Sunday driving in Minneapolis

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  1. C.L.

    F. M.
    A city literally destroyed by Democrats – but the media didn’t notice any connection.

  2. Lee

    Vote Democrat, this is what you get.
    Looks like a war zone.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    Chicago getting the treatment today. And Portland, again.

    Dem Chicago Alderman: City Is ‘in Total Unrest’ and Mayor Has Lost Control (11 Aug)

    Mayor Lightfoot is too busy to deal with riots though.

    Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Accuses Maskless Beachgoers of ‘Reckless Behavior’ (10 Aug)

    Recklessly not stealing widescreen TVs and shoes.

  4. yarpos

    It does have a certain post apocalyptic glow. One can only guess what will happen when Trump steamrolls Biden come November. I expect something like civil war in some cities. I used to think that was hyperbole but i beleive it now. In the US right now it is hard to buy popular calibre ammo like 9mm or 5.56. Absent from shelves and out of stock online.

  5. stackja

    Controversial Bronx judge releases alleged [email protected] without bail
    By Rebecca Rosenberg August 10, 2020 | 4:50pm

    Prosecutors asked for $20,000 bail at his arraignment July 14 on eight felony counts of [email protected], criminal sexual act and other raps — but Bronx Criminal Court Judge Jeanine Johnson released Ayala on his own recognizance.

    Critics said Wright flexed his political muscle in 2018 to get Johnson elected to the bench. She ran on the Democratic ticket unopposed and bypassed a screening process that most potential jurists submit to. “There was a selection panel of one person, Keith Wright,” Manhattan Democrat Alan Flacks told The Post. “And no one was allowed to run against her.”

  6. Judge Dredd

    How’s that diversity going now?

  7. stackja

    Akismet upset by Dems?

  8. Zyconoclast

    Why not direct the blame where it actually belong?
    Actual rioters and actual looters.

  9. wal1957

    Nothing to see here, move along people.

    Welcome to worse than 3rd world conditions courtest USA dumbocrats

  10. Exit Stage Right

    The result of a mostly peaceful protests.
    Thank God (or your choice of deities) that the USA is a first world country.

  11. Lee

    It seems that certain Democrat governors and mayors would rather look weak, indecisive, and condoning of looting, vandalism and arson, so long as it makes (in their opinion) PDT look bad. Instead, it’s a massive own goal by the Dems.
    From here, the Democrat party looks like the party of lawlessness, mayhem and disorder.

  12. Bruce of Newcastle

    Pretty amazing numbers.

    Escape From New York: Wealthy Residents Flee In Droves As The City Degenerates Into A Hellhole (11 Aug)

    According to the New York Times, there was a mass exodus of 420,000 New Yorkers between March 1st and May 1st…

    Roughly 5 percent of residents — or about 420,000 people — left the city between March 1 and May 1. In the city’s very wealthiest blocks, in neighborhoods like the Upper East Side, the West Village, SoHo and Brooklyn Heights, residential population decreased by 40 percent or more, while the rest of the city saw comparably modest changes.

    Can you imagine 40 percent of your neighborhood leaving in just two months?

    When Amercians decide to get out of Dodge they really do get out of Dodge.

  13. Lee

    Pretty amazing numbers.

    Escape From New York: Wealthy Residents Flee In Droves As The City Degenerates Into A Hellhole (11 Aug)

    Dollars to donuts, most of them vote in Democrat governors and mayors.

  14. Chris M

    It’s like Beirut but with graffiti. Coming soon to Melbourne.

  15. Professor Fred Lenin

    It will all be resolved when Paedo Joe and the persecutor of color win ,the decromats will stop it all, their crimes will be covered up and they will avoid jail , then back to normal committing new thefts and crimes , ,obscured by the swamp and the media branch of the decromat party . The party owners will heave a sigh of relief when Trump , Barr and other honest people are removed from power .
    Business as usual comrades .

  16. H B Bear

    When Amercians decide to get out of Dodge they really do get out of Dodge.

    Do they get a five or six figure Stamp Duty bill for the privilege?

  17. Robbo

    Makes Beirut look like Toorak. I assume property prices there have dropped a tad or two.

  18. Pedro the Loafer

    How close is the US to a shooting war?

  19. Rafe Champion

    Beirut with graffiti you can read (sort of).

  20. Pedro the Loafer:

    How close is the US to a shooting war?

    Damn fine question.
    It’s becoming fairly clear that it’s open season on white people. The media is covering up a lot of the killing but they cannot keep the pressure on because while twenty years ago this would work to stop the retaliation, the open season is becoming quite obvious. And so is the cover up with the narrative.
    Give it a month and a spark, and you’ll see the push back.
    Mid September – that’s a bet, not a hope.

  21. nb

    Fortunately armed American citizens are too sensible to take the bait, because nothing would please China, Biden, NYT, swathes of Democrats, academics, and others in the pay of China, than civil war in the USA.
    It is an interesting strategy, to try to win hearts and minds by destroying pretty much everything.

  22. Lily

    The Dems won Minneapolis by a swing of 1.5%. Have read many blacks pleading to have this stop, but their voices are going unheard. Calls to police have skyrocketed, and one poll stated elsewhere, where they are rioting, most do not want to defund police. My guess is this will backfire on the Dems in Minneapolis. Btw, Sportsbet paying $4.50 for a Republican win.

  23. Iampeter

    That’s a quote from Donald Trump. It should be a fun three months. All picked up at

    Which makes it even funnier than just a Trump supporter alone trying to take this line of argument.

  24. wozzup

    Kamala Harris ‘Meanest, Most Horrible, Most Disrespectful’ Senator

    So in essence, what you are basically saying is that she is a model leader for the modern Democrats. She should do well amongst those folks then: She is black a woman, and is a totally irresponsible, dishonest, unrestrained, opportunistic bitch, to boot. They will love her.
    How do I know – well, because they have “form” – they loved Hillary – and for much the same reasons. Except for her not being black (she made up for that though in her other “qualities” that the Democrats love.

  25. Riversutra

    This clip is probably from appox 28th May……now, it’s fake news to run this without dating it. MSM is totally stuffed so coming to sites like this, you hope for better. This kind of posting just to get a reaction is poor service indeed. Up your game.
    Also thanks Yarpos for your post, it is very interesting about the ammo shortage in the USA. A quick Google of -Ammo shortage USA – was Very interesting, especially articles from the gun mags.

  26. Dasher

    Glad to see the non violent protests have done little or no damage…..if Americans vote in Democrats after this they deserve what they get.

  27. That video was from a couple of months ago when the local authorities wanted to re-enact Lord of the Flies.
    They have since asked the feds to help and it has been mostly quiet.

    As for what’s happening in New York, there is a specific strategy employed by Mayor DeBlasio at the urging of his backers.
    Damage the city to an extent that wealthy people flee (for now), property prices plummet so that DeBlasio’s backers can swoop in and buy up at cents on the dollar in the Worlds most sought after property market.
    There are $Billions to be made.

  28. Lee

    I wouldn’t put it past the Democrats and their mates for one minute, Baa Humbug.

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