Everybody look what’s going down

Some people thought that Billy Porter “For What It’s Worth” cover at the end of the DNC would convince people to vote for the Democrats. Perhaps some did. This adjustment to the visuals might now make them decide not to, especially since it is more honest and accurate.

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Steven Hayward picked up on this.

    For What It’s Worth: The Democrats’ Telling Time Warp | Power Line (22 Aug)

    I missed the concluding musical number from the first night, featuring Billy Porter’s cover of the old Buffalo Springfield tune “For What It’s Worth,” one of the totemic tunes of the 1960s youth protest movement. He’s backed by the guitar work of a nearly unrecognizable Stephen Stills, who wrote the song.

    To call this a lugubrious take is an understatement. I imagine many young voters—if very many watched at all—were scratching their heads at this choice. This selection was clearly aimed at nostalgic baby boomers who all think they attended Woodstock at least in spirit.

    Digging up Woodstock-era stuff has to be desperate. And Billy Porter is as woke as they come, he usually gets around in a dress. No joke.

  2. Bear Necessities

    Because the Portland mayor and the Oregon Governor have just left things go in Portland other groups have taken noticed and have started trouble as well. The Proud boys have moved in and are having battles with Antifa/BLM. Allowing Antifa/BLM to go unhindered has created a reaction due to the power vacuum created.

    I think the mayor and Governor should take up the President’s offer to mobilise the National guard.

  3. H B Bear

    Someone has woken up Joe and showed him how to work the stero.

  4. nb

    Pity Biden has chosen to base his anti-Trump stand on the ‘fine people’ hoax, as it is so gloriously edited to create fake news. So Biden’s campaign is literally fake news.

  5. cuckoo

    Just wondering what kind of dress Biden will wear to the debates, if they hold any.

  6. cuckoo

    The first time I saw the original video, I could only think of a moment in The Producers (original movie). It comes during the opening night of Springtime for Hitler, and we see one shocked, incredulous face after another. Billy Porter is the Lorenzo St. Dubois of our generation. I hope he sings ‘Love Power’ at the next Dem event. Actually, when you think about it, ‘Love Power’ could be the new Dem anthem:
    And I give a flower to the big fat cop,
    He takes his club and he beats me up.
    I give a flower to the garbage man,
    He stuffs my girl in the garbage can.
    And I give it to the landlord, when the rent comes ’round.
    He throws it in the toilet and he flush it down.
    It goes into the sewer with the yuck running through her,
    And it runs into the river that we drink.
    Hey world, you stink!

  7. OldOzzie

    Brilliant – should be played by Republicans in their opening for their Convention

  8. Mark M

    Mick Ronson (rip, guitar player for David Bowie) and his most appropriate song, “Billy Porter”:

    “Billy Porter, you never told me that I needed a gun.”


  9. Colonel Crispin Berka

    Biden is so nasty, he’s even going to hurt God. It must be true, Trump said so.
    Plus his weak attempts at fascism are much better than having actual fascism.
    What? It’s good to be “more honest and accurate” about both campaigns, right?

  10. nb

    Lee Smith on ‘The Permanent Coup’; Clinesmith Likely Just 1st Indictment | American Thought Leaders.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHM769EZKu4 at 28:08
    Media as ‘information operation’, not just biased.
    Let’s count in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

  11. NuThink


    New Faces of 1937 is a black and white 1937 American musical film. Its plot is similar to The Producers (1968). Intended as the first film of an annual RKO revue series, poor reception ended plans for future productions.

    I saw the Producers on recommendation of someone at work in 1969 and loved it.
    I also saw ‘New Faces of 1937’ on TV about 20 years ago and noticed the very obvious similarity in plot despite not being prewarned that they were similar. It was pre WW2 so Hitler was not in it.

    I feel that it is a perpetual scam being played out still these days with flogging everything that is dud, like Renewable Energy and SuperAnnuation creating 200,000 jobs as told by Greg Combet, as with submarines and NBN and daytime TV with their funeral insurance ads on hi rotation. Too many hangers on and not enough people producing the goods in this country.
    Jobs that consume more than they produce are not real jobs IMHO.
    Jobs ain’t Jobs.

  12. Crazyoldranga

    I posted the video on my Facebook page expecting my leftard friends to kick up a fuss. So far nothing, nada, zilch. Interesting.

  13. sfw

    In this clip of Buffalo Springfield Stephen Stills looks pretty good but then they morph into a Neil Young song I didn’t of and he steals the show.

  14. Hodor

    They come near my place I am gonna get my friend Len Field to speak to them.

  15. Paul

    I’m starting to understand why Apartheid came about.

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