Fan told

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  1. Rusty of Qld

    So, she is not a lady?

  2. Megan

    Not only not a lady, but plain rude.

  3. stackja

    EA’s 30 years career because “she” not a “lady”?

  4. candy

    Seeing a psychologist every day? would be nearly $1000 per week – Saturday and Sunday?

    If that really is the case she is being taken for a ride big time and/or must have utterly oodles of money to waste.

    More likely the ABC are paying for it (ie, taxpayers).

  5. areff

    Wonder if the shrink will explain the difference between revenue and profit?

  6. Bruce of Newcastle

    “Sublime” means to go straight from solid to gas when heated.
    Which Mz Alberici often seems to do.
    Lots of gas without much weight.

  7. areff

    Who was it who suggested that, as an economist she’d make a good exercise show hostess? She certainly won’t make it as a rapper:

  8. Some History

    So, she is not a lady?

    She ain’t no lady!

  9. feelthebern

    Seeing her psychologist every day?

  10. Nighthawk the Elder

    “Fan told”.

    That would now be ex-fan.

  11. Al

    Yet again… displays no class.

  12. John64

    Seeing her psychologist every day?

    Wanna bet that the taxpayer is paying as part of the ABC Employees EBA?

  13. Mick Gold Coast QLD

    This drongo doesn’t want to be known as a sheila just now, but will sometime later when it suits her, and she wonders why wymminses aren’t taken seriously?

    Then Beta Boy, whoever he is – is he famous?, describes her as “highly intelligent … sublime skills as a journalist and economist” in the year after she revealed she didn’t know the difference between GDP and GTHO!

    I like that she cannot get through life without needing a shrink! This surely shows the ABC kiddies get to work each day on the special bus! They really are a sad lot at their ABC.

  14. Dave in Marybrook

    Psychologist- poor lady!
    I knew the stick-yer-finger-in-the-blender lark was A Cry For Help.

  15. She is obviously a very sensitive petal and has no shame letting the world know. She definitely thought she had at least another 10 years. How many people need to go to a shrink daily ? Probably part of a strategy to get as much compo out of being made redundant or in the hope of staying on the gravy train in another capacity.

    I am guessing her redundancy will be worth quite a bit.

    “Seeing a psychologist every day? would be nearly $1000 per week – Saturday and Sunday?”

  16. Siltstone

    Must be difficult to come to terms with the fact that you are so useless that even the ALPBC does not want to pay you with OPM. Even the ALPBC. Devistating for the ego.

  17. Des Deskperson

    ‘More likely the ABC are paying for it (ie, taxpayers).’

    Well, Candy, the redundancy process she is going through does seem to be a trifle, as they say, featherbedded.

    The current ABC enterprise agreement (EA), under which lower level ABC staff are employed, gives an employee facing redundancy two choices:

    a. to accept immediate retrenchment
    b. to explore redeployment and retraining opportunities

    Employees who choose option b have six weeks to find suitable alternative employment. If they fail to do so, an immediate and swift retrenchment process take place.

    This is fairly standard in the Commonwealth public sector, the only variation being the length of time available to explore alternative options, varying from four weeks to three months in differing agencies.

    A ‘star’ like Ms Alberici is not employed under the EA, but has her own personal contact. The contents of this contract, which presumably includes redundancy arrangements, are ‘confidential’. It would seem, however, that the redundancy process time frame is rather more generous than that available to the EA grunts and it is also a reasonable assumption that the support available to Ms Alberici during this trying time is all more fulsome.

  18. David Brewer

    If she can’t take a compliment in the spirit in which it was offered, without nitpicking her admirer’s choice of words, then it may be time for her to get a new psychiatrist.

    BTW how many psychiatrists earn their $ by just telling their patients to be as soft on themselves as possible – indulging in whatever gives them pleasure and never reproving themselves for their failures, failings, sins, or moral inadequacies. This might improve their mood a bit in the short-term, but endlessly lowering the bar for yourself is hardly a great strategy for long-term fulfilment I would have thought.

  19. Gerry

    Yep, candy my thoughts too ….she is being treated as a child with no skills to slearn how to elf manage anxiety ….the psychologist must be loving the money

  20. Some History

    b. to explore redeployment and retraining opportunities

    She’d be great as a Public Health correspondent; no further training required.
    Jethro Bodine also went downward from Economix to Public Health.

  21. Gerry

    Yep, candy my thoughts too ….she is being treated as a child with no skills to learn how to self manage anxiety ….the psychologist must be loving the money

  22. areff

    Jethro had, and could read, his Mickey Mouse watch. Ms Alberici has always had ABC gofers to nut that one out.

