Open Forum: August 15, 2020

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  1. Leigh Lowe

    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    #3551724, posted on August 18, 2020 at 9:14 pm

    Struth, get a load of the great poster now coming out via undercover stealth in Danistan as a people’s uprising against Hitler Dan. The pussycats are rising up.

    Anti Dan Kung Flu posters have popped up regularly.

    The last one I saw before we fled LockDan for the grazing property was on the Swan St rail underpass, which is the heart of inner city ALP territory.
    References to an improper sexual relationship between Dan and Xi.

  2. t Tim Minchi

    Hehe, y’all stuck with the wanker now!!

  3. Bar Beach Swimmer

    The only protein we’ve had since Friday has been toenail clippings

    That disappoints me greatly. Where’s your hunting spirit? You’ve got this great big, slow moving dill down there who, every day, at the same time, emerges from his bunker. So off you go, get your blunderbuss out like Elmer Fudd, we’re hunting Dans!😁

  4. Armadillo

    It’s betting SlowJoe will NOT be the next President.

    I see. Strange way to frame a bet. Generally a “non starter” would see a zip return.

  5. cohenite

    nicholas reece should be bashed. I’m not advocating violence.

  6. Leigh Lowe

    Speaking of Hitler.
    Netflix show on his surviving relatives after WW2.
    Nephew William Patrick Hitler.
    Changed his name to Stuart-Houston.
    Had four sons … Alexander Adolf (b. 1949), Louis (b. 1951), Howard Ronald (1957–1989), and Brian William (b. 1965).
    Anyway the point is this.
    There is no first name you can put with Hitler without pissing yourself laughing.
    Brian Hitler.
    Howard Hitler.
    Chappelle Hitler.
    Graham Hitler.
    Steve Hitler.


  7. Leigh Lowe

    So off you go, get your blunderbuss out like Elmer Fudd, we’re hunting Dans!

    Sooner eat raw canetoad.

  8. Leigh Lowe


    #3551728, posted on August 18, 2020 at 9:18 pm

    Leigh will always drive a Camry.
    Low energy

    An outrageous slur!!!
    Withdraw sir!

  9. Some History

    There is no first name you can put with Hitler without pissing yourself laughing.
    Brian Hitler.
    Howard Hitler.
    Chappelle Hitler.
    Graham Hitler.
    Steve Hitler.

    Kyle Hitler

  10. Knuckle Dragger

    ‘Leigh will always drive a Camry’

    Bloody hell. Fighting words on a Tuesday eve.

    No, hang on. Wait wait. All clear, and carry on. I thought Gunner said Camira.

  11. thefrollickingmole

    So WA is to be punished for not being vile, filthy, filthy, depraved guys fritters by getting a mascara wearing balding flog sent to us?
    You Petri dish states fight dirty don’t ya?

  12. 132andBush

    Forced to have at least 10 days off so have been sifting through youtube a fair bit.

    Came across this series, Tornado Chasers.

    I think the reason I got hooked is there is non of that bullshit, dramatic style commentary. It’s just cameras going out with the stormchasers and as far as I can tell there’s no confected emergencies or drama.

    You’ll either love or hate the bloke who “runs” the whole show.
    New to me anyway.

  13. Knuckle Dragger

    Daniel Hitler.
    Joe Hitler.

    Barry Hitler.

  14. Leigh Lowe

    Shane and Simone Hitler.

  15. Tel

    Great to know the Perth Royal Show has been cancelled but Tim Minchin and his family have been granted an exemption to enter WA.

    Friend of mine’s dad died over east recently and she was stuck here unable to attend the funeral.

    This recent episode has certainly separated the privileged people from the regular folks. If such stooges were not valuable to the ruling classes they would not be given priority … first rule of economics, always look at what is done … do not look at what is spoken about.

  16. mh

    Tim stop being a fool and watch the damn documentary in it’s entirety.

    Dot, is this referring to Tim Pool?

  17. Leigh Lowe

    Ahem …
    Sinclair Hitler.

  18. cohenite

    In other fucked news:

    The most revolting news item of the week comes from Maine, where, according to the Washington Free Beacon, “Democratic Senate candidate Sara Gideon repeatedly killed bills to outlaw female genital mutilation during her tenure as the speaker of the Maine House of Representatives.” In amassing this shameful record, Sara Gideon has become Exhibit A of everything that is wrong about identity politics, the Democratic Party, and the Left in general.

