is unlikely to go broke like Fauxfacts.

    It is the dole bludger of the media sector.

  6. Shy Ted

    Luckily ScoMo’s on the job, they won’t last much longer.

  7. Squirrel

    Put them all on Jobkeeper equivalent incomes (‘cos we’re all in this together), and they’ll have enough to hire hundreds of extra fact-checkers, climate alarmists, identity politics warriors, Trump-haters, Brexit-haters, Morrison-haters etc. etc.

  8. Nighthawk the Elder

    Flog it off, give it away or just shut it down. We can’t afford to keep it anymore. It doesn’t present anything unique to the benefit of all, or at least a majority of Australians, it only benefits a handful of inner city elites.

    There is no justification to keep funding it when so many other parts of the economy needs it far more. If the ABC luvvies want it, they can make it a subscription service (go online, it’ll be far cheaper) and pay for it themselves.

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