Could the last Liberal in Victoria please blow the candle out?

A website’s one thing but the Government should be putting its hand in its pocket to really support small business.”

– Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien thinks governments have pockets

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26 Responses to Could the last Liberal in Victoria please blow the candle out?

  1. Bronson

    Victorian lieborals could there be a more useless organisation?

  2. Megan

    The only click for Vic I’m willing to participate in does not involve a computer mouse.

  3. Chris M

    Build the wall! They can remain an insulated state like North Korea with chairman Dan and his thug cops and drones to watch over them and shoot curfew breakers (they have already started this). Soon even the African gang members will be trying to flee and claiming refugee status.

  4. Megan

    And I agree that the LNP across the country is next to useless, and I’m no fan of excessive government largesse, but I think O’Brien is trying to make the point that the website money (and the useless app millions) could have been put to an actual useful end rather than a feel good exercise for Danny the Dumb.

  5. Art Vandelay

    Victorian lieborals could there be a more useless organisation?

    The NSW Liberals are giving them a run for their money.

    A prime example, Pru Goward:

    So yes, let’s go for Bigger Government if that is what’s needed to protect us in future, but let’s also make it Better Government

  6. Bruce of Newcastle

    Zero option.
    No infections.
    No businesses.
    No CO2 emissions.
    No Victoria.
    Green paradise!

  7. Eyrie

    Victorian lieborals could there be a more useless organisation?

    The Queensland LNP.

  8. Dusty

    So someone in providoor got on good stead with vicgov and we’re getting a taxpayer funded advert for them. Much like we did with covidsafe.

    If there is ever a government promotion of a private business, look for the snouts in trough.

  9. Nob

    Has any “buy local” promotion anywhere ever beaten the market?

  10. Professor Fred Lenin

    In all fairness ,the communist media do not mention the liberalsunless they make a mistake.
    When die you ever hear anything about the SA liberal government ?
    How come we never hear about the foolish mistakes Vic ,Qld and WA governments make ?
    Its tgem copying the US communist media again .

  11. nb

    ‘Botched: an autobiography’, Daniel Andrews.

  12. notafan

    My boots need mending.

    I can’t click to take them to the cobbler.

  13. mem

    Hey, at least Michael O’Brien remembers when we had small business.

  14. Boxcar

    How about every bureaucratic body in the state funds “Kick in for the taxpayer”?
    You know, just like the taxpayer has done for them for years.
    It’s simple, every State or Commonwealth Tax funded organisation forgoes the same perventage of say, lost GDP. They can put their employees on Jobkeeper, and we can all stay apart together.

  15. Squirrel

    Andrews will now be wanting people to click (and click again) to watch tonight’s 60 Minutes story on the Victorian Liberals.

  16. egg_

    Bruce of Newcastle
    #3557718, posted on August 23, 2020 at 7:43 pm
    Zero option.
    No infections.

    Yup, the CMOs’ Option – from back in March.

    Andrews has just been more inept than others with his bungled Quarantine breakout.

  17. H B Bear

    Governments have pockets – yours.

  18. Rabbi Putin

    It’s an interesting about-face for a government that’s prided itself on stepping on the balls of small business for the entire last 6 years. Business people are all evil like Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart didn’tchaknow, and the only honest work in this life is unionised-work!

  19. cuckoo

    Apart from a six-second grab every night on the tv news, there is no proof that Michael O’Brien even exists. Those grabs could be Max Headroom-style animations, for all we know.

  20. iamok

    Is there a Liberal party in Vic? Hmm, that’s news to me. Still in lockdan who would know what the hell is going on?

  21. iamok

    The only click for Vic I’m willing to participate in does not involve a computer mouse.

    Hear hear

  22. HT

    The politically piss-poor performance of Liberals is a very, very large reason for Dan Andrews ascendancy to Premier. I can’t stand the guy, I literally hope the stress he is currently experiencing during his jack booted response to Covid in Victoria sees him in the cardiac ward. But he gets politics. The Liberals don’t leave their rooms where they meet and endlessly talk strategy.

  23. MACK

    Click for Vic means last one leaving please turn off the lights.

  24. Andre

    Not “put its hand in its pocket” but “put its hand in YOUR pocket”.

  25. sfw

    Just spent an hour on the phone to Business Victoria, I had to hang up on the first three people to answer as their english was marginal. Dear Leader Dan must be putting lots of ethnics on to boost diversity, bugger customer service.

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