    The Free Beacon notes that Gideon’s determination to enable the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is abundantly established. She “leveraged her leadership position in the Democrat-controlled legislature to kill two separate bills that would have criminalized the practice of severing the clitoris of infant girls and sewing their vaginas shut.”

    Why on earth would Gideon do something as heinous as this? The answer is simple and predictable: “Under Gideon’s leadership, Maine Democrats argued that the bill was racist toward the state’s large immigrant community from Somalia, a country where the practice is ‘nearly universal’ according to the United Nations.”

    Other choice items from the world of RoP and it’s quisling supporters:

    Turkey: Ruling party discussing annulment of law combating violence against women

    Delaware: Hamas-linked CAIR sues state detention center over safety-related hijab prohibition

  19. Leigh Lowe

    TE, your story about the bloke dumping the truckload of manure.
    Not a first.
    A disgruntled Richmond supporter a few years back unloaded a tipper load of chicken shit outside the front doors of Punt Road.

  20. mh

    #3551726, posted on August 18, 2020 at 9:17 pm
    Millie Weaver, mum of 2, revolutionary.
    I bet she can’t even fire a gun.
    Dangerous though.
    You go, girl!


  21. Knuckle Dragger

    Bradley John Hitler.

  22. thefrollickingmole

    Gough Hitler
    Malcolm Hitler
    John Hitler
    Kevin Hitler
    Julia Hitler
    Tony Hitler
    Adolph Morrison

  23. Leigh Lowe

    Mavis Hitler.
    Seamus Hitler.
    Gary Hitler.
    Very few work.

  24. thefrollickingmole

    Missed Bob and Paul Hitler there

  25. Knuckle Dragger

    Clive Hitler.

    Joh Bjelke-Hitler.

  26. thefrollickingmole

    I think the theory is proven. Nearly everything is more funny with added Hitler.

    Yhitzak Hitler
    Jesus Hitler
    Ceaser Augustus Hitler

  27. Leigh Lowe


    #3551758, posted on August 18, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    Missed Bob and Paul Hitler there

    Aaargh … ya know … we coulda gone for a thousand bloody years if …. aaaaarrr …. Paul hadn’t got so bloody greedy.

  28. Top Ender

    Genghis Hitler

    Alexander the Hitler

    Mao Tse Hitler

    Charles de Hitler

    Spike Hitler – my part in his downfall

  29. feelthebern

    What qualifications does Michelle Obama have to lecture America ?

    Her big black cock ?

  30. Leigh Lowe

    Mike and Mal Hitler.

  31. Leigh Lowe

    A duet featuring Kenny Hitler and Dolly Hitler.

  32. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Nephew William Patrick Hitler.

    Served United States Navy during the Second World War – awarded a Purple Heart.

  33. Leigh Lowe

    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    #3551772, posted on August 18, 2020 at 9:58 pm

    Nephew William Patrick Hitler.

    Served United States Navy during the Second World War – awarded a Purple Heart.

    And the Ironic Cross.

  34. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    From dover_beach at 9:56 pm:

    “The finale to today’s DNC convention. Just bizarre.”

    Is that Jussie singing, or Bubba, or both?

  35. Tel

    The most revolting news item of the week comes from Maine, where, according to the Washington Free Beacon, “Democratic Senate candidate Sara Gideon repeatedly killed bills to outlaw female genital mutilation during her tenure as the speaker of the Maine House of Representatives.” In amassing this shameful record, Sara Gideon has become Exhibit A of everything that is wrong about identity politics, the Democratic Party, and the Left in general.

    Surely it’s already illegal under normal child protection laws?!? How could it not be?

  36. Ally

    Hi Struth, I’m from Victoria and appreciate your comments. I’m glad you spoke out about the Logistics thing when you did. Industry associations in Vic did the same.

  37. notafan

    Heil Hilter

    Yes Heil is a name

    Short for Heilker

  38. Tel

    What makes you guys believe the Hitler family would only produce male offspring?

    Weird people round here … can’t explain it.

  39. Top Ender

    The dangerous consequences of putting race first


    In this unusual summer of love, our new rulers — those tolerant folk who now control the physically decaying streets of major cities alongside the intellectually decomposing common rooms and newsrooms of many universities and media companies — have instructed Americans to work on developing their race-awareness.

    If you haven’t yet checked your white privilege, identified the roots of your own oppression or made valiant efforts to ensure that Black and Brown Americans are given proper lexicological distinction over white Americans, then you haven’t been paying attention. For a diverse nation that has strived, not always successfully, to make a reality of the ideal of “E pluribus unum,” the risks of fragmentation from such an explicit call to ethnic self-consciousness are stark.

