D’rat Fuckers

“There is no conceivable public interest in encouraging ridicule on racial or gender grounds,” Mr Rudd said.

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  1. a happy little debunker says:

    At least we now know the real reason why Rudd picked Gillard as his deputy.
    She was an Australian ‘woman of colour’ – a Ranga.

  2. Vagabond says:

    Leak senior certainly lampooned Krudd many times. The little twerp obviously has very thin skin and is still smarting.

  3. mh says:

    No one is listening to Rudd.
    Australians just don’t care what he says.

  4. Jock says:

    He evidently doesn’t listen to biden either. Otherwise he would see that Johannes quoted the old creepy one. Rudd is incredibly dim.

  5. Squirrel says:

    Quite right, too – the media should be colour blind, starting with the ABC’s four year hate campaign against people of the colour orange.

  6. Dave in Marybrook says:

    Rudd is dim… but, for a social media slut, smart enough to give the bandwagon time to get going before chipping in.
    For the record, I think the late Leak Sr had a blind spot for the fresh moonfaced Rudd, and let him thru to the keeper with a run of “Tintin” appearances over an increasingly grotesque Howard. The late rally of chinless Gillards and Rainbow SSM and Mz Gimp teaching the ten-year olds was immortal stuff tho.
    But, that was then, this is another bloke now with a sharp brush, his rightful and only heir.

  7. John Brumble says:

    There is no generous way to describe anyone who is offended by the Leak cartoon.

    Either they are so stupid that they don’t realise that Leak is accusing Biden of having that opinion and actually think that Leak believes the position Leak presents as Biden’s is ok; or they know what Leak is trying to do and are happy to use the term racist to smear someone who has a different opinion of Biden to them.

    Each of them are either an imbecile or evil.

  8. Dr Faustus says:

    No one is listening to Rudd.
    Australians just don’t care what he says.

    This is true.
    Not that it matters to Rudd.

  9. Major Elvis Newton says:

    The usual suspects of woke Leak haters are studiously ignoring Kamala Harris’ deeply checkered career and soiled personal life. The contortions to avoid any scrutiny of her suitability as a VP candidate are worthy of a yoga master.

    This is particularly noteworthy when you consider she will replace Biden as President if he wins.

  10. Robber Baron says:

    Rudd is as classy as an ex-PM as he was as PM.

    This shit stain of an excuse for a human ought to hurry up and die.

  11. Bronson says:

    Biden is condemned by his own mouth. If he wasn’t senile he would be an out an out racist. Fortunately his loss of conscious thought gives him an excuse. It does not give Rudd an excuse for his intellect cupidity regarding his in ability to admit that Biden is a senile shell that mouths racist epithets consistently.

  12. Neil says:

    No one is listening to Rudd.
    Australians just don’t care what he says.

    Don’t agree. In 2007 he convinced most Australians to vote for him. He has convinced lots of aussies that he lost the election because of Murdoch

    But Rudds popularity also shows the double standards of ALP voters.

    In 2007 Rudd promised a NBN costing taxpayers $4.7B and finished by 2013. After winning the election Rudd abolished his election policy and came up with a new NBN policy on a plane flight in 2009

    Nothing wrong with coming up with ideas on a plane flight but if a Coalition party had lied like that before an election the ALP would hunt the Coalition to the grave over a lie before an election

  13. Hodor says:

    There is no conceivable public interest in ANYTHING I have to say, said failed human and talking turd K Rudd, a sometime mouthpiece for world renowned idiots.

  14. Neil says:

    Let us never forget Rudd dropped Howards Pacific Solution because it was immoral so the ALP said.

    50,000 boat people later and $15B later the ALP has never apologised and never will. The ALP does not do apologies.

    Labor dropped our borders because they do not believe in borders.

    Trouble is abominations committed by labor never seem to cause them electoral harm

  15. mem says:

    Kevin Rudd is a walking talking cartoon character. Nothing will convince me otherwise. I always see him with a little balloon above his head reading “Hi I’m Kevin 07 and I’m here to help”. Buzz off Kevin. We have enough problems without you poking your nose in.

  16. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Since the cartoon is neither racist nor sexist I can see why Kevin was the worst ever Australian PM.

