Crackpots and looneys

It remains a mystery why anyone votes for the left even in normal times. This is beyond the pale.

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  1. stackja

    Many USA voters keep electing Democrats expecting a different result. Carter, Bill, BO, Pelosi, Cuomo…

  2. flyingduk

    You forgot ‘freeeeee stuff…’ … but then again, thats no longer a discriminator between parties

  3. Roger

    BLM chanted “Kill the J3vvs”?

    That can’t be right.

    Australia’s greatest living historian* – Peter FitzSimons – assured us they merely wanted equal rights for all God’s children.

    * In his own mind, that is.

  4. JohnJJJ

    You can find out quick enough why they will vote Democrat by asking them. Their hatred of Trump blinds them completely. It is a personal hatred. They all think they know what he is like personally and know what he thinks.

  5. JohnJJJ

    I should add that it is almost the same as the teenager hating their father.

  6. Rossini

    “It remains a mystery why anyone votes for the left even in normal times.”
    Why the hell would any one vote for our mate dan the man?

  7. Riversutra

    In America now if a politician says “I Love America” you actually know which party they represent. Actually think about that. If the Democrats win- thank you vote by mail- you will be able to see the fall of the West in your lifetime.

  8. John Comnenus

    These are the best of times for the US left. They have been brainwashed by most of academia, the media, entertainment and sports industries that western civilisation is racist and evil. The only sensible option, they are told is a revolution that destroys the system so they can start again. Now the revolution has arrived plenty of them want to join it. They are literally lining up to be part of history.

    It is instructive that this is the most ignorant, uneducated, generation in probably 100 years (thanks academia and right wing politicians who have done nothing about it). They are too ignorant to understand what has happened after every revolution in history except one – the one that created the USA.

    This garbage will come to Australia as well because in Australia no university will take money to teach western civilisation but just about every University takes money from a Communist China Confucius centre. We live in a post fact world ruled by emotion because facts and logic are racist and misogynistic.

  9. Colonel Bunty Golightly

    All civilisations eventually peak and then go into rapid decline. This is normal and we are seeing it happen to western civilisation right now! It is the natural order of things and nothing can stop it happening. The end game will be woke anarchy At the beginning, and this is the beginning, which will eventually devolve into tribal confrontation and declining lifestyles. After some time has elapsed People will realise the futility and stupidity of the new woke culture and become restless and strive for a better way of life. A new civilisation will then emerge and arise and prosper until it too reaches its zenith and suffers the same fate. Just sit back, grab the popcorn and enjoy the ride.

  10. Andre

    The Purge was a movie but watch it become real if the Democrats take control of the presidency in November. The streets are not safe in many Democrat administered US cities now but when the Dems abandon law and order for pc causes the whole country will resemble Minneapolis after dark.

  11. It’s no different to people in Australia voting Labor. Liberals aren’t much better lately, but given that Labor is mostly controlled by the unions (and Greens), who hardly look after the working man nowadays and are more a political party within a political party, it makes one wonder.

  12. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld

    The statement about not voting for the left applies here in Oz as well. They have the same agenda worldwide because the crave power over the masses. One only has to look at China, Cuba and Venezula to see what they are up to. The leaders are mega powerful, rich and dictatorial and their cronies are the same. The population are kept in abject poverty and submission.

  13. Up The Workers!

    I’m still waiting for Old Creepy-Joe to tell us all what his new token-female, token-ethnic, indigenous “running mate” from the ‘Mahatma Ghandi Indian’ tribe, smells like.

  14. Up The Workers!

    To Rossini at 8.29 a.m., who said:

    ““It remains a mystery why anyone votes for the left even in normal times.”
    Why the hell would any one vote for our mate dan the man?”

    Deadly-Dan the China-Man and his ghoulish Cabinet of Nursing-Home Cadaver-Snatchers and Bat-Soupers doesn’t need votes…he just cheats, and cheats, and cheats, as he has at each of the last 2 elections and whenever his Labor “Red-Shirts” or his Labor “White Shirts” get caught once again cheating at election time, he merely wakes up his snoring Labor “Black-Shirts” from the legendary “Get Pell Squad” and has those forensic geniuses and their Seeing Eye Dogs do a blinkered “Investigation” which inevitably finds nothing whatsoever to be dodgy.

  15. cuckoo

    Whenever I see one of those Antifa pencil-necks in his ‘scary’ black outfit, why is it I always think of Kick-Ass’ pathetic home-made supersuit? Except Kick-Ass could actually do stuff.

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