    To invite Americans to place such emphasis on race and the various grievances and privileges that flow from it is to sow division as effectively as any racist trope about immigrants or minorities.

    The Kamala factor

    Kamala Harris, who may soon be president-regent in the administration of a visibly deteriorating Joe Biden, has been a talented exponent of this identity-first politics. You’ll recall how just last year she rounded on Mr Biden in a Democratic debate, accusing him of having spent much of his career befriending racists and pursuing policies that were designed to hurt people like her.

    It’s promising that Ms Harris has evidently now found it in her heart to forgive Mr Biden, thereby offering a shining example to us all that conciliation rather than confrontation is the way to go.

    Only a cynic would suggest her motives stem from anything other than a belated and welcome recognition of the power of togetherness.

    In sidelining the many economic, sociological, behavioural and other factors that contribute to inequality, the narrow focus on race risks exciting unreasonable expectations about what can be achieved through race-based measures.

    It’s more complex than race

    And in ascribing inequality to discrimination and oppression, rather than a complex array of factors (of which discrimination is surely one), the activists will produce results that will do nothing to further the ideal of equality.

    We didn’t have to wait long for evidence of how this would play out in practice.

    Last week the Justice Department made legally explicit what everyone has known for a long time: that Asian-Americans especially, but also whites, are discriminated against by the nation’s top universities.

    The department is threatening to sue Yale over its admissions practices. It seems that the university founded by one of the most viciously cruel 17th-century slave owners has been trying to expiate its original sin in part by favouring candidates from certain ethnic backgrounds over those from others.

    If you believe Yale and its ideological soulmates in the media, the case is wholly without merit. In a masterful piece of wilful self-deception, the journalistic equivalent of putting a telescope to a blind eye, the New York Times last week suggested there was no discrimination:

    “The Trump administration’s charge that the university discriminates against Asian-American applicants was disputed by many Asian-American students.”

    The evidence for the claim that there is no discrimination was — stay with me here — Asian-American students who had been successful in their applications to Yale.

    The inconvenient testimony of the many more Asian-American students with outstanding academic records who didn’t get in was largely overlooked.

    Racial preferences have been a longstanding source of neuralgia for universities. I’m reminded of the story a colleague once told about a California professor who defended the state’s affirmative-action program at the time by saying that if places were awarded purely on the basis of test scores, “97 per cent of our admits would be Asian. The other 3 per cent would be Jewish.”

    Doubling down increases frustrations

    Most reasonable people applaud efforts to build a more representative student body, and ultimately perhaps a more equitable world, by making accommodations for those of historically disadvantaged backgrounds, including under-represented minorities. But a brief glimpse at the political landscape suggests that the measures tried so far have not been wildly successful. Doubling down on race-based preference risks only increasing the resentments and frustrations felt by a large and diverse group of disadvantaged Americans.

    There are other hints that the elevation of race-consciousness is having some unintended political consequences. Even as President Trump continues to lag Mr Biden in the opinion polls, his support among Hispanics has risen to about one third of that ethnic group. There are a number of reasons for this, but it seems possible that some Hispanic voters may be viewing with caution the Democratic Party’s apparent identification with black lives above others.

    It isn’t only so-called white fragility that sees threats in the assertion of racial identity as the prime route toward progress in redressing inequality. The already fragile fabric of the nation’s larger patchwork identity is at risk.

    The Wall Street Journal

  40. notafan

    Industry associations in Victoria spoke specifically about the restrictions on staffing at distribution centres.

    Information to which we were all privy.

    They said nothing about catastrophic supply chain failure because flat tyres or wrong colour hiviz.

    Did you go out and panic buy tinned food, as struth suggested?

  41. Some History

    Kit Hitler (say that 10 times really quickly)


  42. cohenite

    One of the demorat’s premier ads features a young woman whose dad died of the chunk virus blaming Trump for his death.

    Reece defending this; is there a lefty in the world who is not an evil, lying kunt.

  43. Ally

    You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  44. Ally

    Quick, quick — where’s you reply? — is your google search too slow
    You wouldn’t get a job in logistics that’s for sure.

  45. C.L.

    Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan get together for a jam …
    King to Stevie Ray: “You’re pretty good…”

    When The Velvet Bulldozer says you’re pretty good, he means you’re Hendrix, basically.

  46. cohenite

    obuma’s bitch on zombie biden: his ability to learn and grow is truly great.

  47. Infidel Tiger King

    That’s a great vid CL.

