Good news

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  1. Terry

    ‘Republican Voters Against Trump,’ RINO’s for the Deep State.

    ‘Ask not what you can do for your country, ask China what they can do for you’

    Or as George Carlin might have put it (and did): ‘How much soft money can I expect to collect in exchange for my core values?'”

    Trump really is an existential threat to these swamp-dwellers.

    No wonder he unites the worst parasites in society – he’s like a megadose of Ivermectin.

  2. Infidel Tiger King

    Please clap.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    You’d think after Rathergate that the Bushies would’ve learned a thing or two.

  4. a happy little debunker

    I still remember how Bush eventually got Ellen cancelled.

    (No not that bush, you sleazebags – I mean G.W. & the SJW mob…)

  5. John Comnenus

    But Jeb’s people couldn’t win Florida for Jeb amongst GOP voters in 2016, what makes them think they can win it for Biden in 2020?

    I am sure they will work hard and invoice quickly for their 40 pieces of silver.

  6. Up The Workers!

    Must be a big pot they both piss into.

    Jeb Bush and the Dementiacrat Swamp-Dwellers on one side and President Donald Trump on the other.

    Based on past records alone, my money is STILL on the Trumpster.

    Dementiacrats are good at betting the family jewels on a stone motherless loser. Last time they had Juliar Blowhard as their Senior Election strategist. This time they’ve got Jeb Bush (cousin of Jethro?).

    I guess that losing just becomes addictive for Lefties when you are as expert at it as they are..

  7. Hay Stockard

    Rings,linos. Don’t trust the mongrels.

  8. Zatara

    Hiring the consultants who were advising Jeb when he got his ass kicked so badly by Trump in 2016 probably isn’t a wise expenditure of funds.

    Bush is a total has-been in Florida. He did well as governor, but that was long long ago. Florida is well over the Bush family.

  9. sabena

    John Comnenus,
    Mark Steyn dissed Mike Murphy back in 2015 when he was part of Jeb Bush’s team.Here are the links:-

    As you can see,there is nothing Trump has to fear from these people.

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