Pick me. Pick me. Pick me.

Craig Emerson has written a job application in the AFR this morning:

Leading epidemiologists in Australia and overseas have begun expressing optimism that an effective vaccine for COVID-19 might be available by the end of the year. Economic forecasters implicitly have been making the same assumption, continuing to predict a V-shaped recovery as a vaccine is administered on a massive global scale.

But what if they are wrong? A team of leading economists should be working now to map out an economic strategy to respond to a sustained period of rolling lockdowns, followed by reopenings and renewed lockdowns.

Turns out that a team of leading economists has already mapped out a path to recovery.

The authors of Unfreeze spell out the policy settings necessary for the rapid adaptation and market re-coordination that is required to resuscitate the economy. They explain why a return to business as usual is simply not enough to get everyone working again. A period of high growth prosperity will be imperative to deal with the costs of the freeze.

This book tackles the tough questions and fills some of the current void of ideas and thinking about economic recovery. It develops a framework and principles for an institutional re-build, presenting a path to recovery based on the ideas of private governance, permissionless innovation, and entrepreneurial dynamism.

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9 Responses to Pick me. Pick me. Pick me.

  1. But Sinc.

    Treasurer Josh is taking inspiration from Reagan and Thatcher and he is going to “go to the supply side”.

    That can’t have been just rhetoric. He must have surrounded himself and taken counsel from people whose only strategy is NOT just to print money, cut interest rates and spend money the government currently does not have but will take back by force in the future.

    Treasurer Josh said so, so it must be so.

  2. Mark M

    I’ll take my chance with the deploable HCQ, thanks.

    The progressive elitists can load up on Bill Gates -U.N. approved vaccines.

  3. Texas Jack

    He clearly wasn’t hinting at himself, otherwise why propose a “team of leading economists”.

    If it were a job-application he’d have proposed forming a busking troupe.

  4. tgs

    Craig Emerson is a regular columnist in the Fin these days? Thank God I don’t pay for that shit.

  5. Squirrel

    Craig’s a bit too tall to be Nugget 2.0, but that’s clearly where he’s heading.

    As to this –

    “Allowing students with low tertiary entrance scores to go to university would be an inspired policy in this COVID-19 environment.”

    Right now, we need people to do things like picking the crops that locked-out backpackers etc. used to do.

    Concessional access to heavily taxpayer subsidised tertiary education could, for selected courses, be allowed in return for a period of doing jobs that others don’t want to do, in places they don’t want to do them – a form of national service, if you like.

  6. John snowy Bowyer

    FFS they stuffed the whole thing up! None of this was necessary for just another virus like the ones that have assailed us since we climbed down out of the trees.
    They have made this a terrible terrible affliction and are now saying we should let them fix it?
    The Serbs had the right idea attack every parliament and threaten the pollies and see how they like it. Those dead beat, useless oxygen thieves would then run out of the way and let life get back to normal!
    Any argument let me know the last time the politicians stopped increasing their own wealth whilst reducing ours?

  7. Rayvic

    The credibility of epidemiologists is very much open to question, in light of the gross incompetence displayed in forecasting the number of COVID-19 cases and associated deaths, viz. 50,000 to 150,000 deaths in Australia alone. The alarmed reaction by our health bureaucrats was such that governments were coerced into closing down – in effect strangling – economic activity.

    Now, economic forecasters show their gullibility by assuming that an effective vaccine is just around the corner and that, accordingly, there will be a V-shaped economic recovery – and pigs might fly.

  8. Helen

    Yep how about we say go work n the bush for three years and qualify for a discounted university degree?

  9. Mike Ryan

    A vaccine by Xmas?

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