  17. nb says:

    Like the ALP generally, doesn’t Mr Rudd have a special relationship with China? Just like Mr Biden and his talented son. Doubtless Mr Rudd would be saddened on behalf of his Chinese friends to find Mr Trump continuing on as president.
    Meanwhile, Victoria’s special relationship with China continues to pay dividends.


  18. calli says:

    Poor Kevni.

    He will never forgive. Evah.

  19. mh says:

    He has convinced lots of aussies that he lost the election because of Murdoch

    Name one.

  20. Neil says:

    Name one.

    Lots of people think think Murdoch cost Rudd the 2013 election


    Democracy overboard: Rupert Murdoch’s long war on Australian politics
    Kevin Rudd

  21. mh says:

    Neil, the Guardian is not ‘Aussies’.

    ‘Aussies’ would not even remember that Rudd lost an election. It was a last minute arranged swap with Gillard. Nobody cares about Rudd in Australia.

  22. Dr Faustus says:

    Lots of people think think Murdoch cost Rudd the 2013 election

    It might just be me, but citing Rudd’s spray in the Grauniad doesn’t really take this argument very far.

  23. mh says:

    Oh it was Rudd writing in the Guardian. 😄

    Neil, that fail is so bad there is no comeback.

  24. Neil says:

    Neil, that fail is so bad there is no comeback.

    A lot of ALP/Greens voters think Murdoch cost Rudd the 2013 election

  25. Mak Siccar says:

    I await Dr Rudd’s dissertation with bated breath – it should be such riveting reading that it will no doubt cure my insomnia forever.


  26. Ed Case says:

    Labr rusted ons will tell you any bullshit, doesn’t mean they believe it themselves.
    Murdoch gave Rudd a boost in 2007, tho he was winning anyway, got blindsided by the Gillard takeover, and supported Rudd from then on.
    Rudd was never going to win in 2013, Murdoch couldn’t do anything to change that result.

  27. Mark M says:

    Kevni looked into that mirror and didn’t like what he saw.
    It was the truth.

  28. The BigBlueCat says:

    So how on earth does Murdoch editor Chris Dore justify publishing a racist and sexist cartoon about a US Senator who is likely to be the next Vice-President of the US? Murdoch is a Trump mouthpiece. But this is gross even by Murdoch’s gutter standards.

    It’s called “free speech”, Skidmark! You don’t have to like it, but clearly there’s a statement there about Biden’s passive-aggressive racism in selecting Kamala Harris who, it turns out, isn’t African-American. It’s not Leak who is being racist – it’s a commentary on Biden. KRudd is a f*ckwit. But we knew that.

    But let’s not be confused – Biden has selected the first DNC candidate to drop out of the DNC POTUS candidacy race – one that was very critical of Biden and his heritage. She is very unpopular, very radical and a pain in the posterior because of her prosecutorial nature. Should Biden get elected and then have to give up because “25th Amendment”, Harris becomes POTUS. And that would be a very distasteful outcome. Even VP Harris would be distasteful.

  29. PB says:

    She’s a bit like Obama: fashionably Brown, but just White enough to not scare all the horses.

  30. Entropy says:

    Y key to Harris is she is the DNC pick.

    At the end of the primaries, it was Biden or Bernie. The DNC did not want Bernie. So Biden it was. Even better as he isn’t likely to go the distance.
    So the DNC want an actual Vice presidential candidate they could control. Why not pick the candidate with the least number of primary votes? Particularly if she also ticked the gender box, and kinda the skin colour box.
    She would owe absolutely everything to the DNC. The DNC owns her.

  31. Mother Lode says:

    So it is racist to point out that Biden is racist (which KRudd thinks he is doing to Leak).

    As for sexist? She is a woman. And more to the point is that we do say ‘man’ and ‘woman’ when pointing out a person in the same way we say ‘he’ and ‘she’. It isn’t misogyny. We would say ‘can you see that man over there’ even if he was the only person.

    If you are going to level a charge of misogyny at someone you might as do so at someone who did it – Biden said at the outset his VP pick was going to be a woman, which means he was bringing in a woman as a gender token, not merit. Lower expectations.