    What the heck has happened to our culture?

    Compare that to the number one song on earth today: Wet Ass Pussy.

  48. Some History

    Compare that to the number one song on earth today: Wet Ass Pussy.

    Please tell us it’s about a cat.

  49. C.L.

    I’ve been getting into SRV.
    Absolutely tragic loss. The man was a prodigy and a really likable Texan cat.

  50. Lodger from Oz

    Not forgettting Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F’tang-F’tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel Hitler. Missed opportunity there for Python.

  51. Gab

    Awww. Gene Deitch, the creator of Tom & Jerry and Popeye has died.


  52. C.L.

    …the creator of Tom & Jerry and Popeye has died.

    Speaking of prodigies and a culture gone sickeningly wrong.
    Simpsons etc have nothing – zero – on Tom & Jerry and the old Looney Tunes.

  53. Some History

    The Adventures of Milo, Otis & Wet Ass Pussy

  54. Dave in Marybrook

    Albert King got a Stevie Ray Hitler moustache…

  55. Dave in Marybrook

    Yep we have a black swan winner- Stevie Ray. Like Kylie and Madonna, his pronym outguns everything youse might put after it.

  56. dover_beach

    Compare that to the number one song on earth today: Wet Ass Pussy

    Since Cardi B is another Dem zombie, I believe WAP is the finale to the second night. Openning lines: Whores in this house. There’s some whores in this house.

  57. mh

    Wannabe President Joe Biden hasn’t been doing interviews.
    Except to Cardi B.
    Did he expect to sniff her WAP?

  58. Robber Baron

    Prince Charles Hitler

  59. Lazlo

    Lodger from Oz.

    He was from the Very Silly Party. But who can forget Kevin Philips B’Ong from the Slightly Silly Party?

    Climb every mountain.

  60. Bar Beach Swimmer

    And Dan Xi-Man simply had nowhere to go.
    He had bought into the suppression story so heavily, and caused so much havoc, his only option was … let’s have more havoc

    Leigh, I don’t think that’s the reason why Viccy has been locked down to the extent it is now. Yes, Dannograd has been heavily invested in lockdowns from the start, as has to a lesser extent every other jurisdiction – and from where we got that stupid ‘we’re all in this together’ bull dust.

    NSW is the one state that Victoria is most often compared to. Having a shared border and the biggest states by population, as well as many more persons in quarantine after flying in from o/s than in any other states, all make the vast difference in results between the two since the beginning of this mess, obvious. And while NSW did have the Ruby Princess, it has learnt from that catastrophe. So in this current instance the comparison between the two is unfavourable.

    If a second wave had had occurred in NSW to the extent of the current Victorian outbreak, Dannograd would have quickly and easily pointed the finger at the neighbouring state as proof that the outbreak at home was, while worrying and very disappointing, given the original control measures, something that could not be construed as the fault of the Victorian State Government.

    But no such comparison exists. Victoria is the only state where this second debacle has occurred. So he has no choice; he knows that if he doesn’t get on top on this he should be done politically, if he isn’t done already from all the other debacles. While Viccy is fighting to survive, so is Dan. Hence the current havoc.

  61. Lazlo

    Clue: Monty Python Election Night, live at Drury Lane.

  62. JC

    Robber Baron
    #3551815, posted on August 18, 2020 at 11:12 pm

    Prince Charles Hitler

    How about Bruce Hitler, Robyn Hitler. Corby Hitler?

  63. Sonny and Cher Hitler would like to sing … fuck off, it’s not Tuesday

    …is it?

  64. JC

    Lol Matrix

    How about Lady Gaga Hitler.

  65. Bar Beach Swimmer

    Compare that to the number one song on earth today: Wet Ass Pussy.

    Please tell us it’s about a cat

    I don’t know anything about that song – this is the first time I’ve heard the name. And I’m hoping that it is a cat song. However, it strikes me that possibly it is not. A few weeks ago I walked into a KFC and on the very large telly was a music clip show. A couple of the songs – really the dance sequences – were almost pornographic. Perhaps that song was one of those being played because some of the dance moves inferred that song title. No one in the place seemed to take any notice except me – which was a bit of a worry – given that there were school-age kids working there and there were families who were being served.

  66. JC

    leight was right any other name that goes with Hitler sounds funny.

    I think the simulation chose the only name (Adolph) that goes with that surname without people breaking into a laugh.

  67. Bruce in WA

    Bar Beach Swimmer

    Been going on a long time … just I think not so widespread.

    Oh, NSFW

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