But enough about the dying elderly…

A professional Muslim MMA fighter quarantined in a Melbourne hotel says he was fed food that was not halal.

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    The story doesn’t say but if he was in hotel quarantine in April it suggests he was an international arrival. Thus he could’ve made sure he’d have all the halal food he wanted if he’d just remained in his place of origin. Perhaps the Australian Government might, as a friendly and caring gesture, return him to that country so that he will be more comfortable.

  2. Some History

    The poor possum

    Yep. That’s what he was given.

  3. Rossini

    Your choice.
    Eat shit or starve!

  4. Michel Lasouris

    Silly boy. He only has to say the appropriate öoga booga” over the plate, and “voila ” allah says it’s alright.I presume this dispensation was to prevent the silly billies from starving themselves when they were naughty, and got themselves ganged up.

  5. Hay Stockard

    My give-a-shit meter does not appear to be registering.

  6. Mother Lode

    What options are there that do not require some halal treatment?

    I mean there is no ‘halal’ bread, or ‘halal’ coffee.

    I believe there is no halal preparation for bacon either. Give him some of that.

  7. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Silly boy. He only has to say the appropriate öoga booga” over the plate, and “voila ” allah says it’s alright.

    “Bismullah!” That’s all it takes…

  8. Chris M

    If they can drink Camel pee (and they are commanded to do this) most other things will be fine.

  9. billie

    some people with special needs due to beliefs are intolerent, but expect tolerence to be shown to them

    climate catastropharians, for example, won’t tolerate any disbelief

    tolerence is lacking these days

  10. Lola666

    There is a workaround namely if halal is not available you can eat what is. This has been the case for ages but interesting it’s only become an issue now.

  11. philby

    From my visits to food places there is little in Australia that is not part of the halal scam.
    Who cares if his food was not halal where are my rights to not eat halal food they were ignored a long time ago. What a petty whinge.

  12. rickw

    Here’s a tip:

    Move back to jihadistan.

  13. Nob

    Correct Lola.
    I worked offshore with some Muslims and they just ate whatever was available except bacon.

    But that was in the 80s when Islam was just another religion. (From our point of view)

  14. Catfeesh?

    This is the greatest outrage in the history of mankind.

  15. Kneel

    “Give him some of that.”
    And some black pudding too!

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