Kamala Harris ‘Meanest, Most Horrible, Most Disrespectful’ Senator

That’s a quote from Donald Trump. It should be a fun three months. All picked up at Lucianne.com.

Donald Trump: Kamala Harris ‘Meanest, Most
Horrible, Most Disrespectful’ Senator
President Donald Trump on Tuesday reacted to the news that former Vice President Joe Biden had selected Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate in 2020.The president criticized Harris for treating his nominee to the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, unfairly during the confirmation hearings. “That was a horrible event,” Trump said. “I thought it was terrible for her, I thought it was terrible for our nation. She was the meanest, most horrible, most disrespectful than anybody in the U.S. Senate.”The president spoke about Harris during a press conference at the White House on Tuesday evening, shortly after the Biden campaign announced his decision.
Kamala Harris an underwhelming
VP pick by Joe Biden
The great Peggy Lee song comes to mind: “Is that all there is?”Sen. ­Kamala Harris checks off two big boxes for 2020 Dems — gender and race. But the moment, if not the actual choice, feels underwhelming because of the amateurish way Joe Biden and his team let the process spin out of control.The drawn-out, overhyped vetting often made it seem as if the running mate would save the ticket. A month ago there were six finalists, then maybe 12.Some openly campaigned, with Stacey Abrams and Karen Bass enlisting supporters to speak to Biden directly. Susan Rice talked up what she saw as her qualifications on television
Kamala Harris’s Final Poll Number
in Home State of California: 7%
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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) emerged as former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate on Tuesday. But her presidential campaign was a disaster: even in her home state, Harris struggled to build support, finishing at 7% in California last year.Harris started slowly in California, only reaching fourth place in the crowded field in June 2019, at 13%. But she soon surged, particularly after the first presidential primary debate in Miami, Florida, when she attacked Biden over his past support for segregationists, and his opposition to mandatory school integration (“busing”).
Flashback–Kamala Harris:
‘I Believe’ Biden Accusers
In April 2019, senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) said she believed the women who said they felt uncomfortable after being touched by former Vice President and presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden.Senator Harris said last year at one of her campaign events that she believed accusers of Joe Biden, according to a report by The Hill.“I believe them and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” said Harris at an April 2019 event in Nevada. Several women had come forward accusing Biden of touching them inappropriately and making them feel uncomfortable.On Tuesday, Biden, who is now the presumptive 2020 Democrat nominee,
15 Democrats Who Lasted Longer
Than Kamala Harris in the Primary
The Democrat’s presumptive nominee Joe Biden named his former primary opponent Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate Tuesday, despite her notoriously poor performance in the 2020 primaries.The California Democrat launched her presidential campaign in January 2019 with great fanfare. But despite the fawning media coverage hailing her as the “frontrunner” and the “candidate to beat,” Harris’ campaign crashed and burned two months before a single vote was cast.The following 15 Democrat candidates all lasted longer than Harris.
Joe Biden Reads from Script While
Talking to Kamala Harris on Zoom
Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to have a script before him during a video call via Zoom with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who was selected by his campaign to be his running mate on Tuesday. One America News’s Jack Posobiec made the observation on Twitter while sharing a photo released by Adam Schultz, the photographer for Biden’s presidential campaign.Schultz photographed Biden during a video call with Harris, describing the image as capturing the moment Biden advised Harris of her selection. “[Joe Biden] picks [Kamala Harris] for VP at his home in Delaware today over zoom,”
Flashback to when media did its job,
exposed Biden for blatantly lying about
his law school days
A video montage tweeted by actor James Woods on Monday features then-Sen. Joe Biden bragging that he was tops in his law school class followed by clips of subsequent media reports debunking his claims.In the first clip, Biden is heard variously claiming during what appears to be a press conference that he attended law school “on a full academic scholarship,” that he was the only one in law school to have a full ride, and wound up in the top half of his class.“I was the outstanding student in the political science department at the end of my year,” Biden continued. (Tweet/Video) “I graduated with three degrees”
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15 Responses to Kamala Harris ‘Meanest, Most Horrible, Most Disrespectful’ Senator

  1. bemused says:

    I’m sorry, but if the latest SJW ideologue is anything to go by, Harris is not black:


  2. Chris M says:


    Joe needs someone to tow or push his wheelchair. Apparently she must smell sweet too.

  3. stackja says:

    And USA MSM will forget all the negatives about KH.

  4. Roger says:

    And USA MSM will forget all the negatives about KH.

    Voters outside of east and west coast liberal enclaves won’t.

    And neither will the far left Democrats at all points in between.

  5. Catfeesh? says:

    Kamala helps Joe stand up a bit straighter

  6. flyingduk says:

    So, it’s Trump or Harris for Prez?

  7. Hodor says:

    I read Breitbart too.

    I can’t wait for the identity shaming to come from the great man’s machine.
    Don’t put me in with IamtheBlokeOfaThousandNames, I hope Trump shits in.

    As on older Australian I cannot imagine a government run by the likes of Pisstloosley, Schittforbrains and Schlummer , not to mention the baby killers and …… aah fuck me I think I’ll move. Not to Iowa like knees open cameltoe,,,,,,, just off earth.

    Hanrahan was right!

  8. The Sheriff says:

    A campaign built on incontinence pads and knee pads is doomed to fail.

  9. BrettW says:

    Ben Shapiro comment when discussing Kamala Harris.

    Biden needs to get a food taster.

  10. Al says:

    More interesting… who will be Harris’s VP? Pretty sure that Biden will not be on the ticket come Nov.

  11. Nob says:

    I think I’d rather see Kamala president than Biden.

  12. Oh come on says:

    Kamala is the worst choice of the VP contenders. She brings nothing but drawbacks to the ticket. They needed someone who could run as the surrogate President. She has no appeal, no potential loyal base. She’s got no charisma. Her background is totally at odds with the prevailing winds within the Democratic Party. Biden’s carers should have gone bold, not safe.

  13. Patty Duke says:

    I wonder how it feels to know that you have been chosen because of your race and for your gender, not your ability?

  14. John A says:

    Patty Duke #3546619, posted on August 13, 2020, at 4:12 pm

    I wonder how it feels to know that you have been chosen because of your race and for your gender, not your ability?

    But the identity stuff is all about the ability being embedded in whatever the factor – race, colour, gender etc. Once that factor is established, the ability to “do the job” is assumed to be there.

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