Biden’s handlers track away from lunacy in energy policy

Joe Biden’s new claim to be in favour of law and order is not the only area where the Democrats are tracking away from the radical left.  Among the crazy policies that the Democrats have been promoting (with disastrous consequences in California) are a conversion of the US electricity system to wind/solar even faster than Australia’s.

I touched on Biden’s energy policy in the September edition of Climate News.

In May, Biden announced a Dream Team of climate advisers co-chaired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, “the avatar of the Green New Deal”, and John Kerry, architect of the Paris climate accord.  One former adviser not included is Hillary Clinton’s presumptive Energy Secretary, Audrey Zibelman who, since Turnbull fingered her to head the Australian Energy Market Operator, has been mustering new regulatory accretions for electricity in the Australian National Market.

The Dream  Team, which also included Rep. Kathy Castor, the chair of Nancy Pelosi’s Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, seemed to presage an adoption of the radical policies of Bernie Saunders centred on, “Reaching 100 percent renewable energy for electricity and transportation by no later than 2030”.

In fact, Biden’s energy and climate policies are being honed by a team of insider advisers that is luke-warm on climate change.  In addition, the key players – Heather Zichel, Jason Bordoff, Brian Deese and Obama’s former Energy Secretary, Ernest Moniz – all have plenty of experience within fossil fuel businesses.  The insider advisers fully understand that there is no technology fix presently available that would allow the rapid subsitution of renewables for coal/gas/nuclear favoured by the Party radicals.

One area of change from the Bernie policies is in government spending.  Biden plans to spend 11 per cent of federal revenue or $400 billion a year in the “energy transition”. Shocking though this is, it is only a quarter of what Saunders had earmarked.

Biden would move much more slowly in the forced replacement of fossil plant by renewables.

In addition, his plans contain two remarkably sensible provisions.  The first is with respect to gas.  Having expressed opposition to new gas supplies through fracking during the primaries, he now says he will retain that technology.  Secondly, reversing 50 years of Democrat dogma, he plans to promote nuclear energy, in small plants.  Both of these proposals demonstrate a more hard-headed awareness of the practicalities of energy policy, tempering somewhat the disastrous consequences of a Biden win in November.

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16 Responses to Biden’s handlers track away from lunacy in energy policy

  1. Herodotus says:

    The Dream Team: Castor and Bollocks.

  2. stackja says:

    Will Joe remember in December what said yesterday?

  3. Roberto says:

    The Democrats will say whatever is needed to win. If they win, they’ll revive the green/left agenda immediately. Joe Biden’s personal views won’t matter. He’ll be ousted for ‘health reasons’ within six months.

  4. B.A.Lert says:

    What did Lucy say after Audrey was fingered by big Mal and is this green nit wit agitater still there because ScoMo has also fingered her.

  5. miltonf says:

    I wouldn’t believe anything Biden says or is purported to have said.

  6. Forester says:

    Like Obama, he’ll have more flexibility after the election.

  7. miltonf says:

    Or as Garret said, ‘once we get in we’ll change everything’.

  8. Zatara says:

    Old Biden (repeatedly): “No more fracking!”

    New Biden (while speaking in a fracking state yesterday): “I’m not banning fracking no matter how many times Trump lies about me”

    Where will he be when the music stops?

  9. mem says:

    Joe will go along with anything as long as there is a tele prompt in front of him.
    Now with emphasis Joe, say, “We know and believe we can all live more equitably and harmoniously under the Green New Deal.”
    Now pause, then into the next sentence.”This is Americas chance to lead the way and I believe the Democrats are the thinkers that can deliver this to you.”
    Joe is a bit tired and his vision is going but fires off, “This is Americas chance to lead the way and I believe the Democrats are the wankers, er winkers, er tinkers that can deliver this to you.”
    Now Joe say, over to you Kamala. Big smile, look at Kamala then your wife, nod affectionately (no not at the kid in the ballerina outfit), and don’t let your teeth come loose.again. No Joe, no, you let them go again. Here’s a handkerchief. Let’s shoot another take guys.

  10. We believe all men are created, you know the thing…!

  11. Tim Neilson says:

    Yes, the headline should read:
    Biden’s Handlers Track Away from Pre-election Admission of Lunacy in Energy Policy

  12. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    He will be hard to beat ,the cemetaries are full of Biden voters , even the Last Civil War veterans are Biden voters to a man . He will win Arlington National Cemetary unanimously ,his vote organisers have all the m[names from the tombstones .
    You aint dead if you vote for Trump .

  13. Catcalling Inebriate says:

    The critical point is is about pragmatism. There is a 100% renewable energy solution. It just comes at a very heavy cost. This is the factor that neither side of this “debate” will engage.
    Renewables can bring down total cost if they are firmed by nuclear/gas/batteries/pumpedstorage/hydro. But the if is big and requires lots of serious work.
    Right now we are all headed for a train smash because investors won’t commit to anything that has the sorts of risks the uncertain market offers for 30-year capex.
    In Australia I think our kids can plan to have outrageously costly energy and no jobs that have any significant share of cost based on energy, which will be cheaper in nations with no natural energy resources.
    They can thank the Greens and the Morans for that outcome, two sides of a zero sum.

  14. yarpos says:

    I like the way they talk about 100% so called “renewables” as though its even possible. Seems to be the socialist mentality of they will get it right this time even in the face of repeated demonstrable failures.

    With the current technology set, which is what you are talking about with a by 2030 deadline, there will be no “transition” The only path that would met the goal is nuclear and they dont want that either.

  15. Terry says:

    Renewables can bring down total cost if they are firmed by nuclear/gas/batteries/pumpedstorage/hydro do not exist.

    Just build the firming plants – they can produce (relatively) cheap energy just fine without the intermittent subsidy farmers. Bonus: cost of transmission, storage, and stability is massively reduced.

  16. John A says:

    Catcalling Inebriate #3568172, posted on September 1, 2020, at 9:46 pm

    The critical point is it’s about pragmatism. There is a 100% renewable energy solution. It just comes at a very heavy cost.

    Yes, it’s called Western civilization.

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