    But it is ignorance where Krudd is truly in his element. ‘Little brown girls’ were Biden’s own words. I have a suspicion that KRudd doesn’t know and the cartoon went right over his head. If he did not reflexively accuse people he doesn’t like of PC sin he might have pondered for a moment on what was being got at. What was the reference.

    Irrelevance is gnawing at him, and his current obscurity is the only thing protecting him from being a higher profile laughing stock than he already is.

  32. Des Deskperson says:

    ‘Lots of people think think Murdoch cost Rudd the 2013 election’

    It always puzzles me how Murdoch, with a falling newspaper circulation, no significant electronic media presence and the news/current affairs reporting of all five free to air TV channels more or less ‘progressive’, manages of pull these things off.

  33. notafan says:

    It’s Easy!

    Evil mastermind.

    I used to mess with morons on Facebook who were all Murdoch wot did it.

    Waste of time on wastes of space public parasites.

  34. Mother Lode says:

    KRudd’s psychological affliction is as particular to him as it is deserved.

    He was ushered into office thanks to an elaborate, comprehensive, and sustained PR exercise. The wrapping on the product was all glitz and bright colours and bursting word bubbles reading ‘Smart!’, ‘New!’, ‘Fiscal Conservative!’ and ‘Compassionate!’

    The bottom even said ‘Batteries included’.

    And he really believed he was the messiah, burning bridges with people he needed because he didn’t think he did. He believed his own press.

    Then, once in office, it was inevitable that the wrapping would come off.

    He was able to delay that by making some pointless symbolic acts and compassionate speeches, and explaining any problems as being the unfortunate result of the previous administration. But eventually he was seen for what he was: Egotistical, petty, vindictive, vain, pretentious, and a complete phony.

    He still thinks of himself as the caring genius from his first PM campaign, and that we need merely be reminded.

  35. Mother Lode says:

    ‘Lots of people think think Murdoch cost Rudd the 2013 election’

    He sought, and gained, the Murdoctopus endorsed him and helped him gain office in 2007. Travelled to NY and met Rupert personally to put his case and secure support.

    He didn’t have a problem with it then.

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  37. Bob says:

    As Kevin’s fat face bloats during his taxpayer funded retirement, he would do well to note the following:
    1) Biden is a proven pedophile who inappropriately touches young girls for his own sexual gratification while trying to groom them. If in doubt, review White House videos on Youtube under the title “Creepy Uncle Joe”. It’s crystal clear and undeniable.
    2) Harris is an old whore who slept her way to the top via a married powerbroker, Willie Brown. She has no merit, only sexual favours to offer old men.
    3)Their compatriot, Ilan Omar is an incestuous whore who married her own brother, and now steals hundreds of thousands from American taxpayers.
    That’s who you’re pathetically trying to defend, Kevin.
    It’s looking like that nursing home “secure ward” isn’t far off for you.

  38. Penguinite says:

    On reflection, can we assume Kevin 007 will want to withdraw his complaint to the Australian Press Council about Leak’s cartoon? Clearly he has selected a very bigoted interpretation!

  39. flyingduk says:

    the flak is always heaviest over the target?

  40. Dasher says:

    Rudd obviously doesn’t keep up or perhaps agrees with the torrent of racial identity politics spewed forth by the Democrats. Leak is one of the very few to call this out …and in this case in a most spectacular manner. Rudd of course who have Leak censored and support the march of a philosophy that would judge people by the colour of their skin, not content of their characters. Mind you is anyone surprised this oaf would defend the indefensible?

  41. Dasher says:

    Oh I forgot to say to Mr Rudd that there is a massive interest in attacking race hustlers who have an interest in stoking the fires of racism……these are the people who are beneath contempt and bravo Leak for exposing them.

  42. billie says:

    search online for “kevin rudd cartoons” .. very amusing

    I was looking for a memorable one of a bright light shining from his backside .. didn’t find it, but was happy to have done the search and reviewed the results

    btw – who remembers the festival of the 1,000 best and brightest? can you think about that and not smile ruefully?

  43. Michel Lasouris says:

    Bidín his time’, the geriatric candidate for POTUS is as bigger joke as Rudd ever was. Selecting Miss Harris, being a lady who is off colour, is a blatant and cynical grab for the low intellect cohort of American African and female vote. I don’t doubt Ms. Harris is female, but to call her African is stretch credulity too far

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