Name that country

Welcome to the latest game show … Name that Country.

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  • You can’t leave this country unless you are a member of the nomenklatura.
  • You can’t re-enter this country (if you are somehow overseas) unless you agree to be temporarily imprisoned and pay for that imprisonment.
  • You can’t move across this country.
  • Your private property, to the extent that it is private and even yours, is subject to arbitrary and capricious confiscation by the Government without compensation.
  • Oppressive laws are passes so that political leaders can say that their actions are legal.
  • Retrospective laws are passed so to justify previous oppressive conduct by leaders.
  • Citizens are tracked through electronic devices and are subject to involuntarily detainment and entry into their homes without warrant.
  • The meta-data of citizens’ communication is collected and analysed for various purposes including to optimise tax collections.
  • Citizens are encouraged to report non-compliance with government diktats of other citizens to the security authorities.
  • The non-Government economy is deliberately decimate by the Government.

Name that Country …..

Hint – it’s not North Korea, Venezuela or Cuba.  People can leave Venezuela and North Korea and Cuba don’t waste time in legislating to justify themselves.

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28 Responses to Name that country

  1. Megan says:

    Hmmm. It’s a tough one? Not Australia, home of the larian and a healthy disrespect for authority surely?

    Meanwhile, here in my lonely garret in Afdanistan, I await the coming of spring. Or spring rolls. Both will do.

  2. Megan says:

    Larian = Larrikan. If I could find the programmer for Samsung’s predictive text, I’d introduce his throat to my pointy elbow.

  3. Rafe Champion says:


  4. Fair Shake says:

    Is it South east of Indonesia?

  5. Speedbox says:

    Yeah, that is tough. I was going to say that it maybe one of those little tinpot African countries. Then I thought maybe the former USSR but even it didn’t meet all the criteria. Maybe TAFKAS is having a bad dream ‘cos it can’t be any ‘modern’ country and certainly can’t be a modern western democracy. So, my guess is that TAFKAS has set a trick question and the answer will surprise us – or not.

  6. Genghis says:


  7. Rex Anger says:

    Errr. The Union of ‘Strayan Socialist Republikans!

  8. Harpo says:

    For God’s sake. Don’t you understand that our masters have possibly decreased the likelihood of an 85 year old dementia sufferer succumbing to Tulip 19. Or maybe they’ve increased the possibility? Who knows? But at least they’re doing something and that’s the important thing because it shows they really care about us.

  9. Terry says:

    ‘Samsung’s predictive text’
    Turn it off Megan. It was designed by “Total ‘tards™”.
    Takes longer to correct than any time it presumes to save.

  10. Mustapha Bunn says:

    The last time I was anywhere near a totalitarian government that banned it’s citizens from leaving was when I served in the U.K. military in what was then West Germany. Obviously no one wished to leave the West to go and live in the East but there were many wanting to do the opposite and many died trying to achieve that objective.Having said that even Stasi ruled East Germany could not prevent everyone who did want to leave their socialist paradise from doing so but here in Oz,the land of the free,our rulers seem to have managed just that …unless you are “priviliged” or own a boat.

  11. Hay Stockard says:


  12. Botswana O'Hooligan says:

    As my Russian born wife opines, Stalin would be very pleased to see Comrade Dan’s handiwork and award him the red banner.

  13. Bronson says:

    Straya where else!

  14. H B Bear says:

    Australia is a land of myths. We like to think of ourselves as larrikins in the outback whereas most of us are sitting in traffic in the suburbs somewhere. The embrace of draconian government under a Big Media scare campaign is pretty piss weak though.

  15. Alex says:

    Big BrotherDanLand or Oceania, has to be one of these. Will hold a seance tonight and ask the big O (no not Roy but George) to make an appearance then ask him for his ideas on this frightfully difficult question.

  16. Chris M says:

    You know it pains the dear leaders to have to do this but it’s all for our good comrade.

    You forgot that under Covid (co-rid?) rules they (politburo) can also seize your children and take them, just as they can do as they wish with any of (what you thought was) your property. For the protection of others, when your things are taken people are safe.

    This is not a fixable or improvable system.

  17. Terry says:

    Do we fear freedom (and responsibility) so much in Australia that we cannot but help to return to our penal colony roots?

    Despite our reputation for larrikinism and an irreverent sense of humour, it appears our most common trait is one of yearning to be coddled; to be told what to do and when to do it.

    Seems we would rather enviously bitch about the “rich” (to pay their “fair” share), whilst on our knees, cowed and kept under a (not so) benevolent yoke, than get off our arse, stand on our own feet, and defend our once-free country from the tyrants and traitors that have stolen it from us, right in front of our very own (closed) eyes.

  18. Herodotus says:

    Would this country also be one where the citizens are told that they must reduce carbon emissions to save the planet and further shrink their economy (while others enlarge theirs) despite no proper evidence that this will in any noticeable way change the world’s climate?

  19. H B Bear says:

    Obviously it would be much more distressing if they were not doing it for our own good though.

  20. RdM says:

    Reads like New Zealand at the moment.

    With Auckland (where I am) in “Level 3” lockdown and the rest of the country in “Level 2”, folk north of there can’t travel through Auckland to elsewhere (policed roadblocks) and neither can Aucklanders leave.

    After a brief respite of “Level 1” (note how there is no “Level zero”) after five weeks at level 4 and then two weeks at level 3, we go back to this. At first 3 days, then extended until next week.

    All because of a few cases in South Auckland.

    Huge hit to the economy, especially Auckland.

    By the way, I think that should be ‘decimated
    “The non-Government economy is deliberately decimate by the Government”

    Best! ;=})

  21. Jannie says:

    Its Australiastan!

    I win, said it first. When do I get my free subscription?

  22. Squirrel says:

    “For we are young and free” …….. “wealth for toil”

    Time for a new national anthem

  23. Adelagado says:

    New Zealand? Nah, even Jacinta is not that mad.

  24. gary says:

    Australia is far better than anywhere else. And America is showing how dangerous and unsustainable multi-cultural societies are, always have been and always will be (whether the cultures are race, religion, political or other) . Hopefully the massive immigration program Australia has been running is over, and will never be restarted.

  25. Nighthawk the Elder says:

    #3562082, posted on August 27, 2020 at 7:01 pm
    New Zealand? Nah, even Jacinta is not that mad.

    Don’t be so quick to dismiss. She locked down Auckland after only a handful of re-emergent cases. She was also very quick with accusing Australia as being the source of the latest outbreak (via frozen food) before having to back down. Underneath those massive chompers is an ultra totalitarian busting to get out. I’ve no doubt she’s swapping notes with Dictator Dan.

  26. Turtles says:

    Some people in Dandenong have realised there is no white hat to save them and it takes more courage than blogging / posting. Bravo

  27. RdM says:

    My comment at 5:20pm still in moderation even though latest post is 7:26pm and it’s now a couple of hours after that. I also thought New Zealand cam close to fitting the bill…

    [Comments that get stuck in moderation have to be manually approved. Sinc]

  28. H B Bear says:

    Yep, as in most things (except rugby) New Zealand is worse.

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