  23. 132andBush

    I read that tweet by Springer as a pisstake.
    Especially the economist bit.

  24. Damon

    If she is seeing a psychologist every day she needs to see a psychiatrist.

  25. John Brumble

    At this point, it shouldn’t just be Alberici that goes, it should also be the person who hired her.
    Unbelievable privilege.

  26. Marky Mark

    Ends her backhander with a kiss [x], is that an unwanted sexual advance?

  27. nb

    ‘I speak. You listen. Anything you say is wrong.’

  28. Gluteus Maximus Octavius

    What a graceless lady.

  29. MatrixTransform

    a “lady” doesn’t neeed to work.

    …a “lady” works for the greater gooood


  30. duncanm

    On a wicket of something north of $200k, purchase a ~ $1.5M apartment in Coogee in 2015. I’m not feeling much sympathy, I’m afraid.

    Intelligent people don’t stick their fingers into blenders

    My advice Emma, ditch the psych, save the money and retire quietly. Christ knows you can afford it.

    You fucked up gal – finally someone in the ABC decided to take you to task over it.

  31. Tezza

    She is nuts. If ‘lady’ was omitted, the sentence would not make sense. Some other noun would have to be inserted – ‘woman’, perhaps? But that would still suggest her gender. What has she got against referring to her gender?

  32. Squirrel

    Didn’t realise the career extended over 30 years, but I recall Alberici as a decent enough business reporter on Channel 9 – the move to the ABC seems to have been the beginning of a slippery slope, which probably says somewhat more about the way the ABC is “managed” than it does about her.

  33. Clam Chowdah

    She may be a lady but she sure ain’t no gentleman.

  34. nb

    Joe Biden at the DNC yesterday:
    ‘That’s the kind of first lady … lady … lady … lady … this Jill Biden will be.’
    Sic-em Emma.

  35. C.L.

    Didn’t realise the career extended over 30 years, but I recall Alberici as a decent enough business reporter on Channel 9 – the move to the ABC seems to have been the beginning of a slippery slope, which probably says somewhat more about the way the ABC is “managed” than it does about her.

    Agreed, Squirrel. She should never have been tasked or allowed to write those corporate tax articles. That was subject matter way beyond her abilities. That’s not meant as an arch criticism; we’re talking about highly complex stuff, something requiring substantial legal and finance knowledge. Maybe she felt she had to step it up to match Laura Tingle and was given her head. Really embarrassing outcome for her. She should have stuck to routine political grilling and daily gotchas.

  36. Some History

    She injured her finger in the blender making a cheese sandwich.

  37. JC

    I beg to differ in some respects CL. From memory, Screechy wrote a piece about those big bad American tech companies ( who else) and how evil they were because they were structured in such a way that they didn’t pay income tax in Australia. Only of the major blunders in the piece – again from what I read and recall – is that she confused revenue with profit. This is so pathetically silly that it defies the word stupid – especially for someone claiming to be an economics editor (even) at their ABC.

    To put it even in starker terms her bio reads that she at least had some theoretical education in economics – even if it’s Deakin.

    Alberici graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and economics from Deakin University and a bachelor’s degree in Italian from the University of Melbourne.

    Was she asleep during the lecture when revenues and operating profits were discussed?

    To top it off, she attended a discussion with her lawyers when the ABC management discussed removing the piece from their website. Who does this? Who goes the a work meeting armed with lawyers when management wants to discuss an issue pertaining to some part of one’s work?

  38. C.L.

    To top it off, she attended a discussion with her lawyers when the ABC management discussed removing the piece from their website.

    That’s bizarre.

    Apparently, one of the corporate tax articles was posted at the ABC site around 7am or something and by about 8, the managing editor was on the blower saying “um… we have a problem.”

  39. Iain Russell

    Ignorance on stilts, living in a luxury Coogee apt. Gosh but we Australian taxpayets look after the ‘challenged’!

  40. tgs

    #3554560, posted on August 20, 2020 at 11:10 pm


  41. Exit Stage Right

    For goodness sake, is she some charity case that we need to bow down to and assist in her time of need?

    This 50 year old (why is that relevent?) needs to get over herself and go and do some charity work where she may see people struggling with real disabilities.Might just add a bit of perspective, Emma.

    I think the most inaccurate comment by Michael Springer was not “lady” but “sublime skills”. I don’t think this journalist has much in the locker other than an aggressive interview technique and the liberal use of gotcha questions against Conservatives.

