Nice unemployment if you can get it

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13 Responses to Nice unemployment if you can get it

  1. Entropy

    Probably only the first offer.

  2. John Brumble

    My God! When NSW beat QLD in the origin this year, CL’s going to need the jumbo pack of tissues.

  3. John Brumble

    Also, “Hi Alan, I’m not a parochial NSW type, but…”

  4. C.L.

    Why would I need tissues about Anthony Seibold?
    I don’t even barrack for the Broncos.

  5. Rebel with cause

    Brisbane Broncos Limited sure seems like a well run company.

  6. feelthebern

    Or he stays & collects 3.5mill over the rest of his contract.

  7. Leigh Lowe


    #3557887, posted on August 23, 2020 at 10:10 pm

    Or he stays & collects 3.5mill over the rest of his contract.

    I don’t know the detail, but I hear he is on a five year contract with no performance criteria.
    If he hasn’t kidnapped the Beaumont children, they are gonna need a bigger cheque.

  8. feelthebern

    Effectively a 6 year deal.
    And this is years 2.

  9. Win

    Where is Tom? This is very harsh with no open forum. What did they do last night.

  10. Craig

    Just take it Anthony and don’t come back to NRL coaching again. Seriously, just get a normal job.

  11. Makka

    Yes, take it Anthony. Get the best deal you can from those incompetent lazy buggers and run.

    Next cabs off the rank are the Broncos board. The real architects of these horrible circumstances. Get rid of them. Remove Locky and give him a team consultant role developing talent and strategies, where he is best suited. This shit show has to end.

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