New York Times cites Russia for creditably accurate reporting

“Disinformation” now means messing with the US media’s orchestrated censorship of reality:

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9 Responses to New York Times cites Russia for creditably accurate reporting

  1. Leo G

    Obvious fake news- there is no evidence the multiple bibles were properly stacked, nor that the flags burnt complied with Executive Order 10834 and could be officially designed as US flags.
    It’s possible the burning stack was mostly copies of the New York Times.

  2. I now would believe Russian media any day over US, UK or Australian media. In fact I think I’d believe Al Jazeera news over the latter.

  3. Professor Fred Lenin

    The decromat mantra ,back to Shagger Kennedys days , “ Them Goddam Rooski Kammies ! Chinese ? What they got to do with it ? its the Goddam Rooskis Man “ . Marxism is not known for creative thinking is it ?
    When Soros told Paedo Joe Harris was his running mate ,Joe said “ caramel ? I love caramel ice cream ! Wheres mine Mommy ? “

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    Were any Koran’s burnt?
    I thought these people liked equality.
    It’s a mystery!

  5. jupes

    And here was I thinking that the Russia Collusion Hoax was dead. Seems it’s a zombie.

  6. billie

    korans burnt?

    no, there would be consequences, nasty consequencies

    better to burn what is safe

  7. Nob

    The Portland video represents the Russian disinformation strategy at its most successful. Take a small but potentially inflammatory incident, blow it out of proportion and let others on the political fringes in the United States or Canada or Europe spread it.

    There is no doubt the Russians do that. They’ve been doing it for years , promoting anti-fracking for example.
    Mostly in support of left wing causes but they don’t really care.

    But it also resembles the NYT disinformation strategy, no?

  8. H B Bear

    Ironically Russian media is probably the only one on your side.

  9. PB

    The (((Oligarchs))) never really got over Putin taking their toys off them after the Yeltsin disaster ended, so they pull out their best media assets (that they totally don’t control…really) and go at him every chance they get.

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