  42. Frank

    You fucked up gal – finally someone in the ABC decided to take you to task over it.

    Imagine what a dragon you would have to be for that to finally happen.

  43. Mark M

    We know Emma is a believer in failed 97% doomsday global warming, and believers admit they suffer from depression …

    >> Emma gets a lesson in climate from Maurice Newman, the chairman of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council discusses climate change and says that there is little correlation between carbon dioxide and the warming of the planet in 2014, Lateline:

    For Emma …
    “Children won’t know what an arctic bomb is” update:

    20 Aug 2020: Bureau of Meteorology warns NSW set for ‘unusual weather event’ this weekend
    “Snow is set to fall at quite low levels, including areas just 500 metres above sea level.
    “We think it’s about 15 years since that occurred,” Ms Golding said.
    “NSW does see this from time to time, we’ve seen a marked change from drought to wet conditions.”

    Whoa! 15 years?

    ABC Catalyst, 13 Sept, 2003:

    “Climatologists are desperately trying to explain the mystery of where southern Australia’s winter rainfall is going.
    They’ve known the rain is being pulled south by an unexplained force.

    Now they’ve devised a revolutionary new theory to explain why.

    It appears that the circulation of the entire Southern Hemisphere is changing to suck our rain away.
    The reason is the Antarctic Vortex – a natural tornado of 30km high, super-cold, super-fast winds spiralling around Antarctica.

    Kevin Hennessy, CSIRO: What we’ve seen in the past 30 years or so is that many of these cold fronts have moved further south so fewer cold fronts are bringing rain to places like Perth, Melbourne and Hobart.”

    >> Something sucks, and it’s not sucking the rain away.

  44. Mark M

    oops. Missing link:

    Bureau of Meteorology warns NSW set for ‘unusual weather event’ this weekend

  45. OldOzzie

    ABC kowtowed to Malcolm Turnbull: Emma Alberici

    Simon Benson

    Lawyers acting for former high-profile ABC journalist Emma Alberici have accused the broadcaster of kowtowing to personal complaints by former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and senior ministers, alleging editorial managers had repeatedly tried to silence her reporting so as not to upset the government.

    In a legal letter sent in July to managing director David Anderson, obtained by The Australian, ABC news director Gaven Morris is accused of telling Alberici that the prime minister was constantly calling him to make complaints.

    “Mr Morris has complained to our client that she is the cause of the ‘prime minister ringing him’ with complaints,” the legal letter from McArdle Legal says.

    “That, of course, is worrying. It should not be that the prime minister is permitted to ring Mr Morris to make this or that demand as to its editorial content. The ABC must be independent. The only real contact with the prime minister should be the chairperson.”

    The Australian can reveal that Alberici has settled her dispute with the ABC after a protracted negotiation, which ended up in the Fair Work Commission, after she was targeted in a recent purge of 250 staff.

    Her lawyer, Chris McArdle, said last night the “idea of a prime minister ringing an employee of the ABC is beyond precedent”.

    “This has been an unnecessarily difficult time for Emma … but she is pleased to say she has settled her dispute with the ABC.”

    Mr Turnbull and senior members of his cabinet in 2018 lodged multiple complaints about Alberici, over reporting of economics issues that they claimed were false, contained factual errors and were misleading.

    The ABC in response launched an internal review, which found that the articles in question had contained factual errors

    Mr Turnbull told The Australian last night that he didn’t recall ever speaking with Mr Morris about his staff.

    “I do recall Emma Alberici wrote an article for the ABC on corporate tax in February 2018, which was publicly and widely criticised at the time for many basic errors and misunderstandings a number of which even the ABC later acknowledged,” Mr Turnbull said. “As I note in my memoir my concerns about the ABC have always been about maintaining high standards of accurate journalism.”

    ABC management has denied it had been behind damaging leaks about Alberici to media outlets, including The Australian and the Australian Financial Review, in order to discredit her.

    Yet the letter calls into question the adherence of management to the legal and independent charter of the ABC. It goes on to say that Alberici’s forced departure, following a high-profile career at the public broadcaster, was a result of a desire to “get the government off its back”.

    “It seems that the departure of Ms Alberici would ‘get the government off its back’ of senior staff. It is our belief that you should conduct your affairs in such a way that you do not consider keeping the government happy to be a priority,” said the letter, which was also sent to Mr Morris on July 1 this year.

