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CHARLIE Hebdo has republished the Mohammed cartoons to mark the beginning of a trial of 14 accomplices to the 2015 attack that left 12 of the French satirical magazine’s staff dead. In its report on the move, the ABC relies on one of its favourite sources – non-existent “others” – to question the renewed “provocation”:

The decision to republish the cartoons is being hailed by some as a defiant gesture in defence of free expression.

But others may see it as a renewed provocation by a magazine that has long courted controversy with its satirical attacks on religion.

The ABC and Fairfax have also studiously avoided running any of the cartoons to illustrate their reports – even though they’re obviously central to the story. Indeed, they are the story. At the weekend, the ABC had a braver attitude to religion, provocation and satire:

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  1. stackja says:

    ABC “others” in Ultimo?

  2. billie says:

    tolerent groups have no issue with satire, sarcasm or criticism

    we have intolerent groups who the media in particular have acquiesed to and thus emboldened and empowered to demend evn more censorship

    if the media treated intolerent groups the same way as Charlie Hedbo, they would overcome the intolerence

    it’s led from the top, our politicians and leaders all do exactly the same

    the same is happening in the USA, angry people are tolerated while law abiding and tolerent people are victimised

    where do you reckon this is heading?

  3. Baa Humbug says:

    Appeasers like the ABC and Fairfax as well as many others emboldened these 7th C heathens.
    I applaud Charlie Hebdo and urge other publications to reprint the images.
    Charlie was disgracefully abandoned by the Worlds other publications. They therefore bore the brunt all by themselves.

    Have we noticed much the same cowardice is on display regarding BLM?
    No matter how much violence, no matter how much evidence, some cowards won’t criticize this group because they are black and aggressive, therefore untouchable.
    We’re heading in the same direction with our black fellas.

  4. Colonel Bunty Golightly says:

    It’s easy to attack Christians but when it comes to ‘Splodies’ there may be a price to pay!

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    At least artists seem to’ve given up inserting Christian stuff into bodily fluids and whatnot. But the BLM/Antifa/RoP have more than made up for it lately by decapitating statues of Mary and Jesus, and burning down churches. One might almost come to the conclusion that those people are violent intolerant bigots.

  6. Roger says:

    But others may see it as a renewed provocation…


  7. Bronson says:

    Remind me why I am forced to pay into this $1 billion cesspit? I get nothing from it, I don’t watch it, I don’t need it, I don’t use it yet I’m still forced to pay for it.

  8. Hay Stockard says:

    Our Prime Minister should invite a load of these others to dinner. Sure to be popular and a real vote winner.

  9. Kneel says:

    “where do you reckon this is heading?”

    Unless the goldfish media start differentiating between news and opinion, and keeping each separate, they’ll become more and more irrelevant. If they keep telling “a story” instead of “the story” they certainly won’t be getting these eyeballs – just look at CNN’s Don Lemon open partisanship (violence has to stop, not because it’s wrong on it’s face, but because it’s costing his favoured political party in the polls!)

    It’s heading for a backlash – and it won’t be kind. It’ll be a massive over-reaction because no-one in power bothered to listen to the little guys and they’ll cop it for a while, but not forever.
    If media keeps ramping it up, that just brings the inevitable closer.

  10. Misty is bit of a whore. Jesus would hang with her, and Team Rocket.

    Consider Pikachu a manifestation of God’s wrath.

    Most people stop mocking religion once they have to confront their own mortality.

  11. don coyote says:

    Only “others” at the ABC. Macquarie News has “experts”.

  12. cuckoo says:

    Things like this always recall that wonderful occasion when pompous buffoon George Negus tried the “some have said” ploy in an interview with Margaret Thatcher. It did not end well for Negus.

  13. H B Bear says:

    You can be fairly sure the Christians won’t shoot up the Ultimo lunch room.

  14. Daily llama says:

    Greetings, fellow puss’s.
    First, a quote from the article (re the cartoons) “ they’re obviously central to the story. Indeed, they are the story.”
    If so, and Catallaxy is such a beacon of freedom in these troubled times, why aren’t we showing the cartoons?
    Glass houses, perhaps…

  15. Mother Lode says:

    Man, ABC is edgy in exactly the same way 1st year undergrads are.

    And they stay that immature until they retire.

    They are rather embarrassing.

  16. Mother Lode says:

    If so, and Catallaxy is such a beacon of freedom in these troubled times, why aren’t we showing the cartoons?

    Well, the post is about the ABC. Including the cartoons does not alter any of the points about the ABC’s readiness to mock Christianity but not daring to annoy Mueslis.

    You seem to be saying that we cannot comment on what the ABC does unless we do the exact same thing ourselves, but that is not really a valid argument so there is no point making it.

    Did you think to post the cartoons with your comment to prove that the Cat was hypocritical? Or were you trying to prove your point by pointing it out.

    You seem to be a pretty good argument against yourself.

  17. Daily llama says:

    Mueslis! I love it. One could become a cereal killer!

  18. woolfe says:

    So Lamer Daily has not addressed ML’s points.

  19. Des Deskperson says:

    According to a kiddie I know who has a friend whose parents are Columbian diplomats on a posting here, Pikachu, at least in Columbian Spanish, is an amalgam of three rude words:

    ‘Pi’ means urine, ‘ka’ means faeces and ‘chu’ means vomit!!

  20. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    The UK is thinking of making their communist BBC subscription only ,no taxpayer funds .
    If we do tgat to our Communist ABC there will be one and a half billion dollars to help pay off the panic debt incurred during the Chinese Biowar Attack . Foreign aid ,”aboriginal indusrtry and the cultimultural industry ,the offence industry , the feminazi industry and migrant industry ,and huge payments to the lawtrade will produce a lot more money to get us out of the crap the polluemuopets have caused to keep their miserable little careers .

  21. Rex Anger says:

    Mueslis! I love it. One could become a cereal killer!

    If you are of a particular era or nerd bent, there is this religious chant to consider:

    Milk for the Khorne flakes! Spoons for the spoon bowl!</em

    (The wargamers will get it straight off…)

  22. Daily llama says:

    OMG! It’s Rex! I can run, but I cannot hide!

  23. Rex Anger says:

    I’m a pun guy…

    Also mostly harmless, if you’re a Douglas Adams fan…

  24. Rex Anger says:

    I like baby Jesus Pikachu, but why is he wearing pants?


    I once heard of the religious secret police in Saudi Arabia (I won’t use their name cos I can’t remember it, and it is probably some sort of awful and clumsy word in English vs. Arabic), forcing an exhibition of fibreglass dinosaurs to be covered in drapes cos reasons. Apparently, Saudi Twitter erupted with all manner of mockery over that one, wondering if dinosaurs needed their chastity and modesty protected, etc.

  25. Australian Broadcasting Corp = Fascism

  26. Old Lefty says:

    What would you expect from that cultural colostomy bag of, by and for the lying, perjuring, sociopathic sub-literate dregs of the Stalinist pervert lumpenintelligentsia that passes for our national broadcaster?

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