So much for the wonderful weekend winds

Have a look at the trajectory, the heavy line above is the whole system, the lower dark line is South Australia. The coloured lines are the individual wind farms in SA.

And the NemWatch widget!

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6 Responses to So much for the wonderful weekend winds

  1. Mark M says:

    And there I was betting on a carbon (sic) tax would provide just the right amount of wind generation and wonderful weekends … a green utopia …

    How Carbon Trading Works
    “The dramatic imagery of global warming frightens people.
    Melting glaciers, fre­ak storms and stranded polar bears — the mascots of [global warming] — show how quickly and drastically greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are changing our planet.

    The Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty on [global warming] that came into force in 2005, dominates the mandatory carbon market.”

  2. Karabar says:

    On Sunday Malcolm Roberts was on the “Outsiders” discussing his senate inquiry wth the CSIRO.
    The CSIRO says they have no evidence of any “global warming” in Australia.
    We are feeding the trolls to talk about “reducing emissions”.
    The entire “carbon market” is a hoax.
    Not that any of this is new, but it’s time to pin down the alarmists when they quote the CSIRO.

  3. duncanm says:

    So I’m guessing SA isn’t blocking electrons at the borders ..

  4. flyingduk says:

    Just buy your own generator FFS, but if you do, be ready to defend it (kinetically) when they come to ‘regulate’ your use of that too.

  5. TonyfromOz says:

    In the last 14 hours, since 8PM Sunday night, wind generation has steadily decreased. From a high of around 4400MW at 8PM, it is now (10AM Monday) 1200MW.
    So, it has lost 3200MW all up.
    The six Units at the Loy Yang plant have a Nameplate of a similar 3200MW.
    If just one of those six Units goes off line, the green followers scream about how unreliable those coal fired Units are.
    This loss of that 3200MW in wind generation is the equivalent of EVERY one of those six Units going off line.
    If that ever happened, Victoria would go black, and you would never hear the end of it.
    Right now ….. crickets. The hypocrisy, how it burns.
    Oh, and Macarthur wind, the largest wind plant in Oz, still off line at zero output, six full days now.

  6. Terry says:

    ‘Just buy your own generator…

    I will take a micro-nuclear thanks (for free, courtesy of a government-enforced subsidy, because: reasons). Just bury it over there in the backyard.

    15MW should do just nicely. I will sell the excess to those in energy poverty (all of those stupid, sanctimonious greenies and their idiotic fellow-travelers who grow weary of only having the inner glow of their superior virtue to warm themselves in the winter).

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