Jack Cashill is an author you must read

The interview is with Jack Cashill, an author I read everything that he writes, both his books and every post he puts together, usually at The American Thinker. This is his website: cashill.com. Let me here discuss his latest book. Turns out that Obama is no better at writing than he was at governing. A fantastic fraud in every way, which the left insisted on electing and then re-electing. The same effort is now being made with another fraud, Kamala Harris, this time hopefully with less success. Choosing political leaders according to the colour of their skin is a very very stupid idea.

And that Obama could not write is no minor issue since he was elected more or less on his autobiography, supposedly personally detailed in his Dreams from My Father. The man who exposed all of this was Jack Cashill in his Deconstructing Obama.

How did Barack Obama, a man who had previously written little else, suddenly pen what Time magazine calls “the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician”? Here, in Deconstructing Obama, political scholar and author Jack Cashill analyzes and pieces together Obama’s statements about his life to get at the truth behind the man.

Cashill’s “eureka” moment came when he realized that the structure of Dreams of My Father loosely mirrors that of Homer’s Odyssey. From the moment of that revelation, Cashill researched, read, and examined interviews, writings, and statements about the President’s life story, focusing especially on a poem written when Obama was nineteen. According to the facts, in conjunction with Obama’s statements and writings, Cashill’s conclusion is that the stories don’t add up—and for the nearly 2 million people who read and accepted the story about Obama’s life—the truth is that it may be more myth than history.

That is putting it mildly. With Obama, there is no there there. Cashill has returned to the scene of Obama’s literary crime of the century discussing the memoir Obama is owed to his publisher, now at least three years late. This one even involves Donald Trump who apparently had seen through Obama’s literary pretensions right from the start: Why the Media Chose Not to Hear When Trump Called Obama a Literary Fraud. Here are the last paras, but read it all since it’s short.

The media wanted nothing to do with the idea that Ayers was Obama’s muse, no matter who made the claim.  At least fifty publications reviewed [Donald Trump’s] book, and not a one mentioned the six pages he spent on the book’s most newsworthy revelation.

Relentless Obama-defender Chris Matthews interviewed Andersen on MSNBC’s Hardball and did not address the authorship issue. Said Matthews at the end of the interview, “You’re amazing, successful guy.  You have a winning streak here.”  If Matthews did not read the book, which is likely, someone on his staff surely must have but chose not to notice the damning Ayers revelation.

To accuse Obama of being a literary fraud opens one up to the charge of racism. This I can verify from experience. There is only one reason, then, that the mainstream media passed on the opportunity to call out Trump: the deep-seated fear that he was right.

Trump was right. If you count on the media to understand what is going on, you will hardly know a thing about the times in which you live.

I also wrote to Cashill in 2012 in which I discusses something else I learned from reading his book:

For what it’s worth, your Deconstructing Obama was the only book I ever read on Kindle which cured me for life since you cannot go back to find annotated passages the way you can with a book.

But in which every way you can, I could not recommend reading Jack Cashill more. He gets to the heart of so much that others just leave behind and provides insights you will find nowhere else.

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5 Responses to Jack Cashill is an author you must read

  1. billie

    Bill Clinton famously called Obama, the Magic Negroni? (did I get that correct?)

    he was held in contempt by the old guard of the democrats,but, like Richo says, ‘”whatever it takes”

  2. Mother Lode

    It never crossed my mind, not even for a moment, that Obama was gifted as a writer.

    I had assumed it would be a wretched tome filled with pompous speeches, hagiography, and audacious re-imagining of events and people. Merely that Obama fans would be too stupid to see it as such.

    They really did a ludicrous job building Obama’s image. He was
    Erudite (he was a law professor, you know. And wrote books)
    The living embodiment of oratorical craft
    Sporty and cool (Look, he put his feet on the Resolution Desk! And see him ride a bike)
    Unconstrained by convention (they are digging a vegetable patch at the White House. And look, he pops into ice cream parlours)
    Sartorially chameleon with perfectly fitted Tom Ford suits yet as much at home in jeans and sneakers
    Father of an adoring family with the two girls, a female parent unit, and even a little dog
    and a man of semi-divine destiny (remember all those photos framed so lights or backgrounds looked like halos?).

    Oh, and they were kind of keen to make Barry and Michelle like the JFK and Jackie.

    It was kind of funny.

  3. lotocoti

    What are the odds Bronco Bama will win a third Emmy?

  4. nb

    ‘If you count on the media to understand what is going on, you will hardly know a thing about the times in which you live.’
    As with Obama’s biography, it is all just a script. Fantasy all round, but one full of adventure, excitement, tragedy, written for children.

  5. Rayvic

    “Trump was right. If you count on the media to understand what is going on, you will hardly know a thing about the times in which you live.”

    Trump’s challenge in the next 3 months is to widely expose what the MSM is hiding under the carpet: Biden’s failing memory and Kamala Harris’ extreme left views.

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