There’s something happening here. WTF it is aint exactly clear

Team Biden thought this was a ‘groovy’ way to close day one of the DNC convention. Unintentionally hilarious:

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33 Responses to There’s something happening here. WTF it is aint exactly clear

  1. Nob


    Unintentionally ambiguous, I’d say.

  2. Robber Baron

    Lots of symbolism no doubt.

    Let’s wait for Anne to explain it.

  3. Ladyredneck

    Nah, it must be proof positive that the Team Trump covert takeover of the Dems is now out in the open. This is intentional sabotage isnt it?

  4. Leo G

    The DNC’s US flag still carried some residual white bits.

  5. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    mental illness does not care for race

  6. Bear Necessities

    That got the San Francisco and surrounding counties vote locked up!

  7. Carpe Jugulum

    My eyes, they burn 😖

  8. thefrollickingmole

    So its a coalition of the whining thats going to propel Joe “I dont know much, but it smells like children” Biden to victory?

    BTW, sniffin joe is a thing on google…

  9. Roger

    A cynical attempt to link BLM with the legitimate civil rights protests of the 1960s.

    (The song was originally written about white kids protesting a curfew on Sunset Strip in ’66, but hey, it’s the vibe of the thing.)

  10. Jannie

    Steve Stills really is a fucking Joker, Kamala Harris is gonna lock him up.

  11. Up The Workers!

    I wonder how many fresh young toddlers the Dementiacrats tossed down in the basement to keep Creepy Old Sniffy “Joe- of-the-Dead” entertained, so that he didn’t turn up to his own Party’s Convention of professional racists, liars, looters, shop-lifters, arsonists, rock-spiders, drug-dealers, police-defunders, rioters, city-destroyers and Arkancidists?

  12. cuckoo

    Black guy in a dress. Well, Trump is toast: Dems have locked up the flyover vote with this. /sarc. Seriously, was Jussie Smollett not available? This is the weirdest thing in the history of weird things since Obama and Jawn Kerry sent James Taylor to sing ‘You got a friend’ to the French while they were still sluicing the blood of their citizens off the cobblestones of Paris.

  13. JohnJJJ

    Now that is art, with a capital “F”

  14. cuckoo

    Happy to be corrected, but I’ve always understood this song to be a kind of anti-protest song. It characterizes popular political protest as confused noise, that the protestors don’t really understand what they’re protesting about, and are all the more furious for it. If so, it’s in complete opposition to the graphics in that clip, which endorse every kind of left wing protest. The whole thing is as authentic as a Benetton commercial. It’s a nightmare from the Id of whoever dreamed up the ‘I’d like to buy the world a coke’ commercial.

  15. Chris M

    I don’t understand this maybe because I’ve never heard this music so the message is lost. Are they intentionally denigrating the dark man by dressing him that way? And what’s the tired looking boomer geriatric grimacing for, or is there just no meaning at all to any of this.

  16. Roger

    Happy to be corrected, but I’ve always understood this song to be a kind of anti-protest song.

    Cuckoo – for what it’s worth – the bloke on guitar in the clip, Stephen Stills, wrote the song in 1966 in response to police breaking up protests of white kids on LA’s Sunset Strip (not without some provocation, it should be added). They were protesting against a curfew placed on them to prevent them attending music venues, which they maintained infirnged their civil rights (very topical!). Stills wasn’t against the protests but was warning that they could get out of hand. As the late ’60s happened the song developed a life of its own unrelated to Stills’s original concerns.

  17. david

    Simple- they’re courting the black vote and the baby boomer vote. Don’t look for meaning in the lyrics; it’s all symbols mixed with old timey nostalgia.

    It doesn’t work on those with brains- but it’s not targeted to those with brains. The Democrats are stupid and not stupid all at the same time.

  18. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    It doesn’t work on those with brains- but it’s not targeted to those with brains

    Or those whose brains were fried back in the late sixties/early seventies, man (Stills being a signal example of such an individual).

    I’m genuinely surprised Stills is still alive.

  19. tgs

    Pretty cringy, but also hilarious.

  20. The Beer Whisperer

    No, it’s perfectly clear.

    The Democrats wholly endorse BLM and all of their crimes.

    Report negatively on them? They’ll destroy an effigy on your front lawn under the veil of being a mere pinata. Support the police? Hurl aggressive abuse at you from the street in large crowds. Drive near a riot? Drag you out and kick you in the head from behind.

    The November election is a clear choice between democracy and rule of law, and totalitarianism and punishment for wrongthink.

  21. Bronson

    Shit cover of what was an OK song in its day. Why did they root around with originals so much? What next the hip hop version of Beethoven’s 9th?

  22. John Smith101

    WTF it is aint exactly clear

    You are watching a movie. Everything is scripted. Enjoy the show. More to come. MAGA!

  23. Shane

    That noted french actor & civil rights activist, Jesse Smolett would have been a far better choice.
    You just cant unsee this guy pirouetting on those inch high heels, muchless the lined coveralls with its cloaked train & the silk puffed sleeves.
    This is starting to remind me of the Liberal party’s campaign in the last Victorian State election that they won so brilliantly & decisively.
    This is going to really overshadow whatever that master showmanTrump pulls off next week (sarc)

  24. Mark M

    For the first time ever, the Democrats didn’t hold a pre-convention tv interview outlining what the convention would be about.
    The GOP will do their interview as is traditional, and it will be broadcast across the USA and the world.

  25. rickw

    I’m still waiting for Anne’s explanation, I’ve got no idea.

  26. nb

    A kind of manufactured movement. Doubtless very inspirational to 3% of the population. To others, all the fascination of the manufactured beef in your take-away.
    None of it matters, because the way to steal the election is to create doubt in the result, then tear down every institution in sight. No institution should dwarf the beauty and grandeur of Empress Hillary.

  27. Fair Shake

    Lockdown makes us do strange things. Not sure what the mussos excuse it.

  28. cuckoo

    Greatest moment at a Dem convention since the Go balloons! incident at the 2004 convention.

  29. The BigBlueCat

    Gee – Stephen Stills has lost some weight. Great guitar player.

    While I generally like CSN, Buffalo Springfield, etc as musicians, I find it ironical that For What It’s Worth was written during the term of a Democratic POTUS (Johnson) in response to the Vietnam war, but by using it at the DNC convention, they are making a claim that it’s all the Republican’s fault (especially Trump). And I thought they were just protesting historical injustices when they started tearing down statues.

    But a reminder – the song wasn’t written about political repression, it was in response to curfews on LA’s Sunset Strip during the mid-1960’s.

    It’s also odd that the demonstrators on the streets of many US cities running amok are nominally DNC voters and they aren’t responding to Republican policies, but Democrat-led policies in their own cities and states.

    Either the Democrats and their supporters are brain-dead when it comes to their rhetoric, or they take the electorate for fools. Perhaps it’s both.

  30. Snoopy

    I hope the Dems give Graham Nash’s Chicago (We Can Change The World) a run.

  31. Pedro the Loafer

    That amazing musical will really inspire the voters to turn out for Biden.


  32. candy

    Nice voice, but why is he wearing an extravagant gown type thing with puffy sleeves? and waving it around like a model on a catwalk.
    Does not really represent oppression and poverty.

    Also his head shaking is over the top and looks odd.

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