Russian tyrant defamed

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  1. nb says:

    Hmm. I have studied the matter quite closely, and I think Mao is the better comparison. Well, Mao or Elmer Fudd. Not sure yet.

  2. Roberto says:

    So Palmer is actually capable of the occasional lucid moment.

  3. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Palmer is comparing them with his old bosses who made him rich .Jo Bjelke Petersen and Russ Hinze,without the Palmer wouldnt be so rich ,something about mining tenements wasnt it ?
    The two miscreant labor guys are no surprise ,the left produces that type of person . Just look at the US decromates and UK labour ,the only differece is British Labour can spell .

  4. Robbo says:

    If Stalin were alive he would be mightily offended by those comparisons and he would have good reason to be so.

  5. incoherent rambler says:

    Stalin’s got his body count to around 40 or 60 million (varies because a lot of the bodies were never found).

    Dan will certainly have a go at topping Joe’s record. We just need to breed a lot quicker.

  6. Bruce says:

    Compared to Stalin and his henchmen, by body-count alone (raw numbers or percentages), Andrews and McGowan are rank amateurs and utter pikers.

    Much as they may secretly wish to smite the unbelievers en masse, they have not yet developed the technique required.

    However, in good news for them, apparently advice is available from their new, rice-propelled “playmate”.

  7. Louis Litt says:

    About time some one began to educate the brainwashed populace

  8. mh says:

    Sam Newman
    Of all the protests that we have put up with, how about 1/4 million of us gather in the CBD to take the City/State back, before EVERY previous march will have been pointless. And hopefully a State day of coordination. Any takers. #StateofSurvival

  9. Delta A says:

    Russian tyrant defamed

    Excellent heading.

    Very clever.

  10. Old Lefty says:

    Lucky for him that he’s not in Yarragrad. Taking in vain the most sacred name of Stalin the Great will be a criminal offence there.

    By one of history’s delicious ironies, the Palace Chook is looking more like Bjelke-Petersen every day: xenophobia towards the other states (border closures etc), trying to ban reporting of corruption allegations …..

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