    “As Mark Scott once said, the ABC is a national broadcaster, not a government broadcaster. This is not therefore about redundancy, it is about some unworthy personal or internal political agenda. Overlaid with that is the most improper influence, contrary to your act, being exercised by the government of the day.”

    The lawyers go on to argue that there had been a long history of the government seeking to influence the ABC management and silence Alberici.

    The letter cites an incident during the 2013 election campaign over a story she had written challenging claims made by Mr Turnbull during an ABC debate between him and then opposition infrastructure minister Anthony Albanese that Australians were unlikely to ever require the NBN speeds being promoted by Labor.

    “The Current Affairs boss at the time, Bruce Belsham, decided that the piece should not be published until after the election so as not to upset the Coalition ahead of the election,” the letter said.

    “Later, then news director Kate Torney told my client that Mr Turnbull had lobbied then managing director Mark Scott to have Ms Alberici sacked.”

    Alberici’s troubles with ABC management came to a head when she had been “warehoused” from her role as chief economics correspondent following the 2018 stouch over the article the government complained had been fabricated. “The ABC capitulated to the government’s censorship demands that the pieces be removed from the ABC website,” the letter says.

    On another occasion, on June 16 this year, Communications Minister Paul Fletcher is accused of intervening to cancel a $20,000 commission the NBN had offered to Alberici to host an event to celebrate completion of its construction project.

    Mr Fletcher declined to comment.

    Alberici lodged action with the Fair Work Commission against the ABC in June after it became apparent she was being targeted in a cost-cutting purge. Alberici is due to launch a book about her 30-year career, which is expected to be highly critical of the culture within the ABC.

    ABC last night refuted the claims. “The allegation that former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull made a phone call to ABC director news Gaven Morris on any matter is incorrect,” a spokesman said. “The ABC has no further comment to make.”

  46. Jock

    Whilst I would never refer to it as a her or a lady, I would suggest her animosity to the term is because she is setting herself up for a position in some gender position in some university or a “foundation” or a charity for lgbtqrx sorts. You can see it coming. The abcloafers are great at jumping into gigs that require nothing to be done for lotsa cash.

  47. WM

    The little sparrow is getting help to shrink her big head to the size of her bird brain.

  48. Nob

    These ABC gigs are unreal.

    Money for nothing, and if you fuck up, you get even more money.

    How do I get on this gravy train?

  49. min

    She must have chosen a .lousy psychologist or one making money out of her . Anxiety can be managed in 8 or less sessions . My bet is that she always operated on good feelings coming from a Self Esteem model rather than accepting herself . Painful when you have been rejected , a failure etc these are the issues that should be addressed .

  50. Nob

    Failing that, can I be a psychologist counsellor to the newly unemployed?

    I mean there’s millions of them. Or there will be soon.

    Gotta be a cruisy number.

    I just want the rich ones though. ABC failures and Canberra types.

  51. John Brumble

    JC, I’m sure you’re aware that conflating operating profits and revenue is a core leftist principle. Alberici’s article was not the only one which did so, and it has been occurring at the ABC, Graun and Age for years.

    I am loathe to admit it, but it’s probably one thing we can thank Turnbull for – had any other Liberal PM complained about it, they would have doubled down. But it came to a choice between disagreeing with the guy they were pretending was a great economic manager or a, let’s be honest based on her response since, bit of an annoying employee.

    That ABC management chose to go with Turnbull this time doesn’t erase the fact that the ABC and the like have been conflating profit and revenue for some time and will go back to it the moment they think they can.

  52. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    conflating operating profits and revenue is a core leftist principle

    As is referring to the difference between a 100% tax rate and any tax rate below that as a “subsidy”.

  53. Lord Muck

    I made the mistake of watching that rap video.

    The most interesting bit was watching the sycophant behind her to her right screaming his head off with laughter at her pathetic attempts at humour. Is he her husband, or is he under some sort of medication, or just a normal, run-of-the-mill ‘Friend of the ABC’ type who kids themselves that they are in the presence of great talent?

    I hope he has seen this video and shrivelled his genitals with embarrassment.

  54. Roberto

    She appears not to know what sex she is.

  55. Michel Lasouris

    All I can remember of Emma Alberici was her dispatches to the ABC (?) when she was their reporter in London; an abiding reminiscence of a pretty young lady in a hooded winter coat with a fur fringe around her innocent face.She looked so cute then.
    What has happened since that turned her into a sour, aggressive lefty? I believe that she was propelled beyond her level of competency either by her own ambition, or pushed by others. So sad……

  56. Robber Baron

    Her tweet is an insight into just how toxic she was for even the ABC